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  1. I'm loving all the new CDLC that has come out for Band-Maid recently! I'd love to see even more of the new songs made into CDLC if anyone isn't already working on them! In particular, Manners Warning! And Different Thank you so much in advance if anyone begins to work on these!
  2. I'd love to see more Raise a Suilen! The full version of DRIVE US CRAZY and Unstoppable in particular. "DRIVE US CRAZY" by RAISE A SUILEN 【FULL】 "UNSTOPPABLE" by Raise a Suilen I'd also love to see Roselia's songs Legendary and R! "Legendary" by Roselia 【FULL】 "R" by Roselia 【FULL】 Lastly, DOMINATION by BAND-MAID is something I really wanna play. BAND-MAID / DOMINATION Thank you in advance to anyone who decides to pick any of these up!
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