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  1. Sight-read. @ Mikson I can get to 99 in a week I think.
  2. Played it some more, this is the best score I can get today I guess.
  3. Not really a sight-read, since I played it once when rating.
  4. I wouldn't call Gojira thrash, not sure what to call 'em actually. I recommended the song "The Heaviest Matter in the universe" mainly because of the riff, but I don't think it's musically less complex than Sabaton. Thanks for the recommendations, I didn't fall in love with them on first listen, but I'll give them a good coupe of spins before forming an opinion. One thing I noticed is I think the guitars are too heavily quantized for my taste. Challenge accepted.
  5. Well, the speedy riffs sound interesting to me, plus the overall aggressiveness of the sound adds to the excitement. About the 'extensiveness' of composition I have to disagree (ex. compare Sabaton vs Testament songs), but I would need an example form a argument. Maybe I didn't listen to the right songs, got any recommendations?
  6. I really tried to like Sabaton, but the music just seems too cookie-cutter for me. I appreciate the historical themes, but I rarely focus on the lyrics.
  7. Protip: In the beginner classes just participating (as in just posting any score, even 5% acc) will get you a top 3 position. @ cacahuate51 won the whole year 2022 for rhythm beginner with just 12 points.
  8. I had a kid born last week, expect lower competition from me in the coming weeks.
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