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  1. Sight reads: lead: Is this the song where she was accused of copying someone? I played the pitch-shifted version, didn't like the tone. I'd definitely have to spend some time in rr to get that strange riff. Also, had to play it twice because I forgot to screenshot. The riffs seem straight-forward and the tapping part is kinda slow, but the solo was totally incomprehensible to me. Rhythm: Had to pause during that one, that's probably why the score is lower than accuracy, but idk. Bass: other stuff: @ Anitomer What are you studying? Is partying really more important? Also, I feel old. @ Jakobgreve Dunno how you managed that Death solo, but don't feel too complacent, I will try to win. Also, where you born in 98? I feel old. @ GeoAbraxas Thanks for starting the week. @ Rodman You want some help in updating the rankings? Last week this score of mine was not reflected in the google doc: I'm not sure, but I think it would affect my standing in the ranking. Can it be fixed now, when the week was closed? Also, if @ greven98 and @ Jakobgreve are the same person, shouldn't the scores be merged? If not, can I make an alt account for every class?
  2. You're clearly better than me, I had to sweat a lot for that score. My hands are tired now, so I guess you win in lead. Kudos.
  3. Well, this does complicate things... Still, there's a couple hours left, so I still have a chance I guess.
  4. progress for today: I think can get into 97-98 area tomorrow, once I sober up.
  5. Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you, but my advice would be: 1. Try playing them with fingers instead of a pick. 2. If you decide that you have to use the pick (like me), play riff repeater turbo-slow, and watch your right hand. Try to make as small and efficient movements as possible. Optimize and repeat - there's only 6 strings so it's possible to muscle-memory every move, I think (I'm still working on this myself, so dunno). 3. Memorize the left hand movements before you practice picking. It's usually just static positions on the fretboard, so think of every change as distinct phrase, where the right hand does all the phrasing. If it helps, you can try practicing the right hand without fretting, just open strings. Whatever gives you the fastest progress is the way to go. 4. Don't avoid them like I did for 10+ years, so you won't regret it like me. Practicing arpeggios really forces you to get you to focus on the right hand, which is vital and easy to ignore until you reach a certain level. And if you do ignore it, you'll have to rebuild your technique from scratch almost. 5. DISCLAIMER: I'm self-taught, with no knowledge of proper teaching methods or technique. All of my ideas on this are merely a reflection of the mistakes I've made. I can almost guarantee that there is a simpler approach/solution to this, that I'm not aware of. Maybe someone else can chime in?
  6. Progress: @ greven98 Have you played this song before, or was it a sight read? @ Rodman Since you mentioned competition, I think I should be higher in the bass ranking. Also good point about playing stuff you wouldn't touch otherwise. I definitely would not even look at jpop before this week (not saying I'm gonna listen to it next week, but it does broaden the horizon a bit, and the bass part is fun).
  7. Not my best day, but still here are the sight reads: Lead: I like some of the riffs in this, but I've never heard of this band. Are they always singing about Jesus and praying? Babymetal always seemed a gimmick to me, so I never payed any attention to them. After playing it I think it's nothing groundbreaking, but it's certainly more interesting than the myriad of "modern metal"/"metalcore" bands with djenty breakdowns and lo-fi intros. So, while I won't be listening to any of their albums, I get the appeal. </unsolicited opinion> Also: I'd rate the difficulty at 8 or 8.5 max, regardless of my low score. I mean, if this is 9, then what would you rate a Polyphia (or Animals as Leaders, or any <insert virtuoso here>) song? 69? Rhythm: Bass:
  8. I think I missed only 2 or 3 notes. 100% seems most likely in reach.
  9. Funny, reminds me of this: @ Anitomer If you want online troubleshooting from people on the internet you need to provide more info, like: 1. Have you looked at the pins of the usb plug of the cable? I once had an usb-thingy where in the plug itself the plastic broke off and the pins got bent. It fried the usb port. 2. Have you tried different usb ports on your computer? 3. Did you change the place where you plug in your computer into the wall recently? Is the electrical outlet grounded properly? 4. SpankNass says that this only happened when he/she was using a battery powered guitar. Are your pickups active or passive? If active, does removing the battery from the guitar stop the shocking? 5. When plugged into an amp, do you get a lot of noise/buzz when not playing? Or maybe when touching the bridge, or the pots, or anything metal on the guitar? If so, it might suggest a grounding issue in the guitar itself. DISCLAIMER: I am not an electrical engineer nor a guitar tech. I do not know anything about anything. Still, it's a interesting problem (the MOST electric guitar), so pls let me know if you find the cause of this.
  10. I really like the idea of a themed week and especially of posting some info on the chosen songs. Sadly, I'm not a fan of any of these bands. Anyway, here's my scores so far: Lead: Rhythm: Bass: @ coldrampage Last week I won bass by posting in the last minute, and it felt kinda cheat-y. So this time consider yourself warned. I'll be posting a better score, tomorrow probably.
  11. I like this song. Gonna try to level up bass now.
  12. hangover sightread: lead: Not really my jam. Vulfpeck is cool, but this is the wrong song. Yay for Vector! I really liked the terminal redux record, but never heard this song before. Big plus for no arpeggios and no down tuning. I'll most def play this a lot during the week. Rhythm: Bass: My right hand is hurting, I'll need a couple days break from bass playing.
  13. I don't think it does, but maybe someone with more knowledge on the rules can clarify this? Anyway, it was really close and you had me riff-repeating those arpeggios ad infinitum. And I hate arpeggios. So idk, maybe the real win is the trump memes we share along the way? It really was a challenge, let's do it again.
  14. I'm not sure about the rules, but I was under the impression the the accuracy score is the most important one, and 96.29 > 96.00. Am I wrong here? Anyways: I'm not playing sober again.
  15. @ Anitomer ha, I guess beer is good for you (or at least me). Don't look at the low score and streak tho.
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