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  1. I was kinda hoping you would stay on the harder version. I think the difference in difficulty is mostly the lack of the middle arpeggio part in the lead. The riffs are mostly the same and the solos are comparable imo.
  2. This version is definitely better. But now that everybody is playing different versions there's bound to be confusion.... Anyway: IMO the lead part is 7 - 7.5, rhythm 8 and bass 8, at least compared to previous weeks.
  3. I've played Maiden songs before, but it was mostly the older stuff @ GeoAbraxas Not a problem, I have to replay the mc songs many times each week for a good score anyways.
  4. This was a purposeful artistic decision. Pure genius. You just don't get it, man....
  5. Bass: I have a feeling that this goes out of sync in the second half. First time playing chords on bass. Missed most of them. I'm too tired to do dopesmoker again. Maybe tomorrow.
  6. Rhythm: It's an 8 max imo. Same for the lead part. Lead: I do not recommend playing this without the required smoke.
  7. 1. Please don't get the impression that the work you put in is not appreciated. The song selection is great, all of them are fun to play, and the theme tying them together makes it even more interesting. 2. The 420 thing is just a dumb meme. There's no deep symbolism in it. 3. If it ever gets to week 1337 remember to put some hacker themed songs in.
  8. I don't think I'm a stoner, but I can give some suggestions: 1. Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/363 2. Green Machine by Kyuss https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/4566 3. Allen's Wrench by Kyuss https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/4578 4. Throw Up by Red Fang https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/8084 5. 20 by Karma to Burn https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/46710 6. Dopesmoker by Sleep https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/61803 Sadly, I am not able to give any difficulty ratings on these, and none of them have rhythm parts. I can probably test some of these tomorrow if you want, but no guarantees. Also, I don't think the stoners (if there are any in here) will care. So maybe it would be a 'stoner' thing to just forget about it?
  9. If that's the case here's a gog suggestion: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/61803
  10. A missed chance to do an all-reggae week 420 or something. Or stoner rock. Lead: Rhythm:
  11. yeah, I meant the Rx bandits song with the Sting comment. Kinda hard to mistake Cornell for anyone, except maybe Ritchie Kotzen.
  12. Last week I made an oopsie and tried to re-learn the mc song using The Dave Mustaine Spider Chord(tm) technique. It was a mistake, took loads of practice time away, and I still can't get back to playing the song at full speed. Now even trying to play it normally makes my fingers confused. So I don't recommend it. Anyway, here's some sight reads: Lead: Played it a second time because I forgot to screenshot on the first try. Had to check wikipedia to make sure it's not sting on vocals. Looks very 100%-able, but then again so was last week and I didn't find the time. Just for fun. Rhythm: Bass:
  13. It's hard to keep up the speed in the fast parts, but luckily rs does not care if you stray from the tempo a bit. Certainly seems easier than playing slap, at least to me.
  14. Oh, I can't slap. Two fingers only, with anchoring on the pickup and resting on the lower string. The simpler the technique the easier it is to avoid learning it wrong I find. Then it's just a matter of building up speed.
  15. Bass sight reads: I'm getting pretty comfortable with bass playing. Strictly fingers btw, no pick.
  16. Finally, I can leave that Death solo behind me. I'd rather listen to baby shark on a loop for a week than play it again. Anyway, this week looks a lot more fun. Here are my guitar sight reads: Lead: I have played this before, years ago. It's really fun. I have also played this before, but it wasn't this CLDC. I even remember trying to play this long before rocksmith was released. I'll be aiming for 100% on both guitar parts. Rhythm: GOG: Not my best playing, but my fingers still tired from last week and I'm celebrating not having to play that Death solo ever again with beer, so it's expected. I really like this one, the solos have melody and make sense, to me at least. I think it's gonna be fun leveling this up. All things considered, the championship makes me play a lot more than I would have otherwise. I haven't worked on my playing this hard in years, the competition is really motivating. So, to everyone involved in this, I'd like to say thank you.
  17. I've been grinding this the whole week, still, can't break 98%. I'll give it a couple more tries later today, but I doubt I can improve it much.
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