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  1. Class 1st... This was soo easy... I could do even better if I would have time to master switching between phrases... I don't want to be advanced to higher class though as I know this is exception as this lead was more like 3.5 rhythm for me As I said before... this one is more like lead for me... cannot make any better.. For this one I cannot do any better either... up to like 3/4 of the track I had like 99%... and then BOOM!!!! lucky hit and miss .. I have played it few more times after that, tried riff repeater, but 3rd try was the best no matter wh
  2. you are 100% right... unfortunately this competition is not to "play the song as you here it correctly" but more like "play the best whatever you can see on the screen" sometimes i am very surpriced how the song sounds when i listen to it on spotify after playing it in RS...
  3. I found it is catching all the notes in this section when playing like very fast 3 and hammer on 6. Like fret 6 is played immediately after fret 3. I am not sure how it is in the song as I did not listen to it without playing
  4. Well, another thing is that I think Pool might be just showing my biggest wickness which is playing solo-like parts in rhythm sections. For someone else quick changing between power chords may be the problem. Cheers.
  5. how is paramore - pool difficulty 4... i am getting 60% at my best.... it is more like lead for me and looks like 6-7 after 1st play imho they should be swapped with iron maiden
  6. a little improvement on "not my class" song... better than my class intermediate i also feel i could do it much better if i would practice a mid section riff as this is where i get most misses, when in intermediate bass song i cannot get that riff... and it is so repetitive, so misses all along the track this one feels for me much easier than intermediate this week.
  7. My class comes 1st... I don't know how many times I played this song in rhythm... they are still few bridges I cannot pass through without a miss... And here I just cannot get the main riff... and to be more hilarious I got my best score playing it for the 1st time after this it was only below 90%... I don't understand... And now "for fun" stuff 1 pass only This was supposed to be easy... All other songs scores not worth mentioning
  8. Best I could.. Only 1 pass here, did not find it to be too interesting to play, nice song though... That is a cool song... however recognition on intro and outro sucks for me... don't know the reason... I could not play it without at least few missed notes... so annoying... Also played Testament for fun of it and got 82.1... not bad I think Again... only 1 pass of this one. And this one also only 1 play I played this one few times though... so cool song. Now... too much going on in this
  9. I am using v0.4.0 I have the file. It is approx 45mb. I have deleted it to check and it have re-created on next run. I was testing reset now, and I found it does not work only with selected songs. resetting is not working i.e. for this weeks Rhythm Intermediate track "Therion - An Arrow from the sun". It does not have dynamic difficulty set up - just a thought this may have impact? other songs with no DD also are not restarting sniffer. After resetting the song the timer resets to 0:00, missed notes stays at the level from before the reset, streak is also left as before reset le
  10. Is there any way to make the overlay window visible when rocksmith is in full screen mode? At the moment I can see it only with the game in windowed mode.
  11. does anybody else have issue in Therion rhythm path intro and outro notes recognition?
  12. LOL... that simple.. cannot believe I have missed this one Thanks.
  13. Is there any mod or option I am missing to disable backing track? I would like to jam and hear only me playing without other instruments in the background. I have RSMod installed, but no option there, neither in Toolkit or any other tool.
  14. challenging... chords recognition is very poor in my case did not pay too much attention to beginner and intermediate... just two passes of each... oh man... the outro here kills the score i have also tried bass masterclass.. and i can say it is easier for me than advanced... got 93% on 2nd pass!
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