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  1. End week update... As usual with chord songs i am getting hit & miss with recognition... and surprisingly recognition seems to be better in Score attack than Learn a Song mode I got quite nice streak here and reasonable score, but % still too low for competing both tunes improved, but still not good enough to jump up the ladder i hope to try few more times, but my 11 gage strings on my guitar seems to be to thin and getting lots of buzzing and some C string notes are not being recognised. Again... recognition seems to be better in Score attack
  2. welcome to the Championship I see you compete in Lead path. Let us know if you want to start in Beginner or Intermediate class so we can assign score correctly. Keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I see you don't have a class assigned for Bass path. Do you want to be Advanced or Masterclass?
  4. end of week update... I don't think I will get anything better as my left hand is giving up.... (or right in testament )
  5. mid week scores: cool and easy to play.. just one run to check it out... that is sooo fast... but cool as hell... classic... i have a strange feeling there is something wrong with sync. very rare for me to hit Perfect! notes, most is just Good... Lead... most of misses is with the muted notes... any ideas how to play it so RS recognises correctly?
  6. Yeah.. and made up in like "half an hour" to fill in the record...
  7. ok.. i will answer my own question/doubt... that explains a lot... there should be no rhythm path and lead looks like charted properly for what is being played...
  8. well... yes... however, i.e. for me... it makes a hudge difference how this is played difficulty wise... after listening to the song now, no clue which is actual path played i think there are tons of effects applied over the guitar sound...
  9. of course technically there should be only lead path, and i assume played as charted in rhythm... no clue how the author made up both
  10. just tried Muse... aren't Lead and Rhythm paths swapped in the file by any chance?
  11. @ Mikson wow. thanks for Maanam... glad it is made good enough to play in the Championship Lyricks translation here: https://www.tekstowo.pl/piosenka,maanam,cykady_na_cykladach.html BTW it is nearly 4th anniversary of the singer's death, so nice tribute... RIP Kora...
  12. Man... some songs this week for my classes... i thought i will never get over 80... so here are my entries: More difficult to play that it sounds... all is great until the mid section... Similar riff as in Lead and rhythm... always few notes missed in pretty random places... Some other classes:
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