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  1. Thanks. I accept class up on Rhythm. However on bass i would stay on Beginner if you don't mind as most old songs I tried I got between 60 and 80%, so I don't feel comfortable enough there to compete.
  2. Got another ride on this one and got 77% and a little over 350 streak...
  3. i got my CDLC I have uploaded recently reported. When I go with mouse over notifications area I can see it was reported for "Breaks Rules" reason. When I go to All Reports I have no comments regarding the Report and only notifications about other comments. Can you advise how to see the full report so I know what should be repaired? I really have no clue what is wrong with my CDLC. CustomsForge Ignition4 Search
  4. I am not sure if this is a correct topic, but would like to inform that links to programs download websites are not working in this thread: CREATE CDLC
  5. also, i could not skip this one... this is also more like a titbit rather than competition entry. I just wanted to check how good (or bad) I am i have started learning guitar on these... MY HANDS JUST HEART!!!!! I skipped whole intro for ONE as i never could even start learning it and also all arpeggios... well.. skipped them i am too lame for it...
  6. man... i suck in lead... I love these two though... such a fun to play and great songs... but there is always a note or two Rocksmith thinks i miss sowehere... Bass is fun to play too... Don't have much time to make 100% on it... i tried in learn a song mode few times, but every time there is a single note I miss somewhere on the line... Also, just for fun of it, i have played intermediate rhythm this week as I really like the song... got to whooping 96.82%! It would be more but for whatever reason Rocksmith in loosing recognition ra
  7. Had the same... thought it is only me as nobody else called any issues . Repair in Rocksmith Song Manager worked though, so you should try it too.
  8. i suck in solos i had to miss one of those power chords... i love the effect sound in this one... bass... well.. should this be level 1 difficulty?
  9. I just had a chance to play each arrangement twice and base once....
  10. I can get lost trophy for rhythm beginner if you have to give it to someone ;) i did not have time to play last week :(
  11. thanks. does that mean i am up to intermadiate for rythm and bass? i have a strange feeling i am competing with myself in begginer
  12. last week's lead was more like rhythm this one more difficult for me, even than less notes to be played...
  13. that is brilliant. thanks. how could i miss it....
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