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  1. Scores update - class songs: I was trying this one in Score attack few times, but never got over 98%... there ware always few notes where finger slept off and missed... This one is so fun to play, despite strange (for me) chords changes... could not get above 90% though. However, I like the progress I have seen with this one after each try I was starting at approx 80 and it was consequently improved like 81, 83, 85, 85, 87, 89, 90... motivating.. pity that it stopped on 90 This one i was not able to pass in Score Attack... those bridges ar
  2. Just had a chance to run all for the 1st time today. Here are my initial scores... hope you don't mind I have copy pasted the songs list rather than print screens... these are initial scores anyway :)))) Lead Path: Beginner: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun (3) - 84 Rhythm Path: Beginner: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun - 74 - this one really sucks for me... very awkward chords here... for me at least Intermediate: The Company Band - Zombie Barricades (5) - 90 God of Rhythm: Metallica - Master of
  3. Yeeaaahhhh... I had few minutes and went through Rival Suns again... and got whooping 87% !!!! considering this song includes all my weaknesses (quick jumping between remote threats, arpeggios and "solo" sections) and this is not my usual type of music, this is really good score for me
  4. I am the same with following your comments LOL With megadeath it feels like natural for me.. i was so close to 100%... i could play it nearly 100% from my 1st try. i did not have to struggle at all, like sometimes with other songs. It just plays along With muse I have no problem with the part you are describing... my most usual miss comes just after it where there is a change from orange to blue
  5. This week is kind of strange for me... feel of playing the songs completely does not reflect a proposed difficulty levels. In addition I only had two days to play... yesterday and today... My class songs appeared to be more difficult for me than higher class... Lead... quite easy... 2 is quite OK. Rhythm... opposite... quite difficult... lots of going on, jumping between threats and strings, lots of "solo" sections. it is like 6-6.5 for me. Fun to play though... and I just realised I did not make a print screen with 80%. 79% then... I will see if I will ha
  6. This was long difficult week for me... however I was able to play a little bit despite the fact my injured arm is killing me. I just cannot stop playing every week i tell myself to have a week break but it is stronger than me Anyway these are my class songs: This one is almost like rhythm, with one section of arpeggio. it would be easier to play if there is a hand shape set for it. For this one I could not get those chords. I was able to get above 90% only because playing standard chords, not as per tabs cheating?.. neah..... As I
  7. definitely in bass Foo Fighters are easier than Beach Boys (for me at least). i am around 98% at Foo Fighters and around 80% on Beach Boys. I watched few lives of White Limo and they play it mostly on one hand position and there is no slide... They don't bother to play 13th on E, this sound is always 8th on A, so 90% of the song is one hand position cheers
  8. thin lizzy link is broken in ignition4. can someone review , please? EDIT: i found that after opening the link and removing .co from mega.co.nz to mega.nz works and file can be downloaded.
  9. god of bass is in rhythm and god of rhythm is in bass...
  10. i am following discussion about bass classes and i think it is all heading a right direction i will check intermediate then. thanks.
  11. For adv bass this one is still like long solo for me . Cool song though so not a huge paint in the back to play it few times and one more :D. the biggest problem i have in finding a right fret as I still play looking at the fretboard and if there is too many changes I very often loose the orientation when looing at the screen trying to see which notes go next... There should be small little knots on the strings (like markers on the J and F keys) so it would be easier to find right fret without looking on the guitar... LOL. These songs help a lot in getting use to fret po
  12. OK... i don't think I will be able to do much more on these... not my style... there are few "solo" sections which doesn't help in getting good score
  13. WOW... this one is like one long solo for me How last week Red Hots was 7.5 and this one is 7 I cannot understand... I don't even know where to start practicing LOL
  14. no bother... at least i know that it is not my RS acting weird ;). cheers
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