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  1. wow.. what a week.. pity i cannot get more training with these songs.. the most interesting is the fact that in my class songs my 1st or 2nd try was the best... despite playing the songs over and over again like 10-15 times... 1st or 2nd pass remained the best... irony...
  2. * - highest difficty in the class, you can advance to higher class if you get >99% on Lead or Rhythm or >99.5% on Bass ^ - song with difficulty higher than the highest class difficulty, you can advance to higher class too.
  3. that part is holding me from 100%, what a banger... need to spend some more time on that outro...
  4. Wow... didn't expect that... it will be a struggle now :))) Or that this one is Eb drop Db, not E standard...
  5. so i will propose something Polish: Hey - Misie - my cdlc Pawel Kukiz i Piersi - Caluj Mnie - played in CS before and i cannot imagine a celebration week without Iron Maiden - Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg - so epic song... I suck in it, but the flow is unique....
  6. i think we should leave 1-3; 4-5; 6-7; 8-9, BUT we should consider slight adjustment in how the songs are rated. basically if the song seems to be 4 but has more easy parts and just few twited bridges, should then be 3. just a thought.
  7. you just go to the link in the sheet (http://tinyurl.com/addSongSuggestion - we have just developed this form) and fill in your nick, artist, song title and paste ignition page link. for difficulty rating, just enter what you feel it should be. the info is then saved in google sheets table for review. you are Int lead, Int rhythm and Adv bass. I.e. for lead, if you feel the song is too easy for you, you rate it in lower class (beginner), if quite comfy and you feel you could do better after few tries,, rate it in your class (Int), if you see that the song is out of your reach, rate it higher class (Adv or MC). If you really cannot tell, just select "I don't know" the song will be tested by week creator anyway to check if rating is more or less correct. Hope this helps.
  8. this is cool lesson how to play barre chords without a barre
  9. you are just that good... you played it better than original... but seriously... can you get >100% in score attack at all, even in master mode? some bug i suppose...
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