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  1. my bad... obviously i missed to upload a screenshot... i was certain i did and what about intermediate bass score? looks like mine is the highest
  2. is scoreboard not updated for week 416 bass? my beginner entry is not in and also looks like i won intermediate but Daz40 shown in winners list in this post
  3. the biggest problem i have is hitting the right note, especially on high E, B, G and D. finding proper chord is less issue, however it takes some time to figure out if hand shape is not shown. i was trying to play few mini games to work on it, but with no huge progress
  4. thanks for all advise. what i am doing at the moment is trying to read the proper chord and play whole cord hoping game will catch THAT note as nearly never ever hit the right note if trying to play properly. 1. tried both fingers and pick 2. good idea... i loose my patience though if music gets too slow LOL... 3. true... i think it would be much easier if chords used in these arpeggios are shown as sometimes are, but not in this case 4. good point. i am doing the same thing here for last 20 years or so... 5. cheers...
  5. another week with various tunings... i found having two guitars is not enough class songs: could not get anything better than that arpeggios are my nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any tips how i can have it practiced? love this one.... always a note or two i miss though... this is the longest streak i got anyway... other classes: love this one... above my abilities to get reasonable score though.... bass a little bit better than rhythm, could be better if I have more time...
  6. strange songs this week... class songs: i was hoping for a better score when playing, but i ended up like that: this one was a nice treat from standard power chords. i have to admit it took me some time to get use to non standard chords... i thought i will not be able to get more than 85% after playing few times.... this one was nice to play and bonus was also nice treat... now other classes: this one is more difficult that it looks like: this one is great... this flow took me.... however I CUT MY FINGER when doing those bends on 24 threat high E.... LOL... these two are also great to play
  7. you really had to pick every song in different tuning see my results this week... this one is so rhythm... cannot get my head around that solo at the end though... This one is way above my abilities... Bass is completely different story... i kind of like that kind of rhythm few other class songs too... i had a little bit of an issue with recognition here here was always that note that i missed... i can't really remember playing this one
  8. My Will by Dream - wrong link? should this be this one? CustomsForge Ignition4 Search
  9. Class songs: I don't really know why this is a lead path, exactly the same as rhythm path... and far from lead guitar idea IMHO... I could not get the proper rhythm in this leek properly at first though This looked quite easy... however... how the hell should we play that set of slides after solo section... also, i got higher streak in learn a song mode.. don't now if results can be merged This one looks more difficult in Intermediate than song selection for Advanced (see my result below)... now other classes for fun: This one is more tricky than it looks like Easy enough: This one seems much easier than Intermediate bass this week, thus my better result
  10. Class: Surprisingly I am failing mainly on chords sections . Solos are on 100% though. If not poor chords recognition I think I may get to 96-97% level. Will give it few more tries if I have some more time tomorrow... Here there is always a note or 2 that I have to miss in the process... And this one is so cool... Other classes:
  11. So little time this week to practice... Don't think I will have more to improve. They are all new songs for me (surprisingly never try to play Fade... before!!!) so no whooping scores from me this week as I could only play all once or twice... class paths other classes:
  12. a little update.... just cannot stop playing this one... so cool... this one not my class but i fill i could do much better than beginners or intermediate if i have more time...
  13. i wish i have one it sounds more like ukulele for me though
  14. This weeks songs completely not my cup of tea, but very nice to listen and play though. class songs: Too much for me in this one... when 2/3 of the song is playable, then the last part is out of my reach. Again I will complain for cords recognition in this one... so tight there to fit all fingers This one though is a masterpiece... however the "solo" riff is out of my reach at such a short time to play. And here there is always a part i miss a note or two.. other classes are also so much fun to play this week. Here I could not get above 84%... 1st pass was the best again... was trying few more times and was getting around 80% every time... how is this Beginner class Bass beginner bonus was tricky, but I finally got there Easy enough In this one a main riff is tricky with the slides and all, but I am sure I could do much better if I have more time.
  15. I also found helpful in Learn a Song mode when you press Esc you can go with the arrows left and right through the song. Also you can use PgUp and PgDn - this jumps between sections.
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