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  1. Hi @ TrevyMetal , i found your Bass path class is not assigned and the script that is auto grading players got a little confused please advise in which class you would like to participate for Bass path so we can assign correct settings. You are set to Masterclass for both Lead and Rhythm. Looking at your scores I have no doubt thy are correct Thanks.
  2. Thanks for a great week. This Foo Fighters song I could play over and over again... such a nice riff...
  3. my bad here... after you had your part done with recognition being non-case-sensitive, i forgot to make amendment in Apps Script ... now it is all sorted.
  4. @ Mikson all scores now fetched to the scores sheet in week 524. you can now re-generete winners list as there are few changes. Cheers.
  5. Just went through the scores. There were 5 scores not captured effecting in one leader change. I think @ LuZifeR got a win in Adv Lead. 98% (sorry @ Rodman )
  6. oops.. almost forgot to upload screenshots
  7. I agree... if no any rating is given, how should one know if the song is closer to beginner or closer to masterclass if preparing the list
  8. still struggling with a sour left index finger...
  9. well.. 1st week must have been like around end of October/beginning of November 2013, so 3 weeks left to a full year (week 523-524?) this thread posts start on week 17, dated 17/02/2014.
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