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  1. i am not participating this week... songs are great, i had just one chance to play each, but luck of time and now vaccine makes my hand sore... maybe next week... and then i am on holiday for few weeks so you won't see me for some time. cheers
  2. i have very entry level yamaha EG012, which is very easy to play, soft and smooth, and also Ibanez gio GRG 170DX, which require more accuracy, but sounds so much better ;)... both were giving me roughly the same % score...
  3. don't worry i gave up... however the reason is poor recognition... i don't know if this is because of small inaccuracies in my play or rocksmith fault. i just gave up as after 2 or 3 passes my hand was to painful... random misses just made me quit. i feel like playing whole song on 100% but rs2014 has different opinion
  4. Nice week. Class... I had a huge issue with chords recognition... it was like hit and miss... i am playing in tempo and i was getting feedback like: perfect; perfect; perfect; miss; perfect; miss; perfect; perfect; perfect; perfect; perfect; miss.... i was not changing hand shape during this or anything... i tried 2 guitars with the same effect. In this one i played few more times, but always missed a note or two here and there... And now other songs: Did not pay too much attention to it: This one is so much fun... I suck in it but still... This one still too difficult...
  5. Dres - (polish) 1. tracksuit- in this song especially in the meaning shell suite. they were extremely popular in 90s and early 2000s. 2. casual, lad - shell suites were considered as a "uniform" of these groups, so they were called "dres" by their clothes. they often worn bold and driven BMWs. check the video on custom forge . this explains a lot also full lyrics translation available here: https://www.tekstowo.pl/piosenka,big_cyc,dres.html Big Cyc were known of their quizzical expression of all social and political standards thus this song. it is not only about tracksuite, but also about casuals.
  6. Must have been temp. Worked now. Thanks.
  7. wow.. big cyc - dres... that's a band of my youth :)... if anybody interested in what this song is about let me know, I'll try to explain
  8. my scores for bass are not in the sheet.
  9. What a week... I have focused on my class songs only... other classes just played 1 or 2 passes just to test myself... Class results 1st. I can't get middle section right.. always few misses there... In this one.. that bloody slide at the beginning and before outro... i was getting a strike almost every time here... and it feels like half of all the notes in whole song is in these to sections... This one was a huge surprise for me. I did not expect a musical song to be interesting to play and not boring. I could not master it though... there was always a part (every time I played it was a different part) that i got my fingers tangled and couldn't go back on track without loosing few notes. Great play.. I love fast parts... It took me few tries to master this one though, other classes: in Lead Summertime Blues - beginners luck ... was not able to get above 92% any more... 1st try was 94% and I did not take a screenshot as it looked so easy Rhythm: only 1 try The same for these two: strange chords... Bass: 1st try the best again... i tried 3-4 more times and never got as much again
  10. so after playing both songs in lead few times i understand why the level is at what it is . I am constantly improving Beginner level and i think it was a beginners luck with Intermediate as I cannot get even near 90% and my 1st try at 94 is the best of 6-7 runs and some time in riff repeater LOL... cheers...
  11. can someone enlighten me how the hell should we play this section? no matter what i do there is always a miss... and it does not sound even near to original slide.... HELP!
  12. comment regarding songs level in lead. After 1 pass of each song I think Beginner and Intermediate should be swapped. For me personally Joan Jett is 3-4 and My Chemical Romance is around 4-5. I got 85% in beginner and 94% in intermediate...
  13. i think i pass... coincidence :)... i will stay on begginer. these songs were more like rhythm, for me at least, even if they were made on lead path. i will see in few weeks.
  14. actually... master... not my class though, but just for fun... i also had 92% on bass last week, but deleted screenshot... trying to undelete now...
  15. nothing better than last week from me... should i upload the same screens then or would last week results count for entry?
  16. Great week, few songs gave me a headache (or arm-ache)... Class: This one is a bummer... Great simple song. I would have no problem in getting 100% if not very awkward chords recognition. I tried everything, including swapping to different guitar with no luck.. There has to be something wrong with my play... are the chords out of synch a little and that's why they are not being recognised occasionally?... Man... this one is a finger breaker for me... I played it like 20 times and my 3rd try was the best... after this was just worse and worse,,, so disappointing... no comment... In bass though... i love to see a constant progress when each try gives you that extra 0.2% until you reach the level you cannot improve as there are always few notes you miss... and bonus... i could play that song over and over again... could not get to 100% though... now the extras: this one is very similar in all paths, simple, but few solo sections in lead gives a punch... i did not focus on it too much either. As I mentioned below, I could play this one over and over again... I am surprised I got such a low score of 91% here. And I just realised I did not take a screenshot.... crap... For Iron Maiden i played it only once for Rhythm and got 74%. Also for Black Sabbath played it only once and got 83%. Not great.
  17. I am finding to have huge problem with chords recognition in Pink, especially powerchord D#5 (9th on E), cannot master it in any way as stupid chords are not recognised. I tried tune slightly flat, slightly sharp, tune perfectly on external tuner... with no luck.... Anyone else experiencing similar problems? Any tips?
  18. i think i expressed myself wrong basically what i wanted to saythat i am not impressed with my results and progress this week as the songs are not the style i usually play. however trying to play them is expanding my skills, which i think this is all about, as i would never pick them myself from the list. i am so sorry you felt like that reading the comment... i appriciate all pile of hard work you and whole team is putting in creating the competition and would never dare to criticise anything...
  19. Not very impressed by this week's songs... not my cup of tea... Classes results The most I am proud of my improvement on Master... I was starting @ 87%... my weak points are Interlude and solo in Master of Puppets and solo sections in Orion. Also sliding riffs in Damage Inc. - RS is not recognising the way I play them and most of them is miss...
  20. Scores update - class songs: I was trying this one in Score attack few times, but never got over 98%... there ware always few notes where finger slept off and missed... This one is so fun to play, despite strange (for me) chords changes... could not get above 90% though. However, I like the progress I have seen with this one after each try I was starting at approx 80 and it was consequently improved like 81, 83, 85, 85, 87, 89, 90... motivating.. pity that it stopped on 90 This one i was not able to pass in Score Attack... those bridges are lethal And few non clss scores: Awkward chords + capo = low score... i won't blame poor recognition... just not my song i played it few times, but 1st was the best Bass is complete different story I have played it only once Again.. this one is so cool to play, and also only one try.. probably possible to master in 3-4 tries... And this one completely not my cup of tea... again, i was trying to play it once or twice more, but 1st was the best. And last but not least.... master of the ceremony... mesmerizing....
  21. Just had a chance to run all for the 1st time today. Here are my initial scores... hope you don't mind I have copy pasted the songs list rather than print screens... these are initial scores anyway :)))) Lead Path: Beginner: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun (3) - 84 Rhythm Path: Beginner: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun - 74 - this one really sucks for me... very awkward chords here... for me at least Intermediate: The Company Band - Zombie Barricades (5) - 90 God of Rhythm: Metallica - Master of Puppets Full Album (week 1 of 4) - 85 - ohh man.... my arm is so sore after this... and there is still bass to go through Bass Path: Beginner: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun (3) - 98 Intermediate: Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart The Mothers - Muffin Man (6) - 90 Intermediate bonus: The Company Band - Zombie Barricades (5) - 98 Advanced: Grateful Dead - Franklin's Tower (7) - 82 Masterclass: Klone - Fog (8) - over my capabilities... God of Bass: Metallica - Master of Puppets Full Album (week 1 of 4) - 91 - my arm is even more sore... i am afraid my arm injury will be back after these 4 weeks
  22. Yeeaaahhhh... I had few minutes and went through Rival Suns again... and got whooping 87% !!!! considering this song includes all my weaknesses (quick jumping between remote threats, arpeggios and "solo" sections) and this is not my usual type of music, this is really good score for me
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