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  1. There's this 20 year old upcoming artist from the UK popular on social media platform known as TikTok by the name of 'PinkPantheress' ... If you ask any Gen Z who's updated with today's popular culture, they could probably tell you who Pink is. However, she's kinda lowkey underrated Songs:
  2. Just some quick song recommendations by me, a gen z kid (these are not reviews) These are some great songs and projects i think :p (All these artists write and produce their own songs and beats) Tyler The Creator's album 'Igor' is fricking amazing. no explanation needed. Listen from start to finish in order you won't regret it. Here's EARFQUAKE (skip the music vid a bit if you wanna get straight to the song) Polyphia's "40oz" also doesn't need no explanation Oh yea not to mention Frank Ocean's album, "Blond(e)" that stuff will grow onto you and will make you cry. I recommend listening in order or just listen to 'Nights' as a preview. Anything by Brockhampton, especially the Saturation Trilogy is good... The following song is from "Ginger" so its a completely different sound and genre as opposed to Saturation i guess, but this is their most popular song A really underrated artist that I recommend is Ash Gutierrez known as "Glaive" With his mix of Midwest Emo/Math Rock and Hyperpop (i like to explain hyperpop as a genre that has 'ROOTS' of a combination of all genres its sub genres combined if that makes sense) you will not regret listening. Not to mention this dude is only 15/16 and still makes fire songs. And yes, he plays guitar in his songs. My favorite is 'Life Is Pain' and the 'midi piano' on the beat isn't actually played on a piano, it was actually played on a midi guitar with some cool tone (yes those are a thing) Here's the song Here's a guitar cover by SAWCE Official of the same song Here's a guitar cover by SAWCE Official of the same song ^^^ So yea, Glaive is actually prolly one of my favorite up and coming artists come to think of it When you Sleep by My Bloody Valentine Good Days by SZA Anyways like for a part 2 im too tired to continue. I wish you all good luck thanks for sticking around
  3. i wish i could make a chart for money machine by 100 gecs its so fun but idk how ig ill spend my days off working on that
  4. It's a, have a conversation with CustomsForgeBot kinda night
  5. Also if u listen to hyperpop or midwest emo ur top tier
  6. If you listen to brockhampton and play guitar ur amazing
  7. id like to say thanks again omg i learned so much with ur cdlc and thank you customsforge

  8. (not sure if this is the right thread and sorry if i accidentally replied to someone with this) but the live version of The Kiss of Venus by Paul McCartney (Dominic Fike version) is pretty cool (im requesting the live performance since i dont want anyone to struggle making the tablature for the fingerstyle part in the studio version) thank you everyone
  9. i appreciate the charts 

  10. Hi, Im fairly new to CDLC as Ive been a console player for the past 5 years. The problem is i cant get Self Control by Frank Ocean to show up on Rocksmith no matter how much I download it/override it. Every other songs that ive downloaded work fine.
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