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  1. i wish i could make a chart for money machine by 100 gecs its so fun but idk how ig ill spend my days off working on that
  2. It's a, have a conversation with CustomsForgeBot kinda night
  3. Also if u listen to hyperpop or midwest emo ur top tier
  4. If you listen to brockhampton and play guitar ur amazing
  5. id like to say thanks again omg i learned so much with ur cdlc and thank you customsforge

  6. (not sure if this is the right thread and sorry if i accidentally replied to someone with this) but the live version of The Kiss of Venus by Paul McCartney (Dominic Fike version) is pretty cool (im requesting the live performance since i dont want anyone to struggle making the tablature for the fingerstyle part in the studio version) thank you everyone
  7. i appreciate the charts 

  8. Hi, Im fairly new to CDLC as Ive been a console player for the past 5 years. The problem is i cant get Self Control by Frank Ocean to show up on Rocksmith no matter how much I download it/override it. Every other songs that ive downloaded work fine.
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