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  1. coldrampage's post in EOF can you automatically transpose notes to another string? was marked as the answer   
    In tux guitar/guitar pro you can press shift + up (up on the arrow keys) to transpose notes up/down a string keeping the same pitch.

    I don't think eof has a way to do it while keeping the pitch, it just moves it up a string and keeps the same fret value.
  2. coldrampage's post in Extended Range Bass Songs Not Working was marked as the answer   
    5/6 string bass tracks are done on rhythm tracks to display all 6 strings but the notes are in the bass octave.

    The game has no way to know if you've plugged in a 6 string bass or any other kind of instrument and there's no (current) way to add/remove strings to a bass or guitar track so this is the workaround we use.

    This song has a 4 string and a 6 string bass chart on both arrangements so you can see the differences in each method.
  3. coldrampage's post in Rocksmith 2014 Remastered CDLC Enabler Issues was marked as the answer   
    New update broke the piracy check, use the beta branch for now until they update the patch.
  4. coldrampage's post in Add in collection, but how we install they new song on the Rocksmith Toolkit ? was marked as the answer   
  5. coldrampage's post in File error on DLC Builder was marked as the answer   
    C/users/documents is a protected folder so it might be failing to create the showlights file and then giving an error when it can't find it since the showlights file should be generated automatically by dlc builder when you first build the song.

    All I can guess is try moving the project/program to a different folder and/or run dlc builder as admin.
  6. coldrampage's post in RHCP was marked as the answer   
  7. coldrampage's post in view my collection was marked as the answer   
    Or the direct link
  8. coldrampage's post in PSARC files open with notepad? was marked as the answer   
    Redownloading the songs wont fix that, you need to reset the file open preferences.
  9. coldrampage's post in Any way to filter a CDLC member's uploads from search results? Or clean my library of songs from that person? was marked as the answer   
    You can hide users in ignition by clicking the arrow next to the dl/add to collection button and selecting the relevant option. This will stop them from appearing unless you unselect the "hide hidden" filter option.

    As for removing them from the game, cfsm can sort by creator if they filled in the charter field in the toolkit/dlc builder and you can easily delete them all. Otherwise the auto-quarantine feature will deal with anything that's too dodgy.
  10. coldrampage's post in Change cdlc id ?? was marked as the answer   
    You can bulk change them with cfsm, shouldn't take too long to go through them all.
    If the ID is a dlc you don't own they won't show up in-game so I'd change them all just to be safe.
  11. coldrampage's post in Add to favourites was marked as the answer   
    Not too sure what you mean by favorites, but the option to add to loved creators/preferred artist is accessible by clicking the arrow next to the download button.

  12. coldrampage's post in Off-beat Sections was marked as the answer   
    If you're using dlc builder or the toolkit with DDC improver to generate DD you can shift the phrase left/right by a note to be off beat
    ^^ above nicked from here.
  13. coldrampage's post in how do i upload a song to the forge? was marked as the answer   
    Under the creators dropdown in ignition click "Add CDLC"

    Or here's a link.
  14. coldrampage's post in CDLC Creation attempt freezes after tuning. was marked as the answer   
    Ah it's probably a DD issue then. The dlc builder used ddc improver for DD and the toolkit doesn't, ddc improver seems to fix whatever the issue is.

    Remove DD from the arrangements,  run them through ddc improver and rebuild it with the toolkit. I ticked the "Match phrases with sections" option, not sure if it's necessary.
  15. coldrampage's post in Export links/downloading of multiple files was marked as the answer   
    Lack of api along with files being hosted on multiple different sites makes it fairly unlikely to happen for now.
  16. coldrampage's post in No way to find songs with DD? was marked as the answer   
    Nope DD filter is gone, check this
  17. coldrampage's post in can someone please make a song for me was marked as the answer   
    Hasn't someone already done it?
    Also for next time, requests go here
  18. coldrampage's post in In game sessions was marked as the answer   

  19. coldrampage's post in 3/4 of gp5 tab in EOF was marked as the answer   
    Converting tabs with repeats from gpx/tg tends to screw them up, its an issue with tux guitar/ guitar pro. You need to change the repeat numbers yourself to make them line up with the song (assuming they're correct in the first place).
    Maybe there's an easier fix, but if there is idk how.
  20. coldrampage's post in Rocksmith CDLC will not load after selecting the song in game was marked as the answer   
    I'm assuming you're on pc here, otherwise this info is mostly useless.
    Did you put D3DX9_42.dll (from here) into the rocksmith root directory (where the exe is, not the dlc folder) with no "(1)" or anything on the end?
    If not try installing the .dll from the rocksmith song manager to be sure.
    Shouldn't be an issue with that specific song since it uses the right dlc key, but try another custom one just in case.
    Hope this is somewhat useful?
  21. coldrampage's post in How to make CLDC with four guitars in EOF was marked as the answer   
    @@Jaskavarpunen If you import the guitar into a bass track (real bass 22, real bass ect) it'll add the extra strings and you can just use it like an extra guitar track
  22. coldrampage's post in Crackling sound? was marked as the answer   
    Probably an audio settings issue, try increasing the audio buffer and enabling exclusive mode. (in rocksmith.ini)
    pastebin to my ini although your settings will probably be different to get it working properly
    Give rocksmith configuration.pdf (pdf located in you rocksmith install directory or here) a read through it tells you what the settings and how the wrong ones can cause crackling and latency issues.
  23. coldrampage's post in Lead silence error was marked as the answer   
    I think they fixed it in an update so update eof. But to be safe just use the "Re-encode" option instead of "Stream copy", been having no errors since I started doing that.
  24. coldrampage's post in Error occurred while creating CDLC, please help! was marked as the answer   
    It should work with Wwise v2014.1.6 but Wwise 2018 will not work, Did you manage to install it?
    You do not need the beta version of the toolkit anymore so don't worry about it.
    To enable rs2 export go to file, preferences, import/export and then enable this one (in eof)
    Can you send me the generated song for testing?
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