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  1. coldrampage's post in Any new CDLC enable patch for latest? was marked as the answer   
    For mac.

  2. coldrampage's post in Changing tuning pitch for chart was marked as the answer   
    You can change the tuning pitch in rstoolkit or dlc builder once you add the xml files from eof.

  3. coldrampage's post in Rocksmith 2014 was marked as the answer   
    Custom songs only work on the pc, xbox360 and ps3 versions. While the ps4 can be modded no one has figured out the file format yet, which also makes it fairly unlikely for the ps5 getting support either.
  4. coldrampage's post in How to do a clean install of Rocksmith 2014 was marked as the answer   
    The game has steam cloud sync for the saves (which also contain your saved tones), but I don't think it should also sync the game settings.

    If you delete rocksmith.ini from the games install folder it'll make a clean one when you launch the game reverting your visual/audio settings to default.
    If you want to delete your saves they're located here but you might have to disable cloud saving first and then re-enable it once you've made a new save.
  5. coldrampage's post in Is there a way to increase the "block sections" of a previously created CDLC? was marked as the answer   
    If you want to do it properly you need to import the song into dlc builder, then open the eof file dlc builder generates in eof, add the sections in there and then rebuild the whole song.

    The only other way would be to use the custom loop function of rsmods which'd be far less effort.
  6. coldrampage's post in USB interface on Mac was marked as the answer   
    Apparently you can just rename the audio device to "Rocksmith USB Adapter" and set it to 48khz to have it work on mac.
  7. coldrampage's post in Disc import tool for steam with Rocksmith 1 on PS3 was marked as the answer   
    I don't think it's cross platform, playstation/xbox checks for an achievement in rs1 while the pc version checks your steam account for owning rs1.

    If you buy a steam key for the original rocksmith (and then the disc import tool) you can still import them on pc though.
  8. coldrampage's post in Survivor "Eye of the tiger" was marked as the answer   
    Delisted songs still aren't able to be uploaded as customs here. You can chart it for your own personal use as long as you don't upload it tho.

    Otherwise a decent workaround is using a youtube playthrough instead.
  9. coldrampage's post in Question about Delisted DLC songs was marked as the answer   
    Delisted odlc are still counted as official so re-charts cannot be uploaded to ignition.
    Yep, that's fine.
    While it's possible I'd doubt that relicensing a large chunk of previous dlc songs for rs+ is really planned for.
  10. coldrampage's post in 2014 Rocksmith disc was marked as the answer   
    The dlc aren't cross platform so if you want to play the ones you owned on ps3 you'll have to rebuy them for pc.
  11. coldrampage's post in Fix Crashing CDLC that started with the December 2022 update? was marked as the answer   
    Tested on my backup version from before the update and all paths work, but on the latest version just the lead path crashes.
    It doesn't have any major issues that'd cause it to crash listed in the validation tab of dlc builder and it's not a duplicate key/id issue either since I kept them the same too, so that's weird.

    It worked fine after I repacked it in dlc builder on the current version though, so maybe something was slightly dodgy with the lead path since all the others work fine. Weird how something like that'd change from an update.
  12. coldrampage's post in First Time CDLC Creator was marked as the answer   
    The song ends when the audio file ends. The END phrase controls where the last section ends and where the highway gets cut off (similarly the COUNT phrase controls where the highway starts.)

    If you changed audio files during testing, delete the generated .wem files to use the updated audio and make sure it's the same one that was used in eof.
  13. coldrampage's post in Making CDLC was marked as the answer   
    The tools needed are listed in this guide
  14. coldrampage's post in Song DDs reset after some time not playing was marked as the answer   
    You can set the default difficulty using the "Sightreading Level" or lower the level down speed in the "Difficulty Settings"
  15. coldrampage's post in Guitar Pro 8 vs Go PlayALong 4 for creating CDLCs was marked as the answer   
    gp8 lacks the auto sync and peak snapping features of gpa which makes it a bit trickier to use but it's no harder than using eof on it's own to sync manually. The only real difference is that to use the synced gp8 file you need to bake the bpm changes into the tab, export it as a midi and then import it into eof, then you can import the tab on top of the midi imported beatmap.

    If you've already got gpa you might as well keep using it or if you want to cut it out of your workflow maybe try syncing directly in eof instead which'll skip all the extra importing gp8 adds for basically the same syncing process.
  16. coldrampage's post in The CDLC i'm working on is messed up on Rocksmith. was marked as the answer   
    It might be caused by using the toolkit and dlc builder together.
    You don't need to use the toolkit to make DD, dlc builder does that on it's own and using them together can cause issues.
  17. coldrampage's post in Advice and Question regarding CDLC Creation was marked as the answer   
    Get wwise 2021 and use dlc builder instead of the toolkit. Any guide telling you to use the toolkit is likely to be outdated (aka any youtube tutorial) and it's a fairly subpar tool for cdlc creation.

    The error seems to be from either a corrupt installation or from missing dependencies, so it looks like you'll have to reinstall it either way.
    The required dependencies are also listed here.
  18. coldrampage's post in Does the game remember your scores and statistics if you remove a CDLC? was marked as the answer   
    Yep it'll keep them. I've got 2 separate dlc folders I swap between and it'll save scores, favorites, play count and everything with no issues.

    I think it's saved based on arrangement ID (and maybe dlc key?) so as long as you don't rebuild the songs in the toolkit, or use the "preserve stats" option in cfsm for repairs they should stay.
  19. coldrampage's post in What is the easiest way I can change exactly 1 (!) note on a CDLC was marked as the answer   
    You can always just modify it for your own personal use if you're not ok with uploading and maintaining the database record, but your version would show up an an extra entry in ignition and wouldn't be replacing the old one. Generally as long as you credit the original creator and have tried to contact them about it, then it should be fine.

    As for how to actually do it, you'll need all the standard cdlc creating programs.

    Here's a quick-ish guide on how to get it into eof, with links to most of the tools you'll need (except for eof which can be found here)

    Once it's in eof, click on the note you want to change and press N to bring up the note panel, then you can change the note fret and apply all of the other note statuses as needed.

    This might also come in handy.
  20. coldrampage's post in Still possible to get 2014 Remastered songs or packs? was marked as the answer   
    The in-game shop isn't very good, it's best to buy them from the steam store page instead.
  21. coldrampage's post in Struggling with GP was marked as the answer   
    I know barely any theory and figured all this out by banging my head against the proverbial wall, keep at it you'll get there eventually.

    You can either use trial and error, or count how long the note should be (this is easier for stuff like straight 8th/16th notes).

    GP8 can load in an audio file so you can directly compare the note lengths/timing values and adjust from there. I usually do this in eof by importing the tab though as I find the beatmap an easier visual reference. If the sync is off even the correct lengths will sound wrong though so it's a bit of a double edged sword, you really need to get the start offset and the bpm correct from the get go.

    If a note needs to be slightly longer/shorter but the next note duration is too long, try using dotted notes, triplets or tied notes (can all be accessed through the note status screen). Rests are also fairly important for getting the durations right and for things to line up properly.

    Unfortunately I can't give any really useful advice on this as it's just something you kinda need to figure out and get used to, but if you want something to get you started send the tab over and I can give it a check for ya.
  22. coldrampage's post in Why does my unison bends look like that in game ? was marked as the answer   
    Looks like broken fhp but I could be wrong. Do you get this warning when saving?

    Ctrl + A to select all the notes then, note/rocksmith/generate fhp might fix it.

  23. coldrampage's post in Assistance editing an existing download. was marked as the answer   
    You'll probably have to remove DD from the xml files with the toolkit before importing them into eof but after importing the psarc, this vid unfortunately misses that step.
    Once you get into EOF click on the beat arrows at the top and use shift + S to add sections, tick the "automatically add rs phrase" box too. Then just follow the rest of the vid on how to repack it.
  24. coldrampage's post in New CDLC aren't detected by CFSM was marked as the answer   
    Are the songs showing up in rocksmith and not cfsm, or just not showing up in either? If so, you could have 2 installs and have been putting them in the wrong dlc folder.

    Double check they're in the same folder as the rest by right clicking on a song in cfsm and clicking "open song location".

  25. coldrampage's post in EOF Fret higher than 24 to higher than 22 was marked as the answer   
    Notes above fret 21 are set to ignore so they don't affect percentage in-game for people who can't play them, but if you still wanna fix them the best you can get it probably this.

    Track, pro guitar, set number of frets/strings

    Set it to 22 and click highlight conflicts.

    Now you can spot them easier to modify. If you get no warning when changing the max fret value all of the notes are under the limit and you have nothing to change.

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