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  1. I'd have to recommend some demetori, the lead is almost always playable in E standard and the rhythm track uses 7/8 strings in a good few songs. Would be interesting to see them played simultaneously.
  2. I think RS injector is outdated? (pc guy so not too sure) try using the mac patch from here.
  3. Quite fun Need to work on the arpeggios (soz for the weird crop screwed up the screenshot)
  4. There's been some issues with certain browsers (mostly safari/firefox) blocking popups causing the download pages to stop opening. Hopefully allowing pop-ups should fix it
  5. I play all the 7 fret stuff with my ring finger 'cus I'm a weirdo, I bar the A and D strings for the bit where the strings alternate. If I was to use my pinky finger I think I'd use it on the D string and ring finger for the A string.
  6. Oh man, I forgot it was gog too. Have to give it a go now. oof, underestimated this. sa time. Time to up my game.
  7. RIP. I enjoyed seeing you around in song comments and talking about some doujin jazz with you.

    May your legacy live on.

  8. Repair them with the song manager. Here's a guide.
  9. It's a bit of a process and is probably not worth it at all, but You can use the toolkit, dlc builder. Since you're adding new audio you'd also need to install the correct version of wwise based on your program for it to be able to convert to .wem and back. The audio needs to start at the same time as the old one (leading silence included) and be almost identical, something like a remaster or multi-track. If it's a re-recording or a live version you'll need to remove DD, import it into eof and beat map it again (at that point just give up make a whole new version of the song) For toolkit and dlc builder you can just import the old .psarc, change the audio, change the name and dlc key, generate new arrangement id's and you're done. The toolkit's source code is up on github and everyone's been using it for years at this point with no issues. Have a look through the source for malicious code if you want but chances are it's just a false positive.
  10. Bit meh for Maiden. Start was a bit tricky, need to work on the octave chords too.
  11. If eof or the audio/project files are somewhere like "c:/program files" (or some other read only/protected folders) you might have to run it as admin. If that don't work try moving the files somewhere else.
  12. AppID? shouldn't make a difference, if it's wrong it won't show up in game at all. Since it seems to work for others there's probably a conflict with some other ID's on your side (dlc key or arrangement id). Check the duplicates tab in the song manager and see if there's anything there or just change the dlc key and regenerate the arrangement id's and see if that works. (Might also be caused if you downloaded it multiple times under different versions? not too sure) Most of the time a simple repack in the toolkit will fix it too tho.
  13. If songs show up but don't start there's something wrong with the .dll (assuming you're on pc). It's either the wrong one, in the wrong place or has been renamed. First off I'd re-download it to be safe. Then make sure it's in the root folder (same folder as the rocksmith2014.exe not the dlc folder) and hasn't been renamed (no (1) at the end or something). That should hopefully fix it. If all else fails you can try using rsmods to install the dll for you.
  14. @ thepaphu69 I think someone's already done it, just under a slightly different name or I screwed up and it's a completely different song, don't really listen to much tool, soz https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/268 Also for next time, requests go here pls.
  15. FULL FRET INLAYS This is a bit of a jank workaround I brute forced but the results are pretty good in practice and I've been using it for a while (see the Pareo inlay from playthrough vid for example). Finally got round to finishing up the full template instead of just the marked frets (3,5,7,9,12,15,17,19,21,24) so have a guide/dl. This allows you to have a full 24 fret covered inlay without the top/bottom of frets being cut off and also allows for a higher res than the toolkit does. So here's the download inlay files/template. The .nif was made by model swapping in one of the guitarcade skyboxes and parenting the NiAlphaProperty node to make the fade in/out effect work. Also due to being way longer than the inlay you can add images off the side of the fretboard or behind/inside the headstock (might be cool if you disable it with rsmods) The .dds is 16384 by 512 (4X base inlay res with standard usable space). The X res is so high because the model is far too long and I had to mask off the ends for standard inlays, but as above you can have stuff off the fretboard if you want. op.dds and pp.dds are used to make the old inlay model invisible since deleting them from the nif just makes the game crash. Here's a guide on how to use it First off you need to make the inlay using the template. Once you're done save it as a dxt3 .dds with mipmaps off. Dxt3 allows proper transparency and turning off mipmaps saves file size. Rename your inlay.dds to a unique filename with no spaces, if 2 inlays match .dds filename they will be blank in-game. Make an icon using the old standard inlay template. Now you build a dummy inlay using toolkit, pick the inlay name and icon properly though. Unpack the inlay with the toolkit and replace the .nif in "assets\gameplay\inlay" with replace.nif. Make sure replace.nif has the same filename as the old .nif that was in there. Also remember to copy op.dds and pp.dds into the same folder. Open the nif in nifskope and click on the big white rectangle and in the block list, click the arrow to expand the list, right click on "NiSourceTexture" and do texture, choose. Choose whatever image you renamed your inlay.dds to before. It should update in nifskope if done properly. Now in block details right click on file name and click "edit string index" change the file name index from the full file path to just the file name. For example: "e:\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\rocksmith2014\dlc\inlays\okakoro_24_rs2014_pc\assets\gameplay\inlay\okakorro.dds" to "okakorro.dds" (You only need to do this above part if you want the inlay to work on other computers) Now all you got to do is save the .nif and repack/replace the dummy inlay. And that's it done, enjoy. Back to top
  16. Ya boi injured his index finger (on the picking hand), so scores will sub optimal for a bit. Been holding my pick between thumb and middle finger for guitar and fingering bass with middle and ring finger. Edit: All good now, need to redo some scores lol Played lead first by accident, oh well. Nice song. Pretty fun 99 would be nice, have to try SA later
  17. Not too hard once you get used to it. Only issue would be the lack of guitar pro tabs besides one for You Get What You Give (Which is an official, rip). So the main issue would be converting the chord arranges to guitar pro which could be a bit fiddly. If you're interested give this a read for general charting. And I reckon this'd be relevant for converting the chords, despite it using chordify. The chord arranges should be fairly similar and probably slightly more accurate.
  18. I need to listen to some more helloween, it's pretty good. Most of what I've heard is from iron attack remixing their stuff or other championship songs. Hope this isn't too ass to play, added a fair bit of improv to fill the gaps in.
  19. Sounds like you forgot the .dll (or patch if on mac) You can get it here.
  20. You could try fiverr or paidtabs but then you'd have to put them in rocksmith yourself. More likely to get done than posting it here tho.
  21. L's Friend/L no Nakama
  22. something seems off with this, sync maybe? I guess you tap this or something? Does the bass even play this? Starting to suspect the bass tab was cheesed off the guitar which'd explain some of the other fingering weirdness. Standard chord hell with legato funny business.
  23. Ah it's probably a DD issue then. The dlc builder used ddc improver for DD and the toolkit doesn't, ddc improver seems to fix whatever the issue is. Remove DD from the arrangements, run them through ddc improver and rebuild it with the toolkit. I ticked the "Match phrases with sections" option, not sure if it's necessary.
  24. I imported the psarc into dlc builder and rebuilt it, that seemed to fix it. The underlying issue could probably be the lack of any sections, check section D of this post (or just shift + S on the beat and add a few) Here's the file dlc builder generated if you want to take a look
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