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  1. That was probably true whenever that vid came out, but now the toolkit, cfsm and dlc builder can all fix low bass tunings. CFSM can even do it in bulk to your whole library. The fix is only needed for songs bellow low C, so B standard/drop B and lower will need it, not C standard Drop C as they are the lowest that still work fine without it. The people making the videos probably just misread this thread as it can be a bit confusing. https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/5227-5-strings-bass-and-low-note-recognition/ Adding the fix to songs that don't need it will not really improve the detection and there isn't really any benefit of doing so as it'll probably mess up the tuning name and tuning sort too. Issues of note detection at low tunings can also be caused by a few other things like intonation and string gauge. Tuning a 4 string bass with a set of standard 45 gauge strings down to C standard isn't going to go too well and can cause tuning/recognition issues as well.
  2. The change in operating systems from windows 7 to 8/10 or 11 hasn't affected the usage of the toolkit or any of the other cdlc editing/creation software in any meaningful way and any video using the toolkit is "outdated" anyway... Which is why most people use dlc builder instead now as it is a far more user friendly program. You'll also need wwise and eof depending on what you want to do. What issue are you trying to fix? C standard songs don't need the low bass fix and that can be easily solved with cfsm instead which can also fix pretty much anything else that you can do with just the toolkit (anything not note related). For anything else you'd need eof, it'd probably be covered here, aside from the starting import. For that you click "File/import psarc" in dlc builder/toolkit and select a folder to store the unpacked files. Then in eof select the rocksmith import and use the generated xml files in the created folder. You might need to use the convert .wem to .ogg and the remove DD options first depending on your settings/program. Then when ya done fiddling you just save in eof, replace the xml files in the toolkit/dlc builder project and rebuild it. Editing songs generally isn't worth it if you have to go into eof as it's just easier to make you own version from scratch given all the hassle to work with the dodgy imported beatmap and stuff.
  3. Here ya go. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/70706
  4. Searching for "Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way" gives me no results, but using either "Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain Way" or just "Rocky Mountain Way" seems to work, so it probably doesn't line the hyphen. Collection is sorted by when the song was uploaded/updated to ignition instead of when you added it to the collection. So you'd have to look near the end of the list to find it since it was uploaded in 2014.
  5. Converting the I3 link to an I4 one gives you this, seems to still be around. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/7588
  6. Those hopo stretches are a fair bit worse on bass than on guitar, oof.
  7. If a song is added to your collection you'll also get a notification when the song is updated or when someone comments on it.
  8. Musescore cannot open gp5 files and it's tab support isn't too great. If you get tux guitar (it's free) you can open the gp5 files and then print them from there without having to convert to pdf first.
  9. Try this: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/tools/CDLCEnabler
  10. It's related to the new update with how things are added to the collection. Not sure how to fix it but the site still works fine for me in chrome and edge as long as I don't force the download links to open in a new tab/window. Could be browser specific or caused by settings which affect how links are opened but idk for sure, if possible try a different browser and see if that helps. As a workaround the "error" does contain the download link to the song you clicked on so you can still access them for now, hopefully it'll get fixed tho.
  11. Weird, there should be a guitar pro 5 save under the export menu? You could try converting it from gp to gp5 with tux guitar instead.
  12. I got a 99% in SA but forgot to screenshot, rip.
  13. I think if you regenerate the FHP in eof it'll fix it. Ctrl + A to select all the notes then, note/rocksmith/generate FHP's.
  14. Yep. If that doesn't fix it send me the song and I'll take a look at it.
  15. None of those errors should be causing a crash, they just make it a bit of an eyesore to play. Without having the song to test with all I can suggest it try rebuilding it as that seems to fix most errors like this.
  16. I'm not sure how active the devs are but it'd be worth a try.
  17. It's a bit dodgy overall, not sure if this was known yet but it seems to get the pitch shift value from the guitar paths so for ones with bass paths in different tunings or bass only it doesn't work right. Lead/rhythm only songs seem to work fine though. I'd also assume that if 2 tracks share tones but are in different tunings it would also screw up the pitch shifting quite badly as it doesn't re-add unique tones to each arrangement either. Tried this song where the guitar and bass are in different tunings and it shifted both by the same amount, making the bass 2 semitones higher than it should be as it was in standard not drop tuning. Tried this bass only song and the pitch shifter was set to 0 afterwards so it's not getting the value to apply to the shifter from the bass track but is still changing the songs tuning value anyway.
  18. CFSM expects you to point it at the rocksmith install directory, not the dlc folder itself as it automatically looks for the dlc subfolder in whichever directory you select.
  19. Late start this week. Could probably 100% this but not really a fan of paramore and it was getting on my nerves. This isn't too bad, really like the clean riff that shows up but I think the rhythm is missing some notes during the chorus and a few other places.
  20. It's already been done (but could probably use a redo) https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/11587
  21. The length of open notes is determined by the FHP. ctrl + A to select all the notes, then note, rocksmith, generate FHPs might sort it out. If it's the same after that something like ghost notes (or sections?) are probably interfering with the automatic generation.
  22. Generally one phrase per section will work fine and you can use the "Also add as RS phrase" option when adding sections to simplify this process. DLC builder also supports automatic phrase generation which could be causing confusion between the function of sections vs phrases since they work in the same way for both programs. You might have too many phrases or conflicting phrase names from your testing which could be causing errors with the DD generation. I'd try clearing all the sections/phrases and re-adding them or simplifying them to see if that fixes anything. If that doesn't fix anything send me the .psarc and I'll see if I can figure out what's causing it.
  23. It sounding bad is simply because the acoustic sound of your instrument will be in a different tuning and will clash with the pitch shifted sound you hear in rocksmith which is why headphones are recommended. I find it works best with guitar but it's not too bad on bass either. Unless if you use the emulated bass option in-game it'll ignore the custom tones and won't be pitch shifted anymore. You cannot properly pitch shift drop D to E standard since there's no way to independently pitch shift a single string. It keeps drop D songs as is and will shift other drop tunings down to drop D so you'll only need to change one string. If you use the "Force E Standard Tuning" option you'll have a pretty bad time from an auditory point of view since a fair bit of the song will be out of tune (even with the pitch shifter) but the game will adjust it's note detection to match. I'd just stick with the standard pitch shift option though. Preserve stats is mostly for the other repair mods where it doesn't create a whole new copy of the song. As longs as you don't use it with the pitch shifter you can have both versions at the same time with no issue and the non pitch shifted one will still keep it's old stats.
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