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    Red Vox, Talking Heads, Beatles and Flight of the Conchords. For solo stuff, Jack Stauber, Lemon Demon, Joe Satriani, Johnny Cash and David Bowie. All the other things I like are from games, bands that I only know one or two songs from and a couple animes.
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  1. I made a song chart wishlist playlist. Any song from it would be great. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0dBBR4kkonWxpvq6g28hpVSOeRCHJ5ay Also any other ones I said in my earlier posts.
  2. I remembered more songs I wanna learn lead for: Fundamentum - Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ OST Living in the Light - Binding of Isaac Repentance OST The Beast in Me - Johnny Cash Burn a Picture - Red Vox Big Iron - Marty Robbins Chase (Acoustic Ver.) - batta I Feel Fantastic - Jonathan Coulton Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney & Wings Omen - The Prodigy Sono Chi No Kioku - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Nella Cerniera - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable Main Theme - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Vampire Killer - Castlevania Judgment OST I Want You - Savage Garden Tell Me - Red Vox Working In a Coalmine - Devo Jerkin' Back N' Forth - Devo Let's Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats Once In a Lifetime - Talking Heads Born Under Punches - Talking Heads While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles Modern Crusaders - Enigma Tokyo Emergency - Persona 5 OST Signs of Love - Persona 4 OST Glory Day - DJmax Respect OST Black Cat - DJmax Fight Another Day - Cytus II OST Angel Attack - Neon Genesis Evangelion OST Again, any of those would be big pog
  3. I'm just gonna list a bunch of songs, I play lead/rhythm Jack Stauber - The Diverge Jack Stauber - Christ Potion Jack Stauber - Koi Boy Jack Stauber - Safe Socks Jack Stauber - The Walking Song Jack Stauber - Oh Klahoma jack Stauber - Dog Nightmare Chad Neidt - Make Sure It's For Sure Breakwater - Release The Beast Chronic Future - Time and Time Again Red Vox - We Had A Little Talk Red Vox - Anesthesia Red Vox - Apathetic Empathy Red Vox - The Reason This Is Happening Red Vox - Realign Red Vox - Stranded Red Vox - I'm So Happy Red Vox - Back To School Angel Beats OST - Rain Song (Instrumental) Kill La Kill OST - Before My Body Is Dry Pulp - Underwear Mario Odyssey OST - Steam Gardens The Heavy - Short Change Hero The Academic - Bear Claws Any of those would be big pog
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