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  1. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  2. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  3. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  4. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  5. yeah :( its a shame too! copy.com is bad, onedrive seems to be bad also
  6. You explain things SO much clearer than i do hats off to ya!
  7. Hi there, I always linked to folders to also make PC, MAC, XBox 360, PS3 versions available, and lots of people also host DD and non-DD versions of their customs... If we are supposed to directly link to a file, how should be provide the links for the other versions? Of course the easiest thing is to directly link to the PC version, and include links to all other platforms / DD versions in the description text. But in my oppinion the most logical thing would be to replace the four platform checkboxes from the edit dialog with input fields for download links. This could at least solve the pla
  8. absolutely! and you can help .. there are 10s of thousands of cdlcs here, and its is nigh impossible for one man to check them all. If you, or anyone comes across a link that is dead, or takes you to one of those sites you mentioned .. please report the custom so that it can be dealt with in a timely manner.
  9. I agree 1000% i dont want to flood the site with false "new" customs. this would be bad for us all. I will take measures to make sure that we dont drown out the new uploads. Thanks for your input on this!
  10. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  11. lol and i JUST put 8s on my new guitar! that figures :D still cant wait tho!
  12. ps3 until i started getting into customs (and found cheap cd keys online) now im 99% pc
  13. Mediafire ramps up its security measures, the more you use it, the harder they make you work for it. to the point that its next to impossible to use. If you only download a few things, mediafire doesn't care, as you get more, the obstacles become increasing in number and difficulty to the point where its simply not worth it .. i could chart the song myself faster than i could download it Most people that download files, only get one, two per day, and would not subjected to the measures that mediafire has in place to make a profit from its users. While I understand that mediafire is easy to us
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