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  1. Damn, that sounds like an awesome session!
  2. Pinned this and unpinned the last 30 weeks of championship posts, so that people can once again find the rules, guides and such from the forums
  3. Wow, what a journey! So awesome to see the story and the building process for this beautiful instrument. Thank you, my dear friend!
  4. I'm in MC, my meelo -> milo name change hasn't been updated to the forums
  5. Had to give my second bass a setup to play this. Seeing how it has Geezer Butler's signature pickups, there was no other way. Did my best to mimic the bends with slides though. Just couldn't do those bends right now.
  6. I absolutely agree! same for the other paths as well. It is currently one of my very favourite cdlcs to play!
  7. That is so awesome! I totally got a Bob Dylan vibe coming from that performance. I am so glad you and dice are pushing your limits beyond the championship as well
  8. Well, it is japanese metal, so nothing about that is ever normal I mean it's possible that he's doing 4-finger technique, but looks like 3-finger running man technique to me. Pinky just moves uncontrollably with rest of the fingers. I'm doing the same technique there.
  9. Fast fingered bass? Count me in! I was going to make a playthrough video of the sightread, but I forgot to enable my bass amp's mic in obs settings and my phone cut the video short in the middle of the song due to energy saving So here is a short clip of me getting attacked by my chair at the middle of the solo. (Warning, audio is from phone mic only, so it is a bit boomy.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DoKrLRMtQqzqTgZP-5qZ4Q0wOCFvEyxb/view?usp=sharing
  10. Broken cdlc. Perhaps ignored or ghost notes that are causing havoc.
  11. Hmm, so there is something wonky about the Prophet. I had the same kind of mismatched mastery and accuracy glitch on my LAS attempt as well. Unexplainable few percent difference.
  12. if you copy the "image location" instead of the raw URL, you can embed those images directly to the post, which makes it easier to see and register your scores. This can be achieved by right clicking the image and choosing "copy image location".
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