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  1. nice CCC comunity would love the update :)
  2. @@raynebc I thought you've guys talked about eof-toolkit xml thing when you have created this lightweight xml support? I'm sure that toolkit is able to read any propeties you'l fed it but sng\lib and gui part are separate so we "patch" xml files with tone names for autotone switch could work and such
  3. Sure thing we should get rid of extra steps to produce valuable product more easily, still I think this is nice to have finally, but hey how many of this kind of todo we've got over the forum pages? :)
  4. oh god gimme brains to dig in it already...
  5. That kind of a stretch here, should it be release already such amount of major changes !
  6. wow that wall of changelog there not that much user would notice has changed tho :)
  7. really love that string lane coloring :3
  8. A bit of offtop, sorry guys :P @@firekorn I think of it like some of freelance market like someone place a bet and someone get's it done for some motivation thing he\she will get for doing cdlc (usually it's money but I can't think of a thing that would motivate charter to put a song together right now) I'd like to understand how similar system could work here, since tones thread are dead and even collabs of charters are arcana thing on rarity scale :D I don't need a list of usernames you'll toss for getting things done esp when you've got 250k+ members across the board :hmm: maybe we just
  9. @@firekorn actually I think we need some list of the charters that will do such job so you could sign up for this in some kind of thread and than report back of your job done etc maybe we could also do a leader boards for this kind of thing?
  10. I feel like charters doing it's own thread workshops for themed stuff like Classic Rock Coalition guys, or maybe like Snake3169 who did fav songs of ours by Sabbath and Metallica. I'm sure we could do something like requests of the week thing to give some stats on trends IDK. but since most of the hall of fame songs are done including most of the songs from discography of those hugely popular bands it's not that urgent to keep requesting metallica new album songs out there. I think we could do our local memes about requests now :P Nonetheless there's 3+ generations passed as for charters may
  11. UHD support for the toolkit is comming, yay :D

  12. @@raynebc hm I wonder if those lame guys fixed those tags thing in new version of lame or not? or should we just ignore it anyway? like that issues with oggcut vs re-encode option with leading silence?
  13. @@Xaphist, hello hello it's almost 2018 here, don't you still perform manual convert to wem files? you need to dust off your toolkit now!!11 it will do all the dirty job for you. just make sure you're selected correct audio file How I'm doing it nowdays: (i've got latest beta downloaded, I have one of the 2013 through 2017 version of wwise installed) in toolkit I do all as required till audio step here select eof project folder find guitar.ogg file (if i have manually created preview.ogg it's fine too if not I'm covered as well) select that file fill all other missing fields, add arrangement
  14. @@raynebc yess I'd like to have one on by default in lyrics, but it seems like it's not (since those lil notes so small I can't click it directly :( ) well could be another flag in config for those who' don't like it on vocals but I doubt. Great news then ;) I may end up hating less this "add lyrics" process in result! thank you :^3
  15. @@raynebc, ok I'll try to do so. about notes tails: hmm it doesn't work without checking "tails" setting in vocals by default maybe there an override? I'll show you my eof file I'm playing with plus when nothing selected and you hold shift to select group of words it selects from the firstword till selected one weird, I'd expect it to be more like widnows does with the files, first one if not selected select one like with control then do things hmm to reproduce bug with clicking do: select group of notes on vocals track holding shift click (at empty space) and drag to start of the song >
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