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  1. Tmlt


    I am guessing that its something to do with Frethand Positions.
  2. I have no problem going to mediafire.com but when using the link on first page to get EOF the connection times out. Tried 4-5 times.
  3. This started in March 2016 and still there is only one CDLC "by" CDLC Orphanage?
  4. Sorry about that. Not meant to be a holy war. Just a discussion to get the best latency. It is over now. @@Jefbyos I use the rocksmith cable and my onboard realtek audio card. If you think my .ini or something else will help you get there, pm me :-)
  5. This is so wrong. Do a google search for asio vs wasapi latency please. But youre right about the 3ms. My total latency in RS2014 with wasapi drivers is 7 ms.
  6. Here is my audiodump, for all those of you who live in 2008 and wont understand that windows drivers in some cases have become faster than good ole ASIO: 00000000: : INIT ExclusiveMode 1 00000000: : INIT LatencyBuffer 2 00000000: : INIT ForceWDM 0 00000000: : INIT ForceDirectXSink 0 00000062: : WASAPI::OpenStream(output): framesPerUser[ 128 ] framesPerHost[ 144 ] latency[ 3.00ms ] exclusive[ YES ] wow64_fix[ NO ] mode[ EVENT ] 00000062: : pSinkPortAudio->Init() == AK_Success00000062: : AkCreateThread EventMgrThread 0x7b4 ID = 15353920 00000062: : ************* NSoundInputMgr_Win32:
  7. The current windows audio driver system can reach latencies of 3 ms.
  8. The first post is still 4-21-2016?
  9. Happy Anniversary everyone! The best site on the webz :-)
  10. I have noticed this too, but figured it was a problem with my somewhat crappy gfx card. Will try the "above normal" priority thingy
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