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  1. Happy Birthday dreddfoxx!

  2. Happy Birthday dreddfoxx!

  3. That kind of sucks that your not offering pay to c# developers. Also can I get my group title changed back to "Magna Charter". I haven't done any work on the program for almost two years and I don't even use the program.
  4. What kind of tab? Guitar Pro or ASCII? Is there bass too?
  5. The only one that I'm sad about :(. Been a fan my whole life (thanks to my mom).
  6. It just can't be done, you need a modded ps3 (or modded x360). This information is in the first post( Note: If you are intending on using Custom DLCs on a PS3 or XBox, you MUST jailbreak your console first!) It's much easier just to buy the PC version. I don't think anyone is "show offing".
  7. Never had the button, this is what mine has always looked like :http://dfcrs.com/Imgs/ignition.jpg
  8. I've never even seen a play/preview button on ignition (firefox). Where is it supposed to be?
  9. Suppose I could ask in Slack, but not at that computer right now. But did you remove the "System.Deployment" dependency? Also, the native dll that I wrote has only been compiled for windows (DF_DDSImage.dll). Also,7za.dll and bass.dll are both native. So I really doubt that it will run.
  10. You can manually add songs to the "RocksmithToolkitLib.SongAppId.xml" located in CFSM or Toolkit install directory.
  11. CFSM has nothing to do with being able to see your CDLC in the game itself. Read and follow the directions in Cozy's first link.
  12. Where are you guys seeing that? Because it needs to be changed. I have already put a lot of work into it already to make it cross platform, it's just not there yet.
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