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  1. After a few tests, whaterver I do in the Compatibility DLC ( diabling only one, or 10, or all ) every single song in this pack disapear in the game.
  2. When I use Song Pack tabs to Enable/Disable songs for "Rocksmith Main Tracks" and "RS1 Compatibility Disc" everythings works perfectly. But when I Disable some songs in the RS1 Compatatibility DLC I loose a lot more than the the selected one once in the game. A bug ? or a "normal" behavior ?
  3. Ok then, if there is no support for official DLC, i'll match the official... I'll have to get use to have The Black Keys in the B ... :( thanks to all for your support
  4. Thanks for the answer, but that part I know. I want to do exactly this, but with paid songs too. example: The allman brothers - Jessica that one i can't change because it's a paid one
  5. Yeah, in the game of course. I did change the sort field for all the cdlc, but I don't see any method to do if for the original content.
  6. Is there a way ( or is it plan to implement ) to change the "sort" field for original tracks ? ex: I want all my The Black Keys songs to show in the "T" section and not on "B" I did change all my sort for the CDLC, but even with the Beta version it doesn't seems possible to edit orignal track information to change the sort order
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