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  1. EOF (12-12-2019) don't work to macOS Catalina
  2. Hi guys, I start my own project ... transcribe all metallica's songs ... all albums ... all their songs have been published ... but I decided to do the same ... some of these songs me you requested them in private messages and if you want I can publish all my work, write in the messages if you want them ... thank you all
  3. Crik74


    I solved menu > Note > Rocksmith > Handshape ;) ;) ;)
  4. Crik74


    Hi guys, how do I lengthen or shorten the blue lines of the sustain? https://imgur.com/a/iTcDT2H thanks
  5. Crik74


    Guys I have solved this, thanks also to your help menu > Track > Rocksmith > Fret Hand Positions > Set List I went to the wrong parts, I deleted the frets and then I recreated them manually thanks Guys
  6. Crik74


    Why???? Help me Please !!!!!! https://imgur.com/a/ygFZqVq thanks
  7. Hi guys in EOF I put the note and in the game I don't see it ... why? https://imgur.com/a/Cc2tjfN help me please thank you so much
  8. Hi Guys How do I made this slide? https://imgur.com/a/YThVzUB Thanks a lot
  9. Hi guys how do i create this on EOF? https://imgur.com/a/nBmyX4e thank you
  10. sorry for my English ... I do not understand ... how do I convert the bulk mac songs for roscksmith remasterd with remastered.exe? remastered.xe is only for PC thanks for the answers
  11. hi, there is a version of remastered.exe for mac? thanks for the answers
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