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  1. I will most definitely give this a try, I'm really fond of the pinch technique itself when it comes to power chords, now and again though since im left handed playing a right handed bass I have some issues with the fret hand which makes me lose my concentration in my plucking hand, and so its like a big circle of hatred lol, but thanks for telling me about the finger nail technique hopefully it works I'm left handed as well and play both bass & guitar right handed. I've found that this gives me a big advantage with my fretting hand but a disadvantage rhythmically with my right hand. I simply don't have the coordination in my right hand to maintain strumming patterns. Needless to say I will never attempt rythym guitar! That being said with enough practice you should be able to easily master fingerstyle and pinch chords on bass. If you choose to transition to guitar at some point strumming with fingernails shouldn't give you much trouble either. If you need further info on how to do it search "rasgueado technique" or "Flamenco" on YouTube. There are tons of videos there on these techniques!
  2. I have no short term memory whatsoever so I have to read every note on the chart every time I play. I literally cannot memorize a single note! Regarding finger placement and correct string choice if you practice often enough you'll get this. In time muscle memory will assure you get it right. After years of playing I almost never have to look at the fretboard unless I am above the 15th fret.
  3. I've played it through several times and love it!
  4. The main thing I'd like to see is a static chart showing ALL the chords that will be used in a particular song. It's really annoying to choose a song, check to see what chords will be played and only see one. I need to be able to look at all of the chords and practice changing between them before attacking the song. As it stands now the game only shows one then when the song starts you get blasted by a half dozen or more too quickly to get your head around them. The only workaround I've discovered thus far is to go into Riff Repeater, slow the song way down and let it run through a couple of times to get familiar with the chords that will be used. After doing this I can attempt the song. Regardless it would be much easier to see a static chard showing all the chords used in the song to get familiar with them before attempting to play them.
  5. This may not be the answer you're looking for but I have one that works well for me. I had nothing but trouble using a pick so I quit using one at all and simply play fingerstyle. I pluck all the single notes and strum chords using the topside of my fingernails using all downstrokes. This style of playing chords is very similar to the rasgueado technique used in playing flamenco. On two string power chords I frequently play using pinch chords. My style of picking and strumming is very similar to the way Robby Krieger played guitar with the Doors. Interestingly enough Krieger played both classical & flamenco guitar before he joined The Doors and refused to use picks when he played with the band. I found this little tidbit interesting because like him I also studied classical guitar for years before I ever picked up an electric and can't stand using picks either. My fingerstyle plucking and pinch chord technique also work extremely well for playing bass; at least they do for me. Hopefully this helps!
  6. I've been using OBS on RS Remastered (PC version) and its been working fine.
  7. I've got one but it's still a little crude. I'm just now learning how to make videos and am barely approaching intermediate bass skills. Oh well, I'm confident both will improve with practice... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJaOQThFk3oOWUcLQfteTdw
  8. @@firekorn I took your advice and downloaded OBS studio. It worked like a charm and solved my audio issues perfectly! I shot a quick clip of a really simple AC/DC song for proof of concept. I plan to do many more in the future. Merci beaucoup pour l'aide, je l'apprécie vraiment!
  9. Thanks! Your advice is really helpful. Now I'll get busy and see what I can do...
  10. WOW! Both the audio and video were impressive (great job by the way). I especially liked the PIP effect with the note road in the lower right, I need to figure out how to do that. Only question I have is did you use an external PC mic or was the audio recorded internally only from your guitar signal feeding into the game? This is exactly the effect & quality I was looking for and didn't realize you could do with a webcam and computer.
  11. You're right about the shotgun mic. I bought it originally for filming docu/how too videos and for that at close distances a directional mic is almost as good as hooking a lav mic up to the speaker. I've been looking into an omnidirectional mic for recording music and that will probably be my next purchase. I've never tried OBS, I'll have to look into it. Is that the OBS from //obsproject.com?
  12. Understood and If I were recording via the PC you would be absolutely correct. I didn't explain properly what I was attempting in my OP. First my audio chain is from the computer audio out into my stereo amplifier and then through the stereo speakers. The video recording I do is with a tripod mounted camcorder with the audio picked up by way of a Takstar SGC-598 shotgun mic. The problem I'm having is the end video's all sound really tinny sort of like really old blues songs recorded in the '30's in someones bathroom. I know its not the shotgun mic because I shot hours of concert footage last summer and the sound was really rich. I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows what components to use to get decent audio output of a computer that can be captured in video with decent audio for YouTube. I'm sure it can be done because I've seen a few videos on YouTube where RS was used as a backing track that sounded really good. I just don't know how they did it...
  13. No they are old school stereo speakers with 12" bass cones.
  14. I'm hoping someone has a suggestion on how to get decent audio quality for YouTube videos. Currently I'm running RS 2014 both PC and PS versions through a 200 Watt Kenwood stereo amp into 30+ year old speakers. The PC version is output through a generic onboard motherboard soundcard. The output from the PC sounds weak and tinny no matter how I adjust the bass or treble on the amp. If I dial the bass way up and the treble way down is just sounds muddy. My guess is a new sound card might help so I'm asking for recommendations if anyone else has dealt with this. The PS version definitely sounds better than the PC version but still not real good. The main issue here is buzzing on the E and A strings on my bass through the speakers if I turn the volume up at all but there is no buzzing whatsoever if I do the same through headphones. Could be the speakers, could be the amp I just don't know. Therefore any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  15. For me it all started sometime in the summer of 1974. I was thirteen at the time a drummer in our middle school band and somewhat discouraged with the then current state of music in America. One hot summer day I was kicking back on the front porch with my best friend sharing a joint and listening to the local "Rock" station. We were bemoaning all the insipid faggy crap passing as music on radio rotation at the time and the sad state of popular music in general when all of a sudden this utterly raw song with an incredible Bass line began pouring out of the speakers. Then this nasally voice started to sing: "I get up at seven, yeah, And I go to work at nine, I got no time for livin' Yes, I'm workin' all the time..." I was blown away by the song and I was instantly hooked! Rush as I soon learned was the groups name instantly became my new favorite band and their skinny bass player became my new musical hero... I determined that day; to Hell with the drums. I'm going to become a bassist!
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