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  1. Would anyone happen to have Richard Marx "Now and Forever" as released by PC Plum? It was one of the first songs I tried to learn on tab and would love to have it on Rocksmith.


  2. I found some nice examples https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VNNlkWiXFUvnsrFO4TTDbyYYwEZNOLXX/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OhSZfiEC0blQXSQaojMBjAsFeAYJO8g8/view?usp=sharing But, alas, I could not find any examples of a prebend followed by a bend up. Whats strange is that in the second example there a prebend (two half steps), then a slight dip (to one half step), then back up again. So clearly the game can go from a bent state to a higher bent state, but just not in certain circumstances I presume. I may test in the near future. Or I may read Berneer's guide a
  3. It may well be since Remastered. I made a GP tab from the resulting custom and all the note information (the full complaex bend) is all correct - so it must be something in the game. I'm 100% convinced that would have been allowed in the past. I'll find some time and play some old customs to see if they behave differently now.
  4. Hi, I'll start here but it may well be a DD issue. I've done many complex bends over a few years and there is now a behaviour that is different and strange - I cant get them to appear in game! EoF Notes https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Db5GWTH3ydOcuItDqWH1RTvJ53k07Hv/view?usp=sharing EoF Tech Notes https://drive.google.com/file/d/19iLDKPG--ZMWKWsHDlLBBJmCg9EvHg4a/view?usp=sharing In Game https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jq_7KE3bx0871c2scKTwFMDbYKJeZ9b8/view?usp=sharing Files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1st2hcrgvOhkG6dQCtQo1DLpR89UTWKfs/view?usp=sharing I have t
  5. There are 2 downloads to get EoF working. Do you definitely have them both? Both links are in the original post.
  6. I would disable linknext tech notes then... Apply it to the whole chord or not at all. That makes the most sense to me, unless there are Ubi examples where specific strings need linknext when others do not. I've always found it quite clean to apply linknext to the whole chord and only have one or two slides (unpitched or otherwise) from certain strings afterwards. There was an example of different end fret locations for slides on different strings from the same chord, but that had nothing to do with linknext it was just slide tech notes.
  7. Hi, Rock C has been implemented as 0 1 1 0 2 2 3 3 3 3 whereas it should be 0 1 1 0 2 2 3 4 3 3 Thanks :D
  8. You could also start by using a good GP file of a song you know well. Import it to EoF and see what happens with all the different kinds of notes.
  9. Bit deep for me, but I would like "Rock C" to have a default fingering... 0 1 1 0 2 2 3 4 3 3 Thanks :D
  10. I believe that I am using the lastest EoF (eof1.8RC12 5-3-2017) and I can produce cyan at will: - Load the sample project - Select any beat - Use Push Offset Back (the more times you use POB, the more cyan lines you get) - Resnap chart - Hit undo POB looks to be knocking the notes off slightly, I don't know how much of a problem it is though. My normal workflow would deal with slightly off grid notes, plus I don;t use the highlight non grid snapped notes feature so I don't know how often (or if) notes are going slightly off grid in my own projects.
  11. I can only get cyan consistently after using the Push Offset Back. I cannot generate it, even with your save file, on loading EoF after a save (I re-snap before saving). I am only trying to help. I do have the Note Auto-Adjust setting switched on though, have you tried that?
  12. I have spoken about this issue a long, long time ago, although I did not articulate the problem similarly. I do not have "highlight non-grid snapped notes" option switched on in EoF because I would be looking at cyan graphs almost permanently. It's not the grid moving, it's the notes. It comes because (I think, I am sure raynebc can correct me) of difficult maths i.e. sums that require rounding. For example, you say that it never happens when you double the bpm. Because doubling something is mathematically easy and does not require rounding multiple decimal places. But when you go fr
  13. Indeed, I did actually manage to build a couple of working .psarcs during my testing, but I did not record the order I added the arrangements. The working .psarcs likely had Rhythm as the primary arrangement, as you say. Thanks for having a look :D I should find some time to test further later this evening. ---------------------------- And sorry for hogging the EoF thread with this, I did originally think the problem came from the EoF stage of development. I'll transfer to a Toolkit thread for this in the future.
  14. Well as it happens the problem is coming from (I believe) the stuff I ripped off from your custom of the recorded version :D The bass and vocals play fine, I think there is something in the chords I copied from your custom that is causing the issue. I was thinking FHPs or chord fingering. I was also thinking it may be related to Rocksmith Import because I unpacked your custom and stole the chords basically :D I was testing for ages last night, making many builds and loading the game up to try things out, and I gve up. I was hoping for a descerning eye to cast over the XMLs quickly to se
  15. Double post ftw :) Alas it was not FHP causing my problem. The following project files will show that the arrangements I think are causing the problems do not contain FHPs. Something about the included XMLs are crashing RS https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2oZs0ta32KyZHpGZHltcy0tVEk/view?usp=sharing I just don't know what. I build the custom with bass and vocals and it works. I include Rhythm or Lead and the custom plays the intro music, but as soon as you press "go" it fails and locks the game up. Any help would be great :D EoF v1.8RC12 4/17/2017 Toolkit rstoolkit-
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