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  1. PC Plum's post in Problem with "Cream" was marked as the answer   
    It is against forum rules to post a custom of Sunshine of Your Love because it is an official song from the first game.
    It is a bit unfortunate that the song did not cross over officially to RS14 (Jules by Seth Chapla did not come to RS14 either).
    Just one of those things :(
  2. PC Plum's post in Notes not rolling on created CDLC was marked as the answer   
    I found an install of 2013 Wwise on a backup disc and tried that...  worked perfect :D
    There are working .wem files for you to do your own thing, or a working .psarc that I made with my own tones.
    To me, there is a tonne of work to do on that.  The tabs need fixing (hammer ons and slides) and I would fine tune the audio/tones levels, and maybe try out some alternate tones altogether.
    Sounds pretty nice already though, enjoy :D
    Moral of the story...  find yourself an older version of Wwise.  Many people have done this, read in the Toolkit thread for versions that are compatible with the toolkit (auto conversion) and where to find them.
  3. PC Plum's post in Adding Tones to CDLC ****FAILED**** was marked as the answer   
  4. PC Plum's post in Create custom quickly? was marked as the answer   
    Do not give up, you will be great charter only takes time.  You are good on guitar, this is most important when you make the customs.
    Fuck GoPlayAlong, do it on EOF.  I do all my songs on EoF.  You have very dedicated person (raynebc) who makes EoF and tries to answer all questions.  You get no "official" support from GPA.
    I can also answer EoF questions.
    We need charters who can play guitar and know what charts look like.  You must try harder :D
  5. PC Plum's post in Simple question about ToolKit buttons was marked as the answer   
    Load package is for loading up previous toolkit saves which you have made.
    Import package is for importing entire .psarc files.
  6. PC Plum's post in CAN'T PASTE F*CKING LYRICS INTO Eof ... REALLY? was marked as the answer   
    You cannot copy and paste text into EoF for lyrics, you need to do some stuff first.
    Before I explain please be assured that many people, including myself, have felt your frustration.  It seems like it should be easy and straightforward, but the is some learning to do.
    The reason you cannot just copy and paste words into EoF is because, although EoF wants a .txt file, EoF wants a special type of text file - one with timing information for the words.  EoF needs to know at which point in time to place the word(s).
    So, technically you are importing a text file, with .txt extension and everything, it's just that it's formatted in a certain way with lots of extra info, not just the straight words.
    You can look on songster, but personally I just make them myself.  AFTER SOME PRACTICE it should take not much longer than the length of the song to make them.  Obviously there are other factors, like the quality/accuracy of the lyrics you choose to copy/paste from the internet, the complexity of the spoken words in any song (slow love songs are easier than Snoop Doggy Dogg rapping) and how many mistakes you are willing to let slide.
    I will type out some instructions to get you started.  Be aware though that once the words are into EoF you can manipulate them further.  I choose not to do this, I sync the lyrics a few times until I get a quality of sync I am happy with.  I am not that much of a perfectionist.  Some people do take pride in their lyrical work, and get all syllables spot on.  Not me :D
    To get started you will need Ultrastar Creator.  Go download and install it.  Make sure it's "Creator" you get and not the normal Ultrastar.  You will also need the guitar.ogg from your EoF project and the lyrics.
    Before I start please note (not just for your sake but for anyone reading this) that this is the way I do it, it's not necessarily the way other people do it.
    - Go to Google.  Type "lyrics [artist] [songname]" and hit return
    - AZ Lyrics is normally top, but there are a few sites to get lyrics from
    - Copy the lyrics from the website and paste them into Notepad (all pcs have Notepad).  Leave it handy, maybe snap it to one side of your screen
    - Open Ultrastar Creator and start a new file, load up the guitar.ogg from your EoF project
    - Unless you know the song inside out and know that the lyrics are good, do yourself a favour and play through the song once (just use USC to play it/pause it) and edit the lyrics as you go in Notepad - most internet lyrics are not 100% accurate, there could be repeated choruses, slightly different tenses ("they would" instead of "he would").  Like I said, it depends on how accurate you want to make it.  This part could take 1 min, it could take 30 mins
    - Copy your completed lyrics into the lyrics window of USC
    - Start USC and tap the lyrics in to the timing of the music
    - STOP/START AGAIN/REPEAT until you are happy.  You basically need a clean run all the way through (unless you want to mess with editing later in EoF), and it can be quite nippy.  Do not be frightened to stop and start again.
    - Practice makes perfect, its a skill.  The more songs you do the more you get fluent hitting that mouse button in time with the lyrics.  Some songs are much easier than others.
    - Once happy save the .text file (its auto, at the end of the song USC will ask you to save)
    - Now in EoF use Lyric Import, and point to your USC created .txt file
    - Enjoy :D
    If you open the USC .txt file with Notepad you will see all the extra timing information, and the penny will drop as to why EoF could not just paste in blank words.  It needs to know where (when) to put them.
    Some songs are harder than others.  Don't get too hung up on it, mistakes are fine.  Chances are no one will notice in game as they will be playing guitar charts.
    Have fun :D
  7. PC Plum's post in Help w/ Adjusting Tuning of Bonus Arrangment in EOF was marked as the answer   
    Playing a mandolin part on a guitar is always going to be difficult.  Choosing this as your first custom is going to be even harder :D
    I'm looking at the GP5 of Copperhead Road which I found on UG.  I see that there is also a .gpx version, but I don't have GP6.
    The GP5 version has the mandolin part on standard bass tuning EADG, although it's on a treble clef.  I don't understand why you need to tune it to GDAE, but I've never played mandolin and you could also be using the .gpx tab.
    The tab does look identical to the tabs in your top screen though, the notes in EoF, so I reckon it's good to go on EADG (sounds good when played in GP5 anyway).
    I suggest:
    - Import the .gp5 mandolin track onto a bass track in EoF (this will cause less hassle with turnings and extra strings)
    - In EoF, copy and paste the notes onto a guitar track (it will work fine I've done this many times)
    - Just use E Standard guitar tuning for the arrangement
    Just as a point of note, you might want to roll back the sustain so that the notes' tails in game do not go right up to the next note - its musically accurate but very annoying in game imo.  Quickest way is to, with Grid Snap enabled, hit Ctrl+A then roll the mouse wheel down 2 or 3 times, depending on taste and which grid snap you have on.
    You need to be far more careful doing this with guitar solos etc (where sustain tails are unique to certain notes), but this track looks repetitive enough to just do it once.
    Did you really try to tune your G string up 9 semitones???
    Next time wear safety goggles :lol:
  8. PC Plum's post in Bass tone not working? was marked as the answer   
    You can actually "test" the tone using a guitar.  If you save your desired tone using Tone Editor (while on Bass path) to 2, 3 or 4, then you can engage it during the song even on emulated bass.
    It does not sound perfect, as it's an octave or two too high, but it does let you hear the basic sound of it and can help to gauge loudness levels, distortion levels etc.
  9. PC Plum's post in Custom tone for CDLC was marked as the answer   
    Yes, there is.  In the tutorials sections you will find
    This is by far my favourite method, because you can hear the tones in game and they do sound the same when built.
    Once you import your tone to the toolkit you can +/- dB to make it fit with the audio you have used.  Build it, play it in game and then if it needs changed just come out, remove the version you just played and adjust the volume in the toolkit (you did save the toolkit template right?).  Just generate again with the +/- dB tone and test again until you get it correct.  It will take you 10-20 mins but it will make a massive difference to the quality of your cdlc.
  10. PC Plum's post in Some Help With EoF and Windows 8 was marked as the answer   
    Fresh download and install of EoF on the laptop solved it, thanks guys :D
  11. PC Plum's post in Bass tab doesnt get imported correctly was marked as the answer   
    Once you have anchors down they won't move, which is why when you move the bass one it squeezes closer to the others, because theu are locked in your guitar arrangement.
    What you have descirbed is a very common problem, the easiest way to solve it is to (for future reference) make sure you "begin" a project properly.  The number of times I've invested hours getting to the end of something then discovering a problem near the start...
    For now though it's perfectly fixable but there are some questions...
    - If you're bass is off are you sure the guitar is correct (the gp file would sound like crap if the guitar/bass was out of sync)?
    - Does the first bass note land on a grid line?
    - Does the bass also stop half a measure too early i.e. is the enitre bass track shifted to the left uniformly?
    If the answer is yes to these questions then
    - Go to bass arrangement
    - Hit Ctrl+Home (this will take you to the first note)
    - Hit Ctrl+A (this selects all notes)
    - Hit Ctrl+C (copies)
    - Hit Delete
    - Press PageDown until the green play bar gets to where to you want the bass to go (press PageUp if you go too far)
    - Press Ctrl+V (pastes)
    Enjoy :D
  12. PC Plum's post in How do i create barre chords in eof? was marked as the answer   
    The quickest way I have found to do chords is right click to get a gem (coloured note thing) where you want it, then press F.  This will bring up the chord definition box and you can fill in the numbers you want (and some other things).
    Remember copy and paste will save you heaps of time once you get the first chord defined :D
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