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  1. Guitar tab player features : - DLC support to add new songs - 3D Tab player
  2. Happy Birthday Chlipouni!

  3. Happy Birthday Chlipouni!

  4. @@raynebc, I don't remember if "Import/Lyrics" works with accented characters. If my input lyrics file contains "é", it is not imported correctly in EOF. If I directly type it in EOF, it is correctly displayed. Do I need to use a special encoding setting for my input file ? Thanks
  5. It is mainly about the highlighting of the selected graphical bar in the piano roll area. Thanks
  6. I have no specific preference for the selected bar colour. Just something that highlights them more ...
  7. Some ideas to improve the PART_VOCALS track in EOF : 1) Selection It is difficult to select a lyric's bar in the PART_VOCALS arrangement. The selection works only when the mouse is on the beginning of the bar. Is it possible to allow it on the whole bar area ? 2) Colours Another improvement is about the colour used to identify the selected bar. It is to close to the non-selected ones. Thanks
  8. @@raynebc, The logic seems fine for me. I didn't know what action to use to remove the warning message. Thanks
  9. @@raynebc, I tried the beta release with the following example : EOF - Chords - HandShapes 2 The XML code is : <level difficulty="0"> <notes count="3"> <note time="6.443" string="1" fret="3" sustain="1.088" slideTo="7" /> <note time="6.443" string="2" fret="5" sustain="1.088" slideTo="9" /> <note time="6.443" string="3" fret="5" sustain="1.088" slideTo="9" /> </notes> <chords count="2"> <chord time="5.352" chordId="0" linkNext="1" > <chordNote time="5.352" string="1" fr
  10. @@raynebc, Let's take the following example with two C5 chords : EOF - screenshot I obtain the following XML code : <level difficulty="0"> <notes count="0"/> <chords count="2"> <chord time="5.352" chordId="0" > <chordNote time="5.352" string="1" fret="3" leftHand="1" /> <chordNote time="5.352" string="2" fret="5" leftHand="3" /> <chordNote time="5.352" string="3" fret="5" leftHand="4" /> </chord> <chord time="6.443" chordId="0" highDensity="1" > <c
  11. Hi @@raynebc, I have a request about the automatic handshape management when "linkNext" status is used between two chords. Let's take the following example (XML extract) : <notes> <note time="134.893" string="1" fret="8" sustain="0.208" slideUnpitchTo="7" /> <note time="134.893" string="2" fret="10" sustain="0.208" slideUnpitchTo="9" /> <note time="134.893" string="3" fret="10" sustain="0.208" slideUnpitchTo="9" /> </notes> <chords> <chord time="134.259" chordId="6" linkNext="1" > <chordNote time="134.259" string="1" fret="8" su
  12. Thanks a lot for the new "Beat>Anchor measures" feature ;)
  13. Yes, only the first beat of each measure should have an anchor. For this new function, the process should be : - put an anchor on the first beat of all measures - remove all anchors on secondary beats - redistribute the secondary beats and the notes inside their measure (the same way EOF does when I move the main beat of a measure) For the moment, I do it manually for all measures. As an example, here is the situation after importing the GPA tab : Picture n°1 After managing the anchors : Picture n°2
  14. Hi raynebc, I am using Go PlayAlong 4 to automatically synchronize the tab with the soundtrack. When I import the result in EOF, I have a lot of anchors on the secondary beats and for me it's normal. Is it possible to add a new function in EOF to : - add an anchor on all main beats that don't already have one - remove all anchors on secondary beats (with automatic evenly spaced beats inside the measure) So , in conclusion, I don't want you to modify the current import function, but just adding a new one to clean the anchors on secondary beats. After applying this new functi
  15. Happy Birthday Chlipouni!

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