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  1. The "SharedArrayBuffer" mode is now supported by "Itch.io" (project updated). New Features (24/04/2022) : - New notes and chords recognition system - Less latency in WebGL mode - Fully playable without external tool Test the Demo : - Works only with Chrome and Edge - itch.io demo : Guitar 3D (password required for restricted access : CustomsForge$543210)
  2. Hi, The whole project migrated successfully to Godot 4.0 alpha 6. I just added the chord recognition system and it works pretty well. The "SharedArrayBuffer is not defined" error in the WebGL version, is under investigation. There is no plan for a standalone release quite now. I keep improving this project for my own usage. Thanks
  3. New features (19/06/2021) : - New note recognition system for single notes - Chords are limited to their fundamental note See the last video in the first post.
  4. @randomas, About the viewing angle and the 3d perspective, this should be easy to adjust (camera position and angle). I also have The "SharedArrayBuffer is not defined" error in Firefox. Either a bug in Godot or a limitation in Firefox. WebGL and WebAudio are still in development but I am already impressed with the result.
  5. @coldrampage, Thank you very much for your feedback. 1440x900 : I forgot this for the song selection screen. Does it work correctly for the Guitar Tab Player ? Typo : This DLC requires a typo fix Lyrics : The data contains the start time and duration, so that's more of the way I handle it.
  6. Online demo on itch.io (link in the first post) ...
  7. @randomas, Thanks a lot for the links. I have already don my own investigations and this will be the hardest part to work on.
  8. Thanks to the Godot Engine, it should work on major operating systems. I also have a prototype that works in a web browser. The main limitations will come from the audio input and output latency (especially on android devices). About scored vocals and drums, why not, but not a priority for now.
  9. Hi gafotas, There are commercial Web sites that allow you to download as many audio files as they are tracks inside (for example : www.jamkazam.com). So you can easily mix all audio files and choose which ones to include in the mix. However, the choice is limited and you may have difficulty finding the song you want.
  10. New Features (30/08/2020) : - Audio settings panel - Support for multitracks (several audio files allowed in the DLC) Demo in the first post.
  11. Hi Rod, - The Guitar Pro file format doesn't contain the real timing of notes and chords. So it is not sufficient by itself. - The feature that displays the strumming direction of the chords is on my to-do list. Thanks
  12. New Features (27/07/2020) : - Graphical events fully in sync with the soundtrack - Pause / Resume - Navigate freely in the song in pause mode (go forward and backward, click on phrases) - Guitar and Bass Tabs for 4, 5, 6 and 7 strings Look at the demo in the first post.
  13. Update v3.7 : (14/07/2020) - New specific part in the log file to display the handShapes properties - Fixed bug : HandShapes are not always generated when they contain both single notes and chords
  14. @@bwaredapenguin, I tried to reproduce this specific scheme. No more issue with DDC v3.7. Thanks for reporting this
  15. Hi @@firekorn, First of all, I am working on this project for my own usage and pleasure. It's a way for me to learn how to develop with the amazing Game Engine "Godot". I started at the beginning of this year 2020 and only spent two hours a week. About the data, I'm using my own format (json files) and the main data we use to create CDLCs comes from guitar tabs found on well known websites.
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