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  1. Chlipouni's post in Rocksmit only support 4 tone/arrangement? was marked as the answer   
      Just a little more precision :
      The number of different tones is limited to 4, but you can switch between them as many time as you want (the same tone can be reused many times)...
  2. Chlipouni's post in Issue with CDLC Riff Repeater was marked as the answer   
    So, your issue is due to the "seek table granularity" which needs to be set with the value "16384" ("Vorbis Encoder Parameters" dialog box).
    Did you define this value for your CDLCs ?
  3. Chlipouni's post in Linknext Troubles was marked as the answer   
    DDC v2.6 is available ...
  4. Chlipouni's post in DD Causing Empty Chord Panes was marked as the answer   
    Are there any warnings in the DDC log file ?
    You may have an inconsistency between chords and handshapes.
    Can you share the XML file generated by EOF ?
  5. Chlipouni's post in Package Generated With Errors was marked as the answer   
    Open the song in EOF and use the action [beats][All Events] in the main menu.
    Then you can select the events and use the "Delete" button.
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