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Issue with CDLC Riff Repeater



I've made a few custom dlc so far but all have had the same issue. Riff Repeater does not work, I have split the songs into sections as described by this tutorial:




but when I go into the riff repeater and select one of those sections, nothing happens. The song does not play and the notes do not show up. 


Any ideas?


Edit: I just want to say that the songs are fully functional when not using riff repeater.

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- Load up project in EOF


- Re-snap notes


- Save


- Re-build custom




To re-snap notes


- Make sure Grid Snap is on (Edit>Grid Snap>1/48)


- Press CTRL+A to select all notes


- Press CTRL+Shift+R



You may get messages if notes are too close together.  They will need fixed on a per note basis, but this is unlikely unless you have fast masterclass solos.




Not guaranteed to work, but worth a shot.  Let us know how you get on.

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I tried that and I recreated all my sections and made sure that they all started on a note. It seems that now the notes appear when you go into riff repeater but the song still doesn't play and the notes don't scroll. There were also two sections in the middle of the song that were unselectable before but are now selectable. So this did fix one issue, but it still doesn't work.


I'm willing to provide any information you might need to fix this problem.

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Yeah, I've never had any issues with other people's custom dlc or using riff repeater on their work. My custom songs play and function fine, its just that riff repeater doesn't seem to work. I figure there's got to be something I'm doing wrong, I'm just not sure what it is.

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  I have checked your CDLC : "Atom and Evil".


  The following properties may be causing the issue in RR :

  - the first measure starts at time "2.000"

  - the first phrase "intro" starts at the same time position

  - EOF cannot generate the "COUNT" phrase because the "intro" phrase already exists on the first beat of the first measure.


 You should try to use [beat][Reset Offset to Zero] in EOF to :

  - add a new measure at time "0.000"

  - let EOF generate the "COUNT" phrase


 Save the project and check the XML file to be sure that it contains the "COUNT" phrase.

 Pack the CDLC again with the new XML files, and try it in RS2014.


Hope that solves your issues ...

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Unfortunately, it didn't solve my issue. Although, I think there are other problems with the way I separated the sections in that custom. I'm sorry, but I should have stated this before but the custom that I'm currently looking at is "Eating the Cannibals" and I have 2 other songs that behave the exact same way. I'm not sure why but "Atom & Evil" mostly works while the others don't at all. However, I did try resetting the beat offset to 0 for eating the cannibals as well but with no luck. I did check the XML files and it does contain the "COUNT" phrase.


So right now, I'm trying to get "Eating the Cannibals" to work, so I can repeat whatever fixes it to the others.

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