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  1. Happy Birthday Gryphonboy!

  2. It is a uplay game. It has uplay achievements and logs in to a uplay account every time you use it. Why would th eofficial Rocksmith blog advertise this and state this if it wasn't true?
  3. It literally says they will have access to DLC through this in the ad "Subscribe to get access to the most premium edition of Rocksmith 2014 including DLCs, expansions, and automatic updates*."
  4. I'm sure this is great news for a lot of people who were asking for this for a while, and this probably will be a new separate uplay version of Rocksmith with dlcs, but I am a bit worried that they will patch in some online check for owned dlcs/subscriptions to Steam version as well (to allow downloading dlcs on steam if you have uplay+, or separate rocksmith dlc subscription for steam since they probably now have a license for that) that would stop all cdlcs from working. I would be very surprised if they don't DRM this up to the hilt. Otherwise what's to stop someone with a steam install g
  5. I'm having this issue too. I had just installed Rocksmith on a new PC though so I assumed it was something to do with my new hardware configuration
  6. Happy Birthday Gryphonboy!

  7. Technically it doesn't really matter as long as you are playing the chords at the correct tempo. Some guitarists it's quite straightforward ie. James Hetfield is all about downstrokes, but generally it's all about what feels comfortable to you as a musician.
  8. Rocksmith shows repeat chords as a solid white bar. So it'll show you the first chord in the normal colour coded way, and if the chord is repeated or strummed it will then show the following strums as those white bars. It will repeat the chord pattern in the normal colour coded way every barr or subsequent chord change.
  9. Hey folks, I'm thinking of doing a livestream of rock/heavy metal classical music covers and would love to get some suggestions for CDLC tracks to use. I need about 15 - 20 tracks. I already have the Bachsmith collections, but they're not really what I'm after. I'm thinking more along the lines of Trans Siberian Orchestra and Wolf Hoffman type stuff. Please let me know of any good charts you can think of Thanks.
  10. Sounds like a very effective setup. Good job.
  11. I am almost always reading the chart. I play so many random songs that I've never heard or played before that being able to read the chart is very important.
  12. I have been live streaming Rocksmith 2014 on twitch for over a year now and it has been an awesome ride. I've had an absolute blast doing it and plan to continue doing for as long as my guitar works. That being said, I've learned an awful lot about the process of streaming and putting on a 'show', that I feel it would possibly be beneficial to share this knowledge and put together a guide to Rocksmith broadcasting. This is in no way a hard and fast rulebook to Rocksmith streaming. It's just a guide and as such I expect it to evolve and adapt as I continue streaming. Any feedback (positive or
  13. Weirdly enough it can vary from time to time. When I'm streaming people request tracks I don't have so I go off and grab them then load them into the game. Sometimes the track is already loaded by the time I've scrolled through the list to get to it. Other times I might have to wait upwards of 30 secs or more. It's never been really bad though.
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