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  1. Happy Birthday TimeIsFading!

  2. Happy Birthday TimeIsFading!

  3. Happy Birthday TimeIsFading!

  4. Happy Birthday TimeIsFading!

  5. Happy Birthday TimeIsFading!

  6. Fantastic work on the Toolkit cozy1 and Alex360! I haven't been around much to see all the progress, but it looks really good. Any idea if there will an official release build posted? When fabianosan posted it, it was on Apr 19, 2014. I imagine a lot of newcomers are using that super old toolkit build. Thanks again for all your work! :)
  7. Happy Birthday TimeIsFading!

  8. Nope I'm using Windows 8.1 64bit. It's weird because that's not my IP and not even the NIC adapter I'm using. That's an old USB one I used a while back. I'm using the built in one in my Dell laptop. Looks like you've made some excellent software here, but why block IP or mac addresses? Thanks This is my IP right now: http://www.iplocation.net/images/tools/HD1.gif IP Address: Host Name: Host Location: Rochester, NY United States [more] and this is my NIC adapter: http://s23.po
  9. Same problem here. Why does my MAC address matter for using this program? http://s18.postimg.org/tjabcqkd5/CGT_Error.png
  10. Great work guys as always! I'm just wondering when the Latest release build - (rev 4174fc7b) finally change to the current test build as "Latest release build"? I bet a lot of newer people are still using that was put out way back on Apr 19, 2014. A lot has changed since then.
  11. Yeah agreed, I want to access my whole library. It would be more annoying to move my customs in and out of the dlc folder every time. This is how I have my psarc files laid out in subfolders: http://i58.tinypic.com/10ifqlk.png Since you have an SSD drive too, what load time do you have?
  12. Hey everyone, I've had an issue for a while doesn't seem to be looked at much at all around here, but should be for everyones sake. As we all know when we load Rocksmith 2014 we get the message "enumerating downloaded content" up in the top right hand corner by the guitar type icon. If you go into the song list before it goes away you'll notice that the songs are still populating on the full song list. If you don't see this message then you don't have much DLC or customs downloaded. As time goes on this takes longer because I get more official DLC and custom songs. Currently it takes about
  13. Thanks for the info Shinyditto. Do you know what was causing EOF to lag for you? I think I remember EOF lagging for me a long time ago when I tried it on an old computer.
  14. Happy 1st year everyone! It's just been amazing how far this site has came since it had replaced SmithyAnvil. http://numerico.altervista.org/MPRaccoltaPNG/MPpngMusica/74%20Musica_Prv.png
  15. Use the latest Toolkit build from here http://www.rscustom.net/builds/latest_test.zip and if for some reason your AV picks it up, then disable your AV real time protection and add the extracted folder to the AV ignore/exception list. There is nothing dangerous about the newer Toolkit versions. The AV is a false positive and the same thing happens with keygen programs.
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