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  1. Ok so i need some quick advice, im looking into getting another guitar cause I've been playing rocksmith for 2 going on 3 years with the epiphone junior model that came with the 200$ bundle, which is fine for practice but im to the point where i feel i could probably do better with a better guitar, so I've got some deals I've found a brand new dbz Barchetta rx-fr-r6 for 350$ used less than an hour dbz BARRX-R1 for 300$ or the Ibanez js100 that is used for idk how long and the back plate is missing for 315$ i dont have access to try any of them out, was hoping to have one with a fairly thin neck kinda like the guitar i got now thanks for input in advance!!!
  2. Thanks for this! i got it to work on my pc no probs! does anybody know if there is a setting for a Suround sound headset? it throws an error when i try to use my skullcandy headset
  3. Been practicing my butt off! but i'm a little more happy with this score http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/30644542014-08-06_00002.jpg
  4. well second one http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/23425342014-08-05_00003.jpg
  5. well, cant say Im to thrilled with it but its an ok starter score, http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/33400782014-08-03_00001.jpg
  6. i used to have the same problem back when i first started playing, when playing drop D make sure your relaxed and which if your struggling can be very hard stay relaxed but it doesn't take much pressure, i've found if your pressing to hard its easy to bend the note withought noticing and then rocksmith notices it when your muting, you'll get used to it with practice ;)
  7. =o are creeping???! Lol naw its cool and as promised here's my next score, figured id hit this one good being its my last week in int http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/34864662014-07-22_00005.jpg
  8. Its a trap!!!!! Lol, I wouldn't mind to much, it would encourage me to be a better player even i don't win any in MC
  9. Well After seeing Motive's crazy score my Competitive side got the best of me, Second Submission! i see alot of nice scores out there! http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/56056132014-07-22_00003.jpg
  10. Well here's my first submission for the Int Lead. think it wasn't to bad. http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/61268882014-07-20_00004.jpg
  11. =( they are all sold out except the really ugly yellow thing,,,, was 3 an hour ago put money in the bank and now they are all gone I supposed i'll just stick with my Epiphone Junior model = do you think they will restock?
  12. 6th time trying, I could see this song giving people a hard time,,, at least for lead Good Luck Guys! :) http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/19276352014-06-28_00005.jpg
  13. Alright a Lil Update To my Entry ;) http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/70441452014-06-26_00016.jpg
  14. Hello All! this is my first time and i was kinda unsure on the part if i would be able to go to intermediate or if i had to be in the Easy class and works my way up, so i just did em both, use whatever one i have to use according to the rules,,,, was fun playing =D http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/thumb_24173362014-06-26_00009.jpg http://s1.bild.me/bilder/060112/thumb_31985972014-06-26_00012.jpg Edit: I'll just use my intermediate Score since i think thats probably my class,,,, Thanks @ for the info,
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