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  1. The blue highlight indicate what will be included in a "line" in Rocksmith. You can edit that highlight by selecting the words you want in a single line and pressing ctrl+M.
  2. Activity in comment have somewhat picked up. In regards to critcism, it's harder to get people to comment like that because most wouldn't even be able to tell what is a problem or not so that's why there isn't all that many doing it. That's also a complicated thing, to educate even random user on what is good and bad in a CDLC isn't an easy job. That's the ideal goal but it's work and time. A lot of those things aren't that we don't want them, we really do want to integrate those things. It's just not that easy to do. If you have any idea to improve it, please share
  3. It's hard to incentivize random user to interact with charter, we try things but it's also development time that isn't freely available. It's definitely not perfect, as it is there's about 1 comment every 100 download or so on average. It's not all that bad but it's not particularly impressive either. I'd disagree that the community is dry, the discord is plenty active and there's tons of answer there for any kind of questions. The forum has some decent activity in some area but it's also a forum which doesn't make it great for a fair bit of stuff and Ignition is still being worked on to
  4. I'd agree but the amount of people that take the time to do the work are low so I do what i can in the meantime. I'd disagree it's perfect. It's probably the best we've got and it covers a fair bit of ground but i'm sure there's area that are lacking even in the basics and I'm sure there issue that are still in there that wouldn't be all that hard to fix either. It's not unfair to ask, what would be unfair is to expect me to do everything on the spot as soon as it is asked There's a lot of different things that gets into that. Firstly, i'm the most knowledgeable in the te
  5. I have a whole area to give feedback for that tutorial and ............ It's not used. I'm easily reachable but my time to spend on a tutorial that nobody care to help with is just not all that great and motivation when people just ignore it is just not there. I'm easily reachable, if anyone wants to help, i'd be more than happy. I have 0 people do that over 3 years. There's little update because there is little change and at one point, i just don't have either the time or motivation and creating video is even more complicated and time consuming. As always, if anyone wants to do t
  6. That sounds like you have a controller that RS sees and interpret his input as a command. You might need to unplug other controller like steering wheel from your computer.
  7. The author wanted his work to be deleted for his own reason. He do not want his work to be re-hosted as far as i'm aware.
  8. You can post it with credit to the original. As long as you did try to contact him and make it clear what part of his work you used, we have no issue with it.
  9. I think it's a RS_Mods bug, you probably want to check in that tool.
  10. We do not support piracy, official DLC should be bought to be played, we do not offer free download for those. The number of download is just the number of click on the link, nothing more. Link that goes to TheRiffRepeater to give you information and subsequent link to buy the song on your platform.
  11. Well, i don't see why you even use Shift+click in the first place if you want to select a single syllable to begin with. Sure there might be an issue if there's no current selection and you press shift+click but there's also 0 reason to do so.
  12. shift+click will do mass select if you have already something selected like how you can do it with text editor.
  13. We do not support piracy which is what getting ODLC and transfering them on a cracked PS3 would be. All the DLC you own on PS3 should still work, you just won't be able to acquire new one on that platform. All DLC you already own on PS3 will carry forward on the PS4 version though.
  14. There is a beta version of the game currently available that include a fix for missing songs : https://steamcommunity.com/app/221680/discussions/0/4576192906980935524/ The patch will need to be re-applied as always.
  15. Added a few new ones for even more diversity.
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