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  1. @SrMouraSilva That's not the question though. A relative part of it that makes sharing code problematic is that we don't want people to create scrapping both without us knowing and our consent about it. This decision is caused by a few factor. And yes, the code is already in a private git repo. The problem is about opening it to the broad public.
  2. @@RedCrowBleeding No cable works perfectly fine for quite a few people and there's also the microphone mode that works too.
  3. @@yaniv800 We are aware of what is lacking in our current search system. Yes, it's far from perfect and lacks some option but it's also a free tool made on people freetime, it can't have everything and we have to make choice as to what is the priority. The next version of ignition will surely cover some of your complaint and won't on others. We do with what we have and what we think is the best approach for as many people as possible. We have constant discussion on our staff chat about the issue you are raising. Our problem is the mean to make it all happen and few user have the potential to
  4. Happy Birthday firekorn!

  5. @@TehAlex Except that it wasn't required to do a direct traduction. It's just the greek alphabet that was used over english word.
  6. Happy Birthday firekorn!

  7. @@pacovalencia when did you downloaded RS? if it's after the 2nd of may the update was included in your download.
  8. @@okewlie Mac users should only need to re-apply the patch.
  9. @@dehy I would still suggest to get the new one as it will be more robust in case other patches are deployed by Ubisoft (which will happen at one point).
  10. The dll has been updated for this new update and we also took action to make sure it wouldn't break on any futur update made to the game but it's not a 100% guarantee. The updated dll can be found here : http://customsforge.com/topic/901-how-to-use-custom-dlcs-in-rs2014/ And will be available via CFSM too. Regarding the issue with the update outside of CDLC, this was not an update that was ready to be shipped to the public and was published due to internal mistake in the studio. Any major issue that came with it aren't due to a lack of QA or something they had intent to create on a released
  11. @@Alex360 but that's the thing, for creating market you need to have value to exchange, something that would make any legal issue regarding fair use even worse. The idea isn't bad in itself just hardly doable in our exact situation without being a legal nightmare. As for anything that requires collaboration i think it's also partially due to what CDLC are, it is a tab, it's a very personnal take on a music piece, it's hard to work in cooperation with other people (even the notetrackers at Ubisoft are just one guy per song and the only thing that is done by another guy are the tones and it's
  12. @@Alex360 so a request list? :D More seriously though, i've done CDLC on request on occasion and i don't mind doing it if the request is ask nicely and with enough information so that i don't spend hours just getting everything together. And of course if i actually like the song. But not everyone wants to openly set a target on their back either and it's more flattering to have people reach you for the work you do instead of justing picking on a list of random names so i don't thing setting up such a system would actually work properly. On another end, if someone wants to create and mana
  13. @@Cyberion By PM charter that you think will be willing to do this. Note that the success of this method heavily depends on the research one will do before asking any random charter, the more info you provide, the more willing you are to help and of course finding someone that is likely to actually like the song are important factor.
  14. @@PartWaysAndKillAll Read the post just above yours then...
  15. @@SadisticStrike 1) the issue wasn't the no-one checked it (though i doubt many actually did), it's that it wasn't uptodate at all or even automated to inform anyone that a request have been completed. It was kinda like shouting at a wall and expecting an answer... 2) People are still going to make CDLC, request have nothing to do with creation. In fact it's pretty rare to have people create a CDLC based solely on request. As for a new request feature, it's likely to happen at one point in time but there's far more important work to be done before we can dive into a new request system.
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