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  1. Might have to do with some linknext status? Hard to say without having any screenshot or even the project to look at directly.
  2. @JamesPrestonUKIt should be fixed now.
  3. It's new because that's how Youtube link should be for embed to work so that everyone can preview the song easily.
  4. Make sure the link you have into the field is indeed in that format, the error is pretty explicit about what it should be.
  5. I'm really unsure about what kind of step you are going through at this point. Is the toolkit saying that you need Rocksmith?
  6. What did you tried to do? What is in the log? Just saying "WTF" doesn't help with solving the issue.
  7. You need to unpack a psarc with the toolkit to get the xml file to import into EOF.
  8. Care to detail when and where do you have issue with going back/forward? There's a lot of different thing going on and it's not easy to make sure all cases work as user expect them to.
  9. Any new upload should have DD, any song older than the remastered update will be handled on a case by case basis, so if it doesn't have DD, report it and we'll manage it so that this filter should never be needed ever again.
  10. Note that you need to fill in both the year as well as the duration for the edit to work (author note is also a required field now) so make sure everything is properly added and in the right format or it'll refuse to edit the record.
  11. @HuEvCli've partially edited the record already and it went through, could you try to finish to edit it as you wish and see if you still have issue?
  12. @@jstma the biggest undesirable effet of having sustain everywhere is that it makes reading it messire as you have more clutter on the screen that doesn't actually indicate vital information for the readability and playability of the song. It won't crash or anything and like any rule like this, they are exception that are worth doing. It's up to you and to see how it looks and play to know what's best but that option is there because 99% of the time, that's how it is usually done so someone used to official content will be used to that.
  13. It is set by default because that's how all official DLC are by default too, that's the general rule to apply in regards to sustain on single note.
  14. @@RedCrowBleeding No cable works perfectly fine for quite a few people and there's also the microphone mode that works too.
  15. @@eaterofpiss If you don't know how to create a CDLC to begin with, making adjustment is even more difficult and cumbersome to do. You need to unpack a psarc to find importable xml for EOF to work with but even then, a lot of things will have to worked with to make sure everything work as intended for you.
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