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Community Answers

  1. There's 0 reason those songs stopped working unless you are pirating some of those songs. Any song bought still works perfectly fine and have never been impacted by the delisting.
  2. No advantage, it just takes space on your hard drive.
  3. All version of the game uses steam and will be updated to the remastered so you'll necessary have the right version if you own the game.
  4. Thing is, there's no obvious fix for a RTC not being detected and it requires far more info to give any kind of answer to that.
  5. Does it work without any mod at all? (no cdlc dll, no rs asio, no rs mods)
  6. You just notate chord like you normally would in GP. Only thing that don't transfer over well is arpeggios (held chord shape) as RS uses its own kind of thing that GP has no proper equivalent for.
  7. Heyoo salut à toi saurait tu ou je peux trouver le premier album de korn en cdlc ?

    Je cherche "Lies" en particulier


  8. Considering your dll is the wrong size, i'd guess you have an old/wrong one. You can find the correct one here : https://ignition4.customsforge.com/tools/CDLCEnabler
  9. You don't need to use the beta version on Mac for the Bypass to work.
  10. No. We haven't allowed delisted songs to be made as CDLC since RS2014 release that has seen the delisting of 5 songs. We have no reason to change that rule at the moment.
  11. Have you made sure to update all the mods you were using? With the recent RS2014 update, the dll for cdlc as well as RS_Mods and RS_Asio had update that are necessary to do if you want the game to work with the update.
  12. There's no name, just the ID of arrangement you've played which you can't easily (or at all) tie back to an actual song name.
  13. They are indeed missing section. Adding DD will also add section but the way they will be placed will be far from ideal as it'll be totally arbitrary.
  14. If I interpret your description correctly, it just means there's no dynamic difficulty (something that is against our rule for any CDLC posted after 2017) and that can be added by CFSM.
  15. We do not ban people based on request. People that are being banned here and from RSPlaylist were caught using pirated content of official DLC which is against our rule and against RSPlaylist rules. It has nothing to do with the request thread at all.
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