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Community Answers

  1. That seems like an error in regards to the audio file in the original psarc. Not much else to work from with those error.
  2. FHP (Fret Hand Position or anchor) do show which finger to use for individual note, it is the whole purpose of that system to begin with and defining those properly will heavily reduce the cases where FHP somewhat fail to give that information.
  3. Which would still require the user to go through all those page one by one so it wouldn't save tons of time. Could it be better than how it currently is? Possibly. Is it a priority for us? Not currently.
  4. You should still be able to allow the file when the warning pop up. It might be a few days before we can settle a few things with different AV at this point considering the holidays. Sorry for that.
  5. @ Fokkonius which AV are you using? A new version of the installer has been deployed today which should only trigger MalwareBytes AV (and about 5 others far less common AV). Sadly not all AV allow for an easy process to get our file to be verified as safe by their system but we are trying to get as many as we can.
  6. @ Nick Beat i'd prefer to avoid to expose a user NAS to our whole user base, be it for general bandwidth or just security sake. So far Google seems to prefer to ignore the false positive and just block everything. There's not much we can do beside that as i've already requested the problem to be reviewed but seen no action from Google so far. In any case, the installer is there and works perfectly fine and is hosted on our server anyway. The code is available for people to see if they care to check for potential threat. As for someone preferring the beta, it makes 0 sense, the only difference is in the news section in the game, everything else is strictly the same which is unimpactful for any user.
  7. @ deathbydoughnut8 or you could just not use the beta as it hasn't been necessary since November 2022.
  8. It isn't needed anymore with the new dll (which is embedded in the CDLC installer).
  9. Any DLC made before 2016 might have the "100% mastery bug". CFSM can fix it through the repair option.
  10. I've updated the first post with a direct link to the dll itself just in case.
  11. As far as i'm aware, there's nothing happening on that front that is serious, there has been talk about it though. CDLC will need to have their ID changed for any "newcomer".
  12. It's not a W10 or W11 issue but RS simply does not support CPU with 32 thread or more (be it from the 13th or 14th gen intel or any AMD CPU with that many thread). It's mostly an issue for very modern gaming PC as the CPU with that many thread are still relatively rare but a fix for this is embedded in a version of the CDLC dll which can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g-qJPzmDheesMSp3FeUHbY3ytdOcIpxt&usp=drive_fs
  13. If you export the song from your library, you'll have an xml file you can import into EOF.
  14. DLC are not transferable to any platform. On top of that PS3 have its store now closed so none of the DLC can be purchased on that platform anymore, only PS4 still have a working store but that leave the user without CDLC.
  15. Don't use the toolkit, switch to the DLC Builder and it'll make your life easier.
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