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  1. mm with fretted stingray this time. did you know that's me singing in the background?
  2. so cool to see anther Sparton song here again. Actually I play this and some others with my new fretless bass. It's pure fun, and in Rocksmith it is a big intonation challenge for me. I recorded a playthrough with the fretless, don't care about scores and it's nicer to watch in learn a song. I also will try the master mode later. I recommend to start the song with fingers, and for the second part continue with a pick.
  3. hi, good news before the open air saison starts I have completed the 6th cdlc of our album, and it's great: Eismaschine, go for it Finished SpArTon cdlcs are: Herzlich willkommen Verwirrklichung Rette mich 2 Tage von 7 So schön Eismaschine You can find them all with Ignition still missing CDLCs are: Amboss offenes Buch Ruhe vor dem Sturm if they are also done, we have to record the next album lol
  4. I couldn't resist, so I played some yesterday as a good warm up I started with Dimensions on guitar, but I earned lot of random misses. Very nice riffs next was To Be With You, I had to fresh up the solo in RR of course Bass time, Body Bag, fun song to play with bass and of course Rette Mich, but wtf... this is really hard in RS better to play the MM, maybe I had too many beers in the end
  5. Wow, happy 10th anniversary. Very nice collection of cdlcs. I realy like to play some of them, hope I find some time. I am very proud one of the Sparton Songs is in, very cool.
  6. i love playing this. For the bass I recommend to pluck the intro/interlude and also those octave parts with thumb and index. This song needs stamina, it's the one I once had a cramp live... . The sustains I only add if it is necessary for the music, and here it is at the intro/interlude. Otherwise it would sound crappy.
  7. Happy new year to all. Here comes a video from our last gig. At 25.12. we supported the Lennons on their yearly Christmas Pogo. We recorded the whole Sparton gig with go pros and audio, and here it is SPARTON
  8. nice to see Rudolph again merry Christmas to you all here is a shot from yesterday with Sparton at the Christmas Pogo supporting the Lennons
  9. Great, that's rehearsal at home. But first I had to unlock the MM. About one week ago on Saturday we played this song at the Shortplay Festival, only 3 songs each band. 10 Bands played. Our 3 Songs were So schön, Eismaschine and Milch & Honig. That was great on a nice stage with great audience.
  10. Sorry, no online Shop yet. But we have T-Shirts in white, black, yellow and green with this superhero logo. Also we have CDs, plecs and sticker. It's the Shirt Rodman wears in this pic. You can get all stuff at our concerts. Bud I don't think we are playing in your area next time, so if you like send me a message and I can send it to you, or we can get in contact via our website or facebook.
  11. Sorry, I forgot yesterday night to upload the new version. Anyway, Rette mich V1.1 is available now. No changes but a new and louder basstone. I tested this time with 2 different passive basses, Ibanez Talman and Fender Jaguar. The version before I checked with an active Stingray, which has a higher output. Good hearable now.
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