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  1. Yes, they should still be available. There are 8 different tracks, all also as multitracks with always 3 paths l/r/b. The skill-level is also increasing, for rhythm guitar anyway. I hope it helps.
  2. Ladys and Gentlemen, I like to invite you all to our Concert on Saturday 28th November 2020. We're allowed to play this concert without real audience via Livestream, the first live gig we play after 9 months. It should start at 6 pm UTC+1 Sparton live  at HDJ
  3. heyho, I'm still there, Rocksmith is still working :lol: and the first time I played some RS with my Stingray
  4. @@Timsaweasel, that's a way like Berneer sayd. Or just get it here hmm, I think it sounds a little bit muffled, maybe I should do a remix
  5. Hey, great to see you playing my brandnew cdlc, hope you enjoy it. Actually I have no time for RS, cause 've joned a new band a few weeks ago. Had to workout their songs from scratch and practicsed a few hours every day. Yesterday we had a great gig, finally back on stage, so great. But still a lot of work to do. Also I am very happy with my new Stingray bass. Keep on rockin'
  6. Hey Classic Rock Guys I made another Classic Rock custom AC/DC - You shook me all night long already uploaded
  7. Yes, now it woks again, thank you. What was wong?
  8. that could be the result of a backup they used cause any site issues. But you can edit your records and write comments to others I guess.
  9. Looks like an account problem then. (Well not necessarily account, I think you get my point) I assume you have contacted an admin, to have a look? I did now. Didn't know that it's only me and not ignition.
  10. same problem on pc, tablet and also phone and laptop.
  11. even tried to change my name back. That also didn't help. So I don't have permission for my own customs and cannot post comments to others ignitionwise :thumbsdown:
  12. I'm using chrome since years, and this problem appeared any months ago. Now I tried fire fox with the same result, sorry, you don't have permission for that. It is definitely not the browser.
  13. ignition doesn't work right for me since months. I cannot edit my own records nor give comments to others. So no updates are possible, that's crap. I already started a topic about that months ago, but no replies. Now this topic is gone? Or am I just stupid to find it? Have anyone the same problem, or is it just like blocked for me? I tried editing again today with the result "no permission for that". I have a feeling just wasting time on this site... I guess I need to take all my links off
  14. I have some nice dead links in my signature. Find out which one is alive

  15. I have some nice dead links in my signature. Try to find out which of them is working.

  16. happy anniversary for 300 weeks, that's amazing. Thx to all participants Rock on!
  17. @@Rodman, fonk the bass I'd rate depending the technic its played. this was with fingers, very bad note recognition, my rating if slap is 8-9 and this one with cheating plec, better recognition and easier, 7-8
  18. @@Rodman no wonder, you caught me with your good taste. I'll play the fonk bass again, hope I can find the time.
  19. very great idea. I'm corious about it.
  20. never heard about that. I guess it's the OS, anyway no problems with Win7. I'd like to think you're using the right versions for the systems.
  21. "aba haidschi"...... I would say "Gesundheit" höhöh, wrong time shot
  22. Merry Xmas everyone I doubt that I'd have the time to play this week, maybe so here are some scores from testing session and as things turned out testing all paths was really necessary. In bass path first there was a row of 4 notes one fret too low. After testing again every note was C, very easy to play :lol: but no way of course I've tested the Haidschibumbaidschi as well, but no screenies
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