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  1. Loving these! A few new metalcore videos you might enjoy or want to turn into cdlc
  2. THE NEW ALBUM FROM WHILE SHE SLEEPS. Funded directly from the fans to the band. Watch our story on the video below. After 10 years of dealing with the ups and downs of the music industry we have decided to continue our journey independently and self release our third full length album, available now for pre-order on PledgeMusic. All money raised goes directly towards funding the the new album, artwork, music videos, touring and everything that keeps our band alive. As well as being able to order the album on a range of formats, you’ll also have access to exclusive merchandise, including one-off items made by us at the Sleeps HQ in Sheffield. Anyone who pre-orders an item will receive an Access Pass & special updates from the band during the recording process and over the course of the coming months watch the music & artwork come to life solely because of your support. Tour Documentary
  3. im kinda jack of all, master of none. punk, rock, metal, anything with a bit of umpf! :D \m/ (>.<) \m/
  4. http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/the_10_best_albums_you_probably_didnt_hear_in_2015
  5. yeah really want to learn more of this music but struggle to get tabs :( cant find any tabs for we came as romans new stuff but theres a few for while she sleeps on songsterr. :D
  6. Check out this awesome collaboration of bands, would be nice to get some more cdlc of these bands
  7. Check out my cdlc requests to see if theres any song you want to do, thanks

    1. HeavyMetalero90


      Maybe Accept?,i making the discography :)

  8. awesome thanks for sharing :) i emailed him a bit ago but no reply :huh:
  9. use ignition search and post on the respective song record pages any feedback/issues you've found. i tried that 1st, no reply
  10. anybody out there got the links for Bones exposed and You`re not alone by of mice and men? also Second and sebring is out of sync if anyones willing to fix it?
  11. noticed these 3 song are slightly out of sync. airbourne - whats eating you, Killswitch engage - i would do anything, Killswitch engage - a tribute to the fallen
  12. 2 x tickets and on site accommodation for 2 £200! :) 13 - 16 November. cost me £300 just for the accommodation then tickets on top of that! but am unable to go :( Get in touch if your interested
  13. Im not to clued up on guitar knowledge (just teach myself and pick up stuff along the way) and im still working on my 1st cdlc but is it not possible to add measures (think there called that) to EOF, would this not make it easier?
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