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  1. A couple of years ago I switched to tonelib jam and used it exclusively for over a year, mostly because of vst host functionality. I didn't like that if you want automate tone changes you need to use built-in FX and there is no way to auto-change VST plugins. Switched back when I got audio interface that allowed me to easily run VST alongside Rocksmith. And because TLJam pretty much still has same bugs that were there in 2019, I mostly use it as cdlc previewer. Have you tried adjusting midi tone delay in settings(F10)? I personally like using eof midi playback => VSTi guitar
  2. I also tried to edit a record with everything filled (other than mac download and playthrough video) and got "Please fix errors and submit again" with no errors highlighted.
  3. http://ignition.customsforge.com/cfsm/wwise
  4. Ubisoft announced that even new Trackmania game is going to be a subscription service with $10 and $30 a year tiers, available on the Epic store and Uplay. Now instead of wondering if the "Future of Music Learning" will be a subscription service I wonder if there is even a chance that we will be able to play already purchased Steam dlcs.
  5. It would be awesome, If it could read *.eof files directly.
  6. All DMCA takedown requests are public and staying up forever though https://github.com/github/dmca/search?q=rocksmith&unscoped_q=rocksmith
  7. Are there any examples of this other than that one project from 2016? I thought that Ubisoft gave up after they lost their lawsuit against Yousican. Tonelib Jam is almost completely using rocksmith interface, colors and files and nothing happened for more than a year. And there is nothing wrong with using other program files as long as you are not using any stolen code and format was reverse engineered, that's how console emulators exist and how everyone is using gp5 files.
  8. Yep, 0 not even valid value for the mix, it starts form 1. I played with multipitch pedal one time and it was ~4years ago :)
  9. 1. Pre pedal multipitch (mix = 0 100) 2. A - 7 half steps lower from E ( pitch = -7.00)
  10. Oh, yeah. I wanted to ask this for a long time. Is there a reason why ctrl+click deselection working so unreliably for me? I've tried to be very careful to not move mouse while I'm clicking; clicking on top, bottom, left, right and tail; holding mouse for longer and shorter time, but it really feels like eof just rolling some random numbers to check whether deselection was successful or not.
  11. You have two options 1. Use Go playalong 2. Sync manually There are some tutorials on how to do this and because I really liked this song Here is how you do this (I've already listened to the song couple of times and looked at the tab, so it may look a lot easier than it is.)
  12. Only same timestamp matters no need to have same fret value chords 99% of time will have same value anywayfor single note auto inc/dec wouldn't work mostly in cases where you probably should use ctrl+(F)1-9 anywaywould work perfectly when you want to edit long selection of notes (like move up/down to a different string) I don't know. I would want them both on, so it would work for me.
  13. I sometimes wish that if you selected notes/chords and there are FHPs at exactly same position, those would also be inc/dec automatically. Would this be an easy thing to do? I think this could be tied to the same preference.
  14. Performance is bad in 6-12-2019, especially if you have ~3k notes on track. Scrolling back and forward my framerate goes from 100 in the beginning to 30 at five minutes into the song. Even after changing eof window size to 640x480 still only 40 fps.
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