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  1. Hey, after the new patch I thought I might be able to use my Bandfuse cable finally in RS as a second cable for Multiplayer. I tried using it in microphone mode but volume was completely 100% all the time althougit was set to 17% in Wondows. Looks like it doesnt work in microphone mode. Is there a know way to use it along with the new patch or some kind of no cable fix?
  2. Hey got new strings on my guitar some weeks ago. The guy also brought back my guitar to proper general settings. I did just check it when I got it back and everything was fine. Now I try to play RS and my high E string is alway detected with -15 - no matter how I tighten the string. If I press first fret note is way too high as it should be but I cant get unfretted to get round -/+5 or so. It simply doesnt change. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks! So I ll keep on practising. And for people who aim for a band there's even another hurdle: fully memorizing the song... no wait a full set of songs
  4. As a long time beginner having trouble to put my fingers correctly and plucking the right string I have another problem in RS: Reading the chart quick enough. I know there's riff repeater but I ask myself whether you pros read the charts or play most of it by ear (if not memorized anyway). In other words: Can Chart Reading be trained like playing guitar itself?
  5. oh, just found out you can select more files together for converting
  6. Is every song "cherubed" in the CDLC? Until now I did double check by applying the correct ID in the toolkit. Side question: Is there a batch-id-apply-feature in the RS toolkit or in another tool?
  7. Absolutley RedCrowBleeding Some basic folk songs lessons and an all-time accessible speed adjustment would be great for adding to the learning value of RS
  8. Thanks Firekorn! Managed to get from E Standard to Eb Standard if I got this right (for Rise against - Saviour). But I have to turn to get to the right knob setting in the tuner. It's about -1.5 but I dont know why and you have to set it very precisely
  9. Just bought the US600 because of this thread. What exactly has to be set to make E tuning Drop D for example?
  10. I use my wireless G930 Headset when playing to not disturb my GF. However, RS is the only game which gives me little pauses / stuttering during play. I found various threads on G930 problems but most of them tell to disable surround sound. Funny thing is, I only have stereo choseable in my G930 options. Re-installing drivers didnt help. Any hints?
  11. Thanks to you two! :) Gonna try to do this this way
  12. Just wondering: If you have a situation like in EPIC from Faith no more where you have to strum A and G string the same time: Do you use to fingers to pick or do you mute D string? When using fingers I need to release the guitar pick of course.
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