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  1. This is probably a ridiculous question, but would emulating a whammy pedal (within Windows / software) be possible? Maybe possible to just hook up to line in, send it through Audacity and then mimic the output into your (in my case) headphones? Long shot I know, but worth the ask.
  2. Yeah, that's annoying for me as well. There should be an option to allow other tunings to be used. I did use a lead pencil the last time I restrung. The strings always break toward the nut, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I'm been using ernie ball - regular slinky. It's always the high e string that breaks. I've never actually broken anything but high e strings, lol.
  3. Excellent, just what I was looking for! Thank you for the info :D
  4. I know the obvious answer to this would be to get a second guitar, but unfortunately my budget doesn't allow that. Anyways, is this at all possible? I hate constantly tuning the guitar from Eb to E, not that it's hard or time consuming, but because it's killing my string life. Plus it's annoying to want to only play one song but it's in Eb and I'm tuned for E. So I tune to Eb, play the song then tune back to E to play other songs... not good for the strings. Would it be at all possible to be able to play an Eb song (or any other tuning) with standard E tuning?
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