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Community Answers

  1. K.Flay - Blood in the Cut
  2. MISSIO – Can You Feel the Sun
  3. Sir Sly - Material Boy
  4. Glass Animals – Tangerine (and other songs by this band would be great too, but this is their best)
  5. Bastille – survivin’
  6. Holly Humberstone - Falling Asleep At The Wheel I am not sure there is any bass in this song. I can't here it. But it is a great song. So if there is enough guitar or bass in there to warrant making it that would be awesome. The song is almost as pretty as she is.
  7. The Backseat Lovers – Kilby Girl
  8. I have been completely obsessed with this song since it first came out. Saint Motel - Just My Type
  9. The Knocks (ft. Foster The People) - All About You
  10. Mishaal - Peddle Bike
  11. Royal and the Serpent - Overwhelmed
  12. Absolutely love this song. Nice to see something punk-ish make the airwaves. Everything is very "pop" now. Even on the alternative channels. This has a hint of punk to it. At least to me. I think it's his voice. At parts it reminds me of the Dead Kennedys - Uber Allies. But just a little bit. Anybody wanna make this one?
  13. Awesome! Thank you for both files. I am sure I will discover there are more I can't find but used to love. It's funny you were the person to help me with this. When I was complaining to someone last night that I could not find these, I also bragged about how you are always making songs I request. Or posting stuff I like but never would have thought to request. If Rocksmith ever hires you we're screwed. No more free songs.
  14. I noticed Vintage Trouble's Strike Your Light is not on here anymore? Anyone have that CDLC? Also looking for Ann Peebles Rain I Can't Stand The Rain These exist, I just lost my copies in after a crash/reimage.
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