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  1. I ask for this all the time, but more songs by the Violent Femmes. They were really popular in the 80s and known for their bass lines. So it is odd there are only two Violent Femmes songs for Rocksmith.
  2. The Anxiety - Meet Me at Our Spot Daisy the Great and AJR Saint Motel - Just My Type
  3. I know these exist. But lost them when my computer had to be reimaged. Prince "When You Were Mine" Prince "Raberry Beret" Prince "Kiss" Prince "When Doves Cry" Prince "Sign "o" The Times" Oh, and I need versions with the bass line. The last 3 are on the here, but only with guitar. Thanks much.
  4. K.Flay - Blood in the Cut
  5. MISSIO – Can You Feel the Sun
  6. Glass Animals – Tangerine (and other songs by this band would be great too, but this is their best)
  7. Bastille – survivin’
  8. Holly Humberstone - Falling Asleep At The Wheel I am not sure there is any bass in this song. I can't here it. But it is a great song. So if there is enough guitar or bass in there to warrant making it that would be awesome. The song is almost as pretty as she is.
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