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  1. Why you would edit sorting fields manually since it's automatically generated based on set rules, so it won't screw up your profile and sensible to form search query for rs.. I consider this as mis-report since user doesn't really know what he's doing
  2. It's been hard on whole world in last year for sure, especially last 5,5 months, still alive tho, I'm glad you've remembered us at least Hang on, man. Best wishes to you.
  3. I hope it's not official dlc, since there are no issues with customs like this on my memory, is it you guys? https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/issues/357 without files all I can say its anissue with xml file having wrecked difficulty level section
  4. This one is for inlays at least it was some years ago also this one Maybe there's more too look for in mods and projects subforum
  5. Can you just use DLCbuilder for mac?(it's native app) I'm certain it's easier to get it working than toolkit port for mac...
  6. If you're using toolkit you may get wwise here: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cfsm/wwise also you can try dlcbuilder by iminashi it's more recent version of tools for rs and cdlc creations
  7. Try DLCBuilder but error talks about missing wwise if you've got wwise 2013 installed you should run it once and try to generate same goes for dlcbuilder it should work with 2021 wwise let me know if installing wwise 2013 worked for you
  8. Mind sharing your project files just xml files would be fine
  9. I think this is old links you can search for this stuff on new ignition4 it goes like this now: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/31569
  10. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Albp6fdMdjGNmyEveRJS5W1LHV6o?e=52nIoE but its old
  11. Well, apple will monitor you even harder on big sur so I'm not sure they'll allow us to run custom applications soon but when there's wine support for big sur maybe there's a user who would build wine environment again ? I have no macOS system available for test, so it's all depends on who would waste his time to help us build wine bottle port again
  12. Basically assign tone to a slot in game, than import tone from your profile(there's file type dropdown on the right) and select the one you like, then edit guitar tone to set somethhing like lead descriptor instead of bass one and in arrangement form for selected arrangement you assign base tone for your instrument there, now should work
  13. If you refer to cello @440 tuning it should work for guitar(I've added alternate instrument tunings based on info provided here + psarcs), but refer if your to general contOffset added it was me and FabianoSan who did major work for adding this to arrangement form... also naming and offset to Hz conversion was done by me. cent offset was introduced in rs2014 so adding this aspect to current system was a bit messy, therefore no centOffset were linked with tuning(also done so we won't complicate things beyond necessary(eof won't allow you to add this kind of info) I'm not aware of what root note used with bass as pitch-fork was standard a440 for me, sorry maybe I should add mutation of the class or additional non necessary type to specify frequency or just lazy way it if name has @Hz in it set in in centOffset field :hmm:
  14. that's a flaw, sure, I may break some backwards compatibility but may add centOffset into account so you don't need to manually set it, but let me know if I calculated something wrongly and let me know what's works and wat doesn't I would fix it for you, also TwoSetViolin fan here >___>
  15. since it's ignition 4 and new ipb you need to search one in ignition search like so https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/46610
  16. I'm original author of showlights generator from the toolkit so yeah. There was couple revisions (3 to 5 major one) on showlights generator, early version would allow to change fog(aka venue ambient lights color like purple or blue) each 2 seconds without much regard just based on merged note pitches from all arrangements(it was a mess for soar and fast\metal and heavy songs), but I keep on filtering showlights and shaping it's final form to look more like oDLC and in-game songs, minimal, almost none fog color changes, all lights should be stage light and maybe laser effect at the end of the song. showlights by default looks decent, but I myself would like to have ability to mimic live light of a certain concert (I would like to do this to all of my Amon Amarth cdlc) cozy1 and iminashi has had helped a lot with showlights generator and format itself, EOF, for example can define events like crowd reactions, which is also part of the show... I'm still not sure how to mimic strobe effect tho Anyways, If you'd like to have raw showlight notes scrapped from all arrangements let me know I can add button to generate unfiltered xml for you... EDIT: Here is iminashi's showlights tool on github if you're still interested https://github.com/iminashi/ShowlightEditor
  17. if you really want I can give you generate button with some parameters in that showlights editor\viewer (like fog color change allowance or intensity of lights\notes per time unit...) in toolkit >___>
  18. @@primochap yees it is avaliblle on catalina customsforge.com/topic/49767-rocksmith-tools-launcher-for-mac/page-4#entry337793
  19. @@Dreadfulglue hello, make sure you've got specific wwise v2016.2.x also make sure you've launched it at least once (it asks for eula and will create environment path with wwise.exe location)
  20. @@cacafilho noice glad you've done it yourself still eof won't work at Catalina
  21. Alex360

    Anime Thread

    Shokugeki no Soma is nice also tsugumomo 1 and 2aI enjoy comedy more and romantic shoudjou manga does the trick like domekano is nice in manga form(pick uncen one) idk have not that much time to watch more than 2\3 ongoings but it's on hiatus due to bad virus pandemic >___>
  22. @@oriolesfan10 there's really easy to get toolkit and cfsm, cgst working you just have to "waste" about 2Gb of space If you have actual issues running it just let us know what it is and it may be fixed in future releases except it's user mistake I guess?
  23. @@Mark9574 Read this if you're on mac(or book) http://customsforge.com/topic/33889-how-to-add-custom-songs-on-mac/
  24. @@Ninja_frosk I've got the report already and think it should be re-added back. As for the reason it was probably because new Remastered update breaks the game\scoring\profile\no progress if no DD present. Even if it was on by default I think that to have an opt-out option still better than none.
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