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  1. Uploaded a new song. Limozeen's "Because, it's Midnite!" YouTube recommends the strangest videos sometimes, and the last two weeks it's been feeding me Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's videos (I haven't played that game in over a decade). BiM popped up, and seeing as there was no version with that blistering synth solo, I uploaded my own version! Don't worry if you ever get this song during a setlist playthrough, the synth solo is on the bonus lead arrangement. Enjoy!
  2. Hello and welcome to my workshop thread! Comments and criticisms are welcome, I'm always trying to improve my ear when it comes to transcribing music! I won't do requests at the moment as I don't have a lot of time to do even my own customs, but if time opens up in the future, I may take some requests. I'm always down to hear new music, though, and if I like it, I may do a chart anyway! My customs Latest Release Limozeen (aka Strong Bad) - Because, it's Midnite (Playthrough Video) Works in Progress None at the moment Previous Releases (Alphabetically by
  3. I'm not sure what the ">___>" is supposed to imply, but it was my understanding that the generator can be quite tedious if you want to fully manually create a lightshow. Although this tool requires a little bit of setup and MIDI knowledge, it makes manual lightshow creation a lot easier. If the button you mentioned can create a lightshow based off of MIDI data like this tool, that could be useful for enthusiasts like myself that like to be in control of everything in a custom.
  4. The game can recognize both natural harmonics and tapped natural harmonics? The harmonic in my image above would produce an F (octave up from the fretted note) whereas a natural harmonic played at the 15th fret on the D string would produce a C that's about 30 cents flat. I figured the game would just look for the flattened C when a harmonic pops up at fret 15.
  5. What if you were to make the harmonic note you tap the note that's playable (with tap, harmonic, and ignore statuses turned on) and at the same time have the fret hand position placed where the player should be fretting the other note. That way the player knows they should not move their left hand as well as tap and try to make a harmonic sound with their right. The ignore status is included so that players can't miss this note as I'm sure the RS engine isn't designed for tap harmonics. Like so:
  6. Table of Contents This is a guide for ShowlightsGen, a program to create Rocksmith light shows using MIDI. The guide is set up as follows: Introduction The Setup The Lightshow The Program If you are familiar with MIDI, you can skip most of Step 2, as it mainly shows you how to sync up the MIDI file generated from EoF to the audio. It might still be useful to read, though. 1. Introduction I’ve always liked lightshows, and I wanted to learn how to create my own for Rocksmith. However, there weren’t any programs available yet to generate my own eas
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