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  1. I was going for a 100% but the Rocksmith note detection Gods really don't like me... so I give up
  2. My best before the game crashed... could probably do other runs
  3. First playthrough, I wasn't very familiar with Metallica songs either (other than One because of GH3)
  4. This is my first time entering the championship, looks fun. I just saw Octavarium was one of this week's songs so here's my score This was my second run, I could probably do a tiny bit better but 20 min is long... haha
  5. @@firekorn I didn't want to create another thread, Is there a way to define the strength of a vibrato? I have a tab sheet that said to have 1/2 - 3/4 bends strength for the vibrato and it's not really consistent. Should I just mark the notes as normal vibrato or I can try to place multiple tech note bends with a stronger strength and use Ignore status?
  6. Do I have to make 1 phrase per section (so many sections) or should I make many phrases per section (i.e. if there is multiple riffs in a long verse)? Also, can I select each phrases individually in RR if they are in a single section of RR cycles through sections only?
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