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  1. New week is up, thanks for your patience. Also, thanks for the great week @Gamut, I really enjoyed those songs.
  2. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 378 =- FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: Beginner: @imrainmaker Intermediate: @theholydevil Advanced: @It Happens1 Masterclass: @Snakewizard God of Guitar: @janfilippino22 Rhythm: Beginner: @kayteck Intermediate: loose trophy Advanced: @Rodman unless @theholydevil wants to level up and take the win
  3. The new week will be a hour or two late this week, I have to go straighten out some things at work. Probably 9:00 GMT.
  4. Just post it as a new reply. We don't go back to old replies to check scores, it is too confusing. Feel free to post as many improvements as you need! It is fun to see people's progress throughout the week.
  5. Welcome to the championships! Your rhythm screenshot is good, but your lead screenshot is missing the Streak, so isn't valid. Can you give it another run and post a screenshot with the accuracy and streak?
  6. For the guitar effect I think it is the Ping Pong delay pedal that gives it that rotary sound, but I'm still learning all the setting on the pedals. I'm really liking how I can record it clean, then use the Bias FX VST to make it sound like it was recorded with amps and pedals. I will probably create an account on vimeo or dailymotion, but I have enjoyed trying to make these song my own enough to get past the copywrite filter. I feel like it makes me put more of myself into them. However, it is becoming clear to me that you are learning songs to play, while I seem to be
  7. @Rodman well, I have to say Wonderwall didn't really grow on me, but I did try some cool stuff with it. My lead singer was booked, and I didn't have much luck with singing along. The vocal phrasing that isn't on the downbeat throws me off. So I used the app called I Am the Band that separates the different parts, vocals, drums, guitar, etc. I recorded along with the drums and vocal, found a cool tone and I was pretty happy. Then Youtube blocked it. I guess I did use the vocals, so maybe it was deserved. So I put a distortion filter, put it through an amp and pedal effect like the
  8. Getting better at this one, but my fingers just forget what to do every now and again Got the platinum pick that was eluding me
  9. I don't think you are wrong...reset mine to 0 and it seemed better in SA. More "perfect" notes, but that is one time anecdotal. Will keep it for a while and see.
  10. plectrum-less challenge part 2. Wow...I can feel the lack of muscle memory...just feels weird! (spreadsheet keepers can ignore this score)
  11. I have had the same sort of question, never really felt like I understood the settings. My best performance upgrade was getting an audio interface and using the ASIO drivers. Latency dropped, tone sounded better, it is awesome. Not sure if it is the key to fixing the visual lag however.
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