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  1. And boom, the week is over before my to-do list is over. I did get a few plays in
  2. Just a couple plays I don't know how to get those harmonics on the 14th fret I'm slacking off and getting rusty on bass
  3. I had to give this a try, I remember it kicking my butt and this one is still too much That slide sounds right, but RS says no. I don't know why. I had better luck with a hammer-on instead of a slide, but not perfect. Seems better than last time
  4. I didn't update the score sheet, the new scripts ask for permissions to my sheets which seems odd. Is there any reason the scripts can't use the @OnlyCurrentDoc JsDoc annotation to keep it just to the scoreboard file?
  5. I was getting a bit overwhelmed with projects and other commitments, so I decided to take a break. But I'm glad you said something, what a week! I have several of these already downloaded. Blues Brothers? Count me in!
  6. Either the song are getting harder or I'm getting worse...either is possible This hurts my pinkie...
  7. no strikes, lower score...lol I can't blame the game for recognition, it is messing it up!
  8. Never would have thought I could 100% this song 2 years ago.
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