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  1. Dang dude, you are getting better at arpeggios! Nice score!
  2. This song looks easy, but man, I'm just not getting anywhere!
  3. It is so disorienting when the music slows down and the RS notes don't. Not the best CDLC. Finally got through SA
  4. much better It's like a stoner song done by someone who hadn't tried it. Strange.
  5. Yeah, sorry, I would rather not post at the last minute. I used to play the contest songs every day and posted every improvement. Life has been a roller coaster for the last few weeks/months/years so I'm not playing every day like I used to. I'm still trying to get my dad's estate closed up. I'm almost there, but all the nastiness is coming out since we are at the end. I just want to be done with it. I'd like to get back to posting throughout the week. It leads to better battles, and I think all of us in the advanced class would benefit from the push of competition. I feel like I'm stagnating, so refocusing would help. Hopefully things calm down over the next few months and I can get back to the real important things in life, like playing guitar
  6. I've played this song a bit, but the championships pushed me to a personal best Hadn't played it much on rhythm tho Not sure this song will be in my playlist, but hella fun to play!
  7. My take is this: The only bad band is the one that doesn't put their heart and soul into their music! the creation of art and music is literally reaching into the ether and pulling out something that didn't exist previously. It is the stuff of gods! If you play/sing/create something and it resonates with just one other soul, that is mighty. But there is music out there I don't resonate with, that is for sure!
  8. Rough week, I feel like I missed out on some fun songs. Maybe I'll get some time tomorrow before the new week is up. I really liked Tetris...Spent WAY too many hours playing that on my Gameboy!
  9. I enjoyed this one...it sparked some interesting conversations about copyright and such. I had the best luck with the drop B tuning, but still, just a tough song to play. Why does bass always make more sense? Ah, cause it is the bones of the song. I don't know how I'm not a bass player.
  10. What a week! I came home Sunday to my hot water heater leaking. I had to move my setup and guitars to dry out the carpet and spent the evenings all week replacing the hot water heater, tearing out the cabinets over the hot water heater (because the new one was just and inch too tall), and getting the washer and dryer back to normal. But the good news is I have hot water again, my setup is re-established, and I just downloaded the new songs today and ran through them. What a nice selection!
  11. I try not to offer unsolicited advice, but this sounds dangerous. It sounds like you might have power coming back through your ground in the outlet or something. You can get a receptacle tester (something like this https://www.amazon.com/Receptacle-Tester-Klein-Tools-RT210/dp/B01AKX8L0M/ref=pd_lpo_2?pd_rd_i=B01AKX8L0M&psc=1) for about 10 dollars. Obviously get it for your outlet/power configuration, this one is for US outlets. I've done a bit of household wiring and these sort of tester devices have saved me a few times.
  12. What a tough week. Didn't help that I got distracted building a guitar pedal.
  13. A little better, still can't get those slides This song is just a long haul
  14. I swear the band put it on loop and went off for a pint without the singer knowing.
  15. Whew....had to try it one more time....saw I was tied with @ Mikson for accuracy and streak!
  16. I second the thanks for @ Mikson , and I love the enthusiasm he has injected into things!
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