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  1. I knew you could do it! Sometimes the best thing to do is to sleep on it and let your brain do its thing.
  2. Oooh....are you volunteering for the next one?
  3. I thought I was playing rhythm...where the heck did that solo come from!
  4. I thought I would share a project that @Rodman and I recently finished. I'm taking a recording and mixing class, and one of the assignments needed a one minute minimum recorded piece with three tracks, then we had to overdub two more tracks. Most of the class are music majors, so I assume it was no big deal for them, however I was at a loss for what to do. Rodman happened to message me, so I asked if he would record a few chord progressions that I could try to do something with. Man, he was all over it and within a few hours had a verse and chorus section recorded. I put some Band in
  5. I feel like this song is 3 songs in one....always seemed odd. We used to play it in pep band at basketball games. a rare capo song "which one of you is Pink"....haha! Not sure I have the fight for bass this week
  6. Thanks! For the drums, I use an app on my phone called I am A Band. It is free and you can upload a song on you phone and it will separate the parts. You can then play them on your phone, or export them. I use google drive for shuttling the file back and forth from computer to phone and back. It works well especially for drums, guitar and vocals, there are some odd artifacts, but in this case the drums were very usable. I used the same technique for the vocals (then distorted the heck out of them) on our Green Day Time of Your Life song if you remember. Oohh...Megadeth....Didn
  7. @Rodman Well, here it is, I finally got my lead vocalist scheduled and recorded. I'm getting better at recording usable takes, so I have two takes on guitar and panned one left and one right. The drums are the original stripped from the song. It wasn't as compelling to play as I thought it might be, but my daughter and I had a blast recording the vocals! The picture is one from my childhood photo albums. It is an abandoned steam locomotive, and I think it was one that the cement plant my dad worked for used to haul rock from the quarry. I'm asking some train enthusiasts about it to
  8. I did it...I've played Rocksmith every day for three years! So I think I'll have a cigar
  9. Huh....looks like I may be playing the wrong version of this one. I thought it seemed too easy. Tapping I can almost do! Sign me up.
  10. yep...my SA score was better, even with the fail little better
  11. Not very competitive this week, working on some other projects Started here Failing up
  12. This is a very laid back campfire version, you captured that well. I really don't have much else to add, you wrapped it up into a tight little package that feels very complete. Nice! I learned in my class the generally you don't pan the drums and bass (the rhythm section), you leave it center. This is a legacy from before stereo was a thing, but there still may be cases where a recording is played in mono, or someone is closer to one speaker than the other, so the practice still holds. This isn't meant as feedback for your song, for what we are doing this doesn't really apply. I just
  13. Wow...the week got away from me. Schools are re-opening, wife and I got the first round of vaccines, just a busy week. Sorry guys, I know we all do better when we post though out the the week and push each other. My harmonics on the first phase just don't ring out enough. @Rodman that was such a powerscore! I can't touch it! I had a hard time getting the the hammer on slide combo consistently. Sounded pretty good though.
  14. Yep, that was a really good pick, not one I would have thought of off the top of my head, but I'm so glad to have worked on it. Powerful song! I was looking, I think we have done 17 songs since we started this last June. Wow! You are spot on, I can't believe how far we have come. This has pushed me in a good way, having to recording and finish a song really makes me resolve issues with my playing. For the next song.....how about Soul Asylum - Runaway Train?
  15. @Rodman, Here it is, my version of Audioslave's Like a Stone. Man, this was a project in itself, but I wanted to do the song justice. Drums and bass are standard Band in a Box tracks. I laid down two rhythm tracks and panned one to the left and one to the right. I then recorded the single note guitar part from the first half. I broke out the Digitech Whammy pedal for the solo. Then I got stuck on vocals. Today, everyone was out of the house, so I put on headphones and just belted it out. I spent a few hours adjusting, EQing, putting on compressors and here it is. I'm able to apply som
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