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  1. Alex360's post in Wwise audio file conversion failed: was marked as the answer   
    Try DLCBuilder but error talks about missing wwise if you've got wwise 2013 installed you should run it once and try to generate same goes for dlcbuilder  it should work with 2021 wwise

    let me know if installing wwise 2013 worked for you 🙂
  2. Alex360's post in Errors on start-up and update attempts of 2.9.0 was marked as the answer   

    Hey, Karm, didn't you tried to unlock your .zip file you've dl'ed from the toolkit site? that should rempve message about cas policy and such!

    there's a lot more topics on this over CF
  3. Alex360's post in RSToolkit Keeps crashing my computer was marked as the answer   
    @Tregames78  look at my signature or check tools in header etc
  4. Alex360's post in RS Toolkit .NET Sandboxing error?! was marked as the answer   
    @@GorbyRulez hm, how about unlocking zip file in properties before unzipping it?
    cas policy has changed in new windows versions and av strictly locking up unknown publishers.
  5. Alex360's post in Member Customsforge in Ignition was marked as the answer   
    @@Davesdream This was one of early decisions we've made to index all songs available through CF and steam so we could filter out our database more sufficiently and regular user could check if their fav song exist or he need one done as cdlc or that could be bought(which is preferable in many ways than cdlc).

    I guess I've covered 99% of the use case (not including PR campaign of "the riff repeater" site :D)
  6. Alex360's post in MAC Issues and Developer Help was marked as the answer   
    @Shaolindeltat the first tab, select import package, then select your _p.psarc file and choose folder to store files it will unpack while doing so. Now you should click save project and save one in folder named after your cdlc. At the top right corner of the creator form you can see PC MAC XBOX PS3 checkboxes, check mac and un-check pc (to speedup a bit creation process).

    When it creates file try it in game, it *should* work in rs now, make sure you're putting _m.psarc in your rocksmith dlc folder.

    as for converted file you can link me to the cdlc page at CF and I'll try to generate one with my toolkit at windows machine. Would be good to have "converted" and "generated" file to compare what's the difference  :)
  7. Alex360's post in EOF Cutting out leading silence was marked as the answer   
    @@Xaphist, hello hello it's almost 2018 here, don't you still perform manual convert to wem files?

    you need to dust off your toolkit now!!11
    it will do all the dirty job for you. just make sure you're selected correct audio file

    How I'm doing it nowdays:
    (i've got latest beta downloaded, I have one of the 2013 through 2017 version of wwise installed)
    in toolkit I do all as required till audio step
    here select eof project folder
    find guitar.ogg file (if i have manually created preview.ogg it's fine too if not I'm covered as well)
    select that file
    fill all other missing fields, add arrangements I want with tones and assign those to arrangements

    at step of saving template or generate function toolkit will do:
    creates preview if none was met in same folder with guiar.ogg (based off first chorus from arrangements sections)
    converts oggs to wav and then wav to wem and packing all the stuff in psarc for you.

    as simple as that. you shoulc try it now! "for free! no sms or registration required!" lmao

    have a great day m8 ;)
  8. Alex360's post in AppID missing when loading the toolkit was marked as the answer   
    cozy too fast for me yiss. ninjad
  9. Alex360's post in Help with Wwise configuration was marked as the answer   
    @@reregistrado, considering that you'd like to have support, maybe Classic Rock coalition could help especially @avdocatwork
    or PCPlum and Aludog (they do love old stuff)....
  10. Alex360's post in Index was out of range. Must be a non-negative and less than the size of the collection ERROR. was marked as the answer   
    @@Cataclysmm, usually you just need to add all arrangements and build your cdlc
    well, I think we should just fix it so no additional steps required.

    as for now you can import my package in toolkit and add arrangements you need It will work just fine
  11. Alex360's post in Rocksmith crashes. Anyone who can work with the mdmp files? was marked as the answer   
    @@Mercenary as solution just pick from working c\dlc and you're done
    but for testing go get some beta build and report back if it's working for you :)
  12. Alex360's post in Thread Exception when generating package was marked as the answer   
    @, please re-download toolkit by hands It seems that toolkit installation is corrupt on your side.
  13. Alex360's post in Warning: This Track's fret limit is exceeded by a pasted note's fret value of 21 was marked as the answer   
    @@Syvaa, yeah I know
    go to "track>Pro guitar>set num of strings\frets" and place 24 there it's max value for rs2014 :)
    and also make sure you've got export set to export rs2 files
  14. Alex360's post in Can't download the toolkit was marked as the answer   
    All works now, was a short maintenance there.
  15. Alex360's post in Can't download Rooksmith Toolkit was marked as the answer   
    @@arnaudbass, fixed now
  16. Alex360's post in Ignore status in EOF doesn't actually ignore in-game was marked as the answer   
    @@Billkwando, I just re-tested all the shit and did fix for this, so now it should be solved :lol:
    thanks for a heads up it was easy tho..
  17. Alex360's post in Error Generating PC File was marked as the answer   
    @@Tysylio, I'm unable to reproduce NullReference exception, but I guess it's song.Tones is null so I added check to validate that we need to update it.

    it seems that you manually generate your audio files, I think EOF should re-write wav each save, but I think it didn't. so your wav file = original, anyway, use guitar.ogg in toolkit audio field and it will be converted just fine, idk why you still doing manual convert at wwise(most difficult part in old days to perform ;)
  18. Alex360's post in Error with Generating was marked as the answer   
    Fixed it in last beta
  19. Alex360's post in Trying to create the psarc file but the program won't let me was marked as the answer   
    Well error at the tones section, so maybe it's not that well-tested, I can check against your project if you want

    fixed in last beta
  20. Alex360's post in error with generating PC was marked as the answer   
    do you know how to:

    I'm sure it's because wrong usage, but if you can help reproduce this bug at my machine I'd be gad to Fix it for you :)
  21. Alex360's post in Wwise not saving .wems? was marked as the answer   
    @@dsillman2000, ok, here we go:
    1. Download test beta version of 'the toolkit' from our site (https://www.rscustom.net/)
    2. Install AK wwise version you think it's ok, like 2015. it's smaller than 2014 and 2013? here(main package + Data)
    2.1 Launch and close it once, so Toolkit could autodetect it later.
    3. At the toolkit's audio field (it's near quality field (and it's lower one) which indicates 4 as default)
    set your audio file, you may use wav\ogg and wem ofc :D
    4. Fill all other fields
    5. Save package(which is incredibly useful feature), now you'll see CMD windows popping up, when it's done save dlc.xml file nearby
    You did it right :)
  22. Alex360's post in Error when Generating file was marked as the answer   
    Honestly? OSx support not that full you may think it is, but try using last beta ( build instead, the one you've got is ancient dust

    Also your mono version is probably old too, update it, toolkit is able to convert between PCMAC under OS X
    final barkers from full functionality is dds and ww2ogg otherwise all pretty decent now days,
  23. Alex360's post in Issue with Toolkit generated preview .wem was marked as the answer   
    Bug confirmed, gotta push some fixes for ya folks ;)

    EDIT: Fixed, plus ddc v3.0 out of the box now ;)
  24. Alex360's post in Error Generating PS3 & XBox files was marked as the answer   
    @@Tysylio as for PS3 you require to install any Java 8+
    we should move to better error window tho

    install java and It'll let you generate PS3 package, if you don't want to, just skip it :)
  25. Alex360's post in Error when trying to generate package was marked as the answer   
    redownload toolkit, make sure windows not blocking it and run as admin if it fail to write to Temp folder
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