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Error Generating PC File

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I know, there are so many topics here with the same header.  I checked a bunch, and some looked similar to me, but...  :unsure:


I charted my current song in EoF, and all seemed good, but when I tried to generate the PC file I get the following error:


What's weird, is if after setting up the Toolkit and this happens, if I then close and reopen, and load my saved package, I am able to generate the file.  However, when I play the file in RS the 3 second delay of the music is not there, and the notes start late.  Here is the psarc.

I initially thought maybe there was an error when I added the time delay, but I'm not sure.  I also had the same error message on my previous song I charted, but after the restart and reload of the package, the song didn't have any errors.  Here is my song folder, and I have copied the log file and put it in the rar.


Thank you for your help,


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@@Tysylio, I'm unable to reproduce NullReference exception, but I guess it's song.Tones is null so I added check to validate that we need to update it.

it seems that you manually generate your audio files, I think EOF should re-write wav each save, but I think it didn't. so your wav file = original, anyway, use guitar.ogg in toolkit audio field and it will be converted just fine, idk why you still doing manual convert at wwise(most difficult part in old days to perform ;)

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