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  1. Anyone interested in helping me with a bass tone? Please see above in my WIP section!
  2. Uh oh... It seems to be down again. :( Fixed :)
  3. Production may be a little slower, a few days ago this happened: :D https://www.dropbox.com/s/irnurpnlhame4jg/20181020_144336.jpg?dl=0
  4. Hi, admin help, I was trying to create a post in the Discography sun-forum of the Workshop, but every time I clicked Submit, it would go back to the CustomsForge home page and not post. I tried a couple of times, but it wouldn't work. If for some reason the actual post is delayed, I apologize for the multi post. Thanks, Tysylio
  5. 42 But, in all seriousness, @@malikbj, it depends on how much time and effort you are willing to invest. I've been making CDLC for 4 years now. I find it very easy. When I first started it wasn't so. I had to read stuff (like the link above), and watch instructional videos, and such, and invest time and patience. So, how difficult is it for a beginner? Choose a simple song to learn on. And draw upon the information posted in the forums. It may be tough at first, but it will become easier.
  6. Nothing. Just use "Intro" as your first phrase/section. Place it at the start of the first bar with the first note in it. For example, below: The first note in not always on the first beat. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9aodzk1j8o2dxb/Start.JPG?dl=0
  7. Bonjour, Fedro, If the camera doesn't zoom properly, it could be that you need to designate more sections (Shift S) and ensure the fret hand positions are correct (Shift F). Also, if you have set the fret hand positions, ensure you do not extend the tail of a sustain from an earlier note beyond where you set the hand position change. In other words, the hand position can only change once the note is released. Bon chance! ps: your English is much better than my French! ;)
  8. I was trying... trying really hard, to tab all of The Hip's work before the inevitable, but I couldn't. It happened too soon. It could only happen too soon. I love you, Gord. I love what you have done for Canada. My children will know it well. Walk now amongst that stars, King Pin. Goodbye.
  9. -Gordon Edgar Downie You will forever be missed. And we will never forget. :(
  10. You have touched so many of our hearts, Gord. Rest well. We love you.
  11. Actually, I think that limitation was removed. I asked the developers to change that so we could achieve High-strung / Nashville tuning, which tunes the top 4 strings of a guitar up one octave (+12 on the top 4 strings). Whereas, previously +/- 11 was the limit.
  12. Yes, that fixed it, cozy1. Thank you very much!
  13. Hi all, I was updating a track with all the latest tools, and I encountered an error when trying to load my vocals track into RST: Here is the xml. RST v EoF v 5-3-2017 Please let me know what other data may help debug the issue. Thank you very much, Tysylio
  14. Good news! I manually modified the XML file and set the tuning to : <tuning string0="12" string1="12" string2="12" string3="12" string4="0" string5="0" />No problems with RST or in game. My play test worked flawlessly, and the only thing RST asked me was if I wanted to save it as a new tuning. I have posted the song Scared by The Tragically Hip, here. Thanks for your help with this one, guys. If EoF can't be modified, I at least know how to do it on my own now. :)
  15. Thanks! I'm only just starting the chart, so it may be a day or so before I can test it out. I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I can.
  16. Thanks for getting back so quickly, raynebc. I think this topic, the RS Violin Project covers it. By setting the tuning pitch frequency in the RST we can tune to A660, an octave higher (same as setting a capo to the 12th fret), or A880 two octaves, etc, or conversely for a B-Standard tuning for a bass, to A220. So, I'm confidant RS is capable of detecting it. Obviously, since the Nashville tuning is odd for most stringed instruments, being that the bottom strings are a whole octave higher, I cannot simply set the frequency to A660; I would then need to lower the top B and e strings -12... essentially the same problem. I look forward to your thoughts. Tysylio
  17. Hi Devs, I have a question / feature request, In EoF we can only tune +/- 11 notes per string. Nashville or High-Strung Tuning has the bottom 4 strings strung with light gauge strings like the ones used on a 12-string guitar. Such that the EADG strings are an octave higher, but leaves the top Be as normal. Is it possible to expand the tuning in EoF to +/- 12 notes to allow this tuning? Or, is this a limitation of RS itself? Thanks, Tysylio
  18. On a positive note, I am able to follow the topic now.
  19. No, don't do that. Try accessing it as I described above until the developers can figure out what the issue with the site is.
  20. I'm having the same issue. I was able to access the record by going to the 'Submitted CDLC' forum and clicking on the 'Click here to review the record' link at the bottom of the page. I was also unable to Follow my new post on the record page itself, but I was able to Add it to my collection through Ignition. I can't seem to follow this topic either.
  21. I have also noticed this, as noted above by albatross213. In addition, I have noticed that when I try to edit a post in my workshop, I have to enter the Full Editor for it to actually save.
  22. AV settings... <_< Thank you @@Chlipouni for your help! Although I feel like an idiot, I appreciate it all the same! :P
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