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Community Answers

  1. As of today the record on Ignition works as intended. To those having the same problem I suggest you just wait some time, it seems to be the only reasonable thing to do.
  2. It's pretty sad because I've invested many hours into making the cdlc. Would deleting and creating a new record fix it?
  3. So yesterday I posted this song and I noticed that whenever I clicked on the record shown on Igniton nothing would show up. At first I thought the problem was related to my account, but now I have asked a friend of mine to try getting to the song page through Ignition and he had the same problem.
  4. Being more precise, this happened before I had added a section to my chart, but now that it has one the toolkit behaves as it should. If it is needed I'll be glad to share my project folder.
  5. So it turns out it had something to do with DD. Until now I was trying to generate the song without using any phrase or section and that must have caused the issue (whether the DD checkbox in the toolkit was checked or not). Weird, I was confident those things would have been added by the toolkit itself. One last question, why does the song come out with DD even if the checkbox is unchecked?
  6. @@raynebc I've followed your suggestions, but sadly nothing changed. To be more clear this is what appears on video
  7. I'm creating a new cdlc, but whenever I try it on Rocksmith I can see weird graphical artifacts around every chord (it looks like the colors of the notes get stretched vertically). I've already checked the chords details and everything seems fine. Any ideas?
  8. Are there any plans for "Battery Acid" or "Turnin' on the screw"?
  9. @@Chlipouni Of course I can, I'll upload my project and pm you. Thanks in advance
  10. I have the same issue, no matter how many time I recreate sections and phrases. My latest song is ready but I can't release it because I can't figure out why RR gets stuck when I use it. If someone could help me it would be great.
  11. @@thegluestickman I made a chart for She's like Heroin, add it if you want
  12. Little update, since I worked quite a lot on that song, I finally decided to post it: if someone will make a better version I'll delete my submission (unless there is a way to have them both up).
  13. I'll pay more attention next time. It is E standard by the way :).
  14. Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum so I tought it would be nice to have some fun on eof. I've already worked on "In my Head" (lead guitar only, no dd) and it is fine: I think I'll post it soon
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