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  1. Happy Birthday thegluestickman!

  2. Happy Birthday thegluestickman!

  3. Read the pinned topics here:http://customsforge.com/forum/58-help-tutorials/ That should get you started :)
  4. Does it really matter what .ogg file EOF produces? I mean, the audio used by the game is made by Wwise, you're only using EOF to sync notes. Or is there something I'm missing?
  5. At the top:Search settings -> Sort by: -> Date Added
  6. Some good bands, I only know about Thy Art is Murder through this one video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWcak9tZupc But good stuff, like your band. For me I'm in between bands, I haven't met a lot of musically inclined people where I moved and I don't feel like I'm good enough to go look for them. I played two gigs my entire life, once as a drummer and once as a guitarist. But that feeling of being on stage is great. So much fun. Especially when the crowd is loving it and cheering.
  7. This happened to me, you gotta go into your audio settings and change your microphone gain. It'll be at like -1 or something. I put mine to 1.7 i think and it's picks up a lot bbetter.
  8. I think the developer of DDC said something like it's a problem with Rocksmith's Cache of DD.His solution was to let the song run through once without riff repeater then try it.
  9. I re-downloaded EOF on my laptop to chart customs on the go, i've been charting a song all nice and well until this solo type thing came up.It won't let me add a 18th fret note, I had a suspicion this is because EOF is thinking I'm using a Rockband Pro Controller which only has 17 frets. How do I change it to allow me to place high notes like that?
  10. Lets get a System Of A Down discography thread going! Everyone loves system, so let's collect their works a try to get everything by them up and going! Legend: Red = in progress Green = completed White = not in progress or completed Blue = hosted on a different site System Of A Down: Suite-Pee - Pandemic Know - ribworm Sugar - Alex360 Suggestions - Pandemic Spiders - ribworm DDevil Soil War? - Pandemic Mind Peephole - ribworm CUBErt - me Darts P.L.U.C.K Toxicity: Prison Song - goldenpiggy Needles - Alex360 Deer Dance Jet Pilot X - Pandemic Chop Suey! - ziuber18 Bounce Forest - viper83 Atwa - Heretic Science - DvSNinja Shimmy Toxicity - Official DLC Psycho Aerials - Official DLCSteal This Album!: Chic 'n' Stu Innervision Bubbles Boom! Nuguns A.D.D (American Dream Denial) Mr. Jack I-E-A-I-A-I-O 36 Pictures Highway Song Fuck the System Ego Brain Thetawaves Roulette StreamlineMezmerize: Soldier Side (intro) B.Y.O.B - Official DLC Revenga Cigaro Radio/Video This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song Violent Pornography - Markasaurus Question! Sad Statue Old School Hollywood - DvSNinja Lost in Hollywood - ribwormHypnotize: Attack Dreaming Kill Rock 'N Roll Hypnotize (Setlist) Stealing Society Tentative U-Fig Holy Mountains Vicinity of Obscenity She's Like Heroin Lonely Day - TopShelf Soldier SideStoraged Melodies (the ones that are system and not them as guest artists): Storaged Marmalade Metro - yesonpj2014 Snowblind JohnnyA little sad at the lack of love for Hypnotize and Steal This Album!, but let's get the ball rolling!
  11. I hand place all my notes. I get really anal about not properly synced notes so I usually do something like:SVL the beat mapcopy the guitar tab to EOFrepeat for other instrumentsDo vocalsSections/Phrases DDCTestingMy GP files never line up with the song properly, even with Go PlayAlong, mayybe I don't do something right. But it generally doesn't take that long to do a whole song. I wish I had access to my desktop computer so I could work on customs.
  12. It may not be something to write home about, but I just bought this guitar and it's my first guitar. No more using my dad's! I love it, it plays like a dream and sounds beautiful. It's an ESP LTD M-10. (Probably shouldn't have spent the money, but I was kind of sick of my dad getting all bent out of shape when I wanted to play guitar.) http://i.imgur.com/mtJege2.jpg
  13. Yes I did. Sections are counted differently then phrases, do you have both?
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