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  1. Happy Birthday snowdog!

  2. Happy Birthday snowdog!

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Have added another track called Luciana which is a Jazz Funk song in Cm. Forgot to provide a link to Rufus and Luciana! All of the chord progressions for all of my songs can be found here and all of the audio my songs can be found here. That's a cool site @@firekorn thanks for that. I normally just go for the pentatonic and blues scales myself, makes life a lot less complicated :P B) :lol:
  4. Here's number 3. Got fed up with the key of Am so thought I'd go for G#. Another Jazz/Funk one called Fundamental Journey with a bit more pace to it, here's the chords: http://i.imgur.com/ihklycY.jpg Sorry for the triple-posting but the images in these posts is making things difficult when editing. Please let me know either on here or with comments on Soundcloud what you think of them. This third one is in m4a format but should still play in most media players. I decided to upload straight to Soundcloud using Band In A Box to save myself from converting things. :P :) :P Edit: Looks like having text after the image solves my problem! Number 4 is called 'Rufus, The Cool Cat' and is a jazz swing number in Gb. Here's the chords: http://i.imgur.com/j2aB5q2.jpg So this thread has had 45 views and no feedback yet..? :(
  5. And here's number 2, this second one is actually the first one I started writing and the second one I ended up finishing. This one's called Manhattan and is a laid back jazz/funk song. Here's the chord progressions: http://i.imgur.com/xVNRjpZ.jpg Hope you enjoy them, please feel free to add your own jam tracks to this thead - the more the merrier!!! :) :D
  6. Just thought it would be cool to have a thread for Jam Tracks. Here's one I quickly wrote and created using the awesome Band In A Box, a Texas Blues song called Autumn Breeze. You can listen to it and download it from here. I'll be doing these regularly I think so hopefully this is the first of many. The chord progression can be seen below: http://i.imgur.com/uGJuBfq.jpg
  7. Saw Al Stewart at the Royal Albert Hall tonight and he and the band were awesome!
  8. It's been approved now, link is here
  9. I've made an edit to the preview picture so they've taken it off before they approve the change I made. I'll let you know when it's back up again (should be within 48 hours I think). Changed the preview pic to show just the 8 bit Metroid because it stands out more. :)
  10. A shameless plug here lol I've designed a t-shirt and submitted it to TeeFury. They didn't like it :( So then I sent it to Qwertee and it got approved! :D Unfortunately the way that site works is that they only print these things if they get enough votes so I need all the help I can get! Could you all please visit Qwertee here and vote for Y Can't Metroid Crawl by thesnowdog if you get a chance, and get your friends, family, pets and anyone you meet in the street to vote too..? lol Ta! :) http://i.imgur.com/0FiZHQz.jpg
  11. That's easy to solve - quit your job and kick the missus out lol :o :lol: You should take a look at some of the tutorials on YouTube, it's all pretty overwhelming when you first look at it but the tutorials really do simplify things. Going to be a few days before I get mine but I reckon I can do the basics now.
  12. Wasn't too sure where to put this thread but thought here is as good a place as any. Has anyone tried Band In A Box..? Am looking for an alternative to Session Mode because I'm fed up with the band in Session Mode stopping when you stop playing and want more control over what the band is playing too. Band In A Box looks like exactly what I'm looking for. You basically just input key, the BPM, the chords you want the band to play, select a style of music and you're good to go. Was just wondering if anyone has had a chance to play around with it..? Have seen a few tutorials on YouTube and it looks pretty good.
  13. Shame you can't get a guitar that folds up to a quarter of its size lol :lol:
  14. Yup, cheers for that but I already knew that. Looks like uninstalling and reinstalling on a different drive has done the trick. Will have to check out that hard drive for errors now. I tend to go through hard drives pretty quickly because I leave my PC on 24/7 lol.
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