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  1. Happy Birthday Ally!

  2. Happy Birthday Ally!

  3. Calibrating didn't work, didn't make any difference whatsoever. Never had the error message on my Stagg or Fender guitars, only the bass. Yeah i do find hitting the string lower down triggers in the string, but also have to hit it really hard, and i mean REALLY hard. Since turning up the cable volume I don't have to whack it one lol.
  4. Got it, turned the microphone/cable volume up in sound control panel and (fingers crossed) it seems to be fine now, was just strange it was only the one string it wasn't picking up.
  5. I recently got a Fender J-Bass (bought cheap) everything seems to be fine with it except everytime i tune it tells me my volume is too low, but the volume is turned all the way up on the bass and it struggles to pick up E string while tuning and playing (the amount of notes it misses cos it thinks i havent hit it is ridiculous). I've tried calibrating but still get the same thing. Anyone know what it could be causing it?
  6. Not 100% true, i will attempt a song without DD, if it's like pop punk or something and know it will only use power chords :P But if I can't do it, i will rage quit and go and put DD on it myself (then when it breaks the game i will delete it :P)
  7. Wait, i'm being a dumbass and apparently can't read, i wasn't selecting the _RS2 files!
  8. I'm a total noob at making CDLC...making my first one following the tuts, everything was good until i reached packing...come to select arrangements and I get this http://imgur.com/3rQwOg6 Any idea why? I am at a loss
  9. Got a list going on now, not got any til october, then i have Kids In Glass Houses, Patent Pending x5 times (4 times on VIP tickets, 1 on general), Framing Hanley, Slash and hopefully RIse Against too.
  10. I'm Ally from sunny England. Basically got into RS because my boyfriend was playing it, so i decided to get it then i found out Mark made customs so thats how i ended up on the previous site....then that shut down and basically my best friend and her husband decided to set up here (if Mark hadn't beat us too it we would have made a new customs site :P) and needed some help and then my boyfriend ended up here too...so yeah thats in brief of how i ended up here xD
  11. Without checking I THINK it's Green Day - Walk Away, i played it many times over a few weeks back (on bass at least) cos I was on 99.4% and wanted 100% but kept missing a few notes everytime i tried to get it lol (still not got 100% on it), so yeah, pretty sure its that. It not its either Patent Pending - One Less Heart To Break or Green Day - Oh Love xD
  12. I played a load on guitar and never unlocked anything, when when i completed the bass on the songs i'd already done both lead/rhythm on it unlocked a load of venues so you could try that.
  13. It's a problem with everyone, i think the one with the lock on you are seeing is the "advertised" version, you should have the 3 dlc showing without the lock too, but there seems to be a probelm and no one seems to be able to access the songs despite buying them (me included). Last I heard Steam were looking into it. But i suppose it could be due to the Ubisoft problem.
  14. Only time i've had it is if i've switched to a different application (i use excel at same time as rocksmith, so flick between the two), that error comes up when i switch back to RS. All I can think of is maybe theres a dodgy connection the cable so it thinks you're unplugged.
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