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  1. Anyone else have trouble downloading songs from ignition on android devices? The old search never gave me no problems, but in ignition none of my screen touches register.
  2. Looks like game navigation is the key. Fix it ubisoft!
  3. I will have to look into this. Could be inspirational.
  4. I like to hear "Good Performance", "Masterful performance", even "Decent performance" is ok, but what I really want to hear after a hot jam is, "Holy Shit performance". Do you think there might be an unlock for this? What would you have the game commentator tell you?
  5. Nice, I really the killers too. I will have to check out some tool and Ho Hey.
  6. I've been playing a lot of Radiohead, Coldplay, Cars, XX, etc. Does anyone have recommendations for other nice, simple, loungy bass songs in the database?
  7. That pretty much sums it up for me. I will only make a strong effort to practice songs I really like.Agreed. Thanks to this community I have access to thousands of songs, but I only really dig in to a hundred or so. If it has dd I make it a game to max it. If I can't I turn it off.
  8. Bass: -Radiohead, My Iron Lung 19 (87%) -Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World 15 (98.5%) -Carol King, So Far Away 14 (91.4%) Lead: -Pixies, Where Is My Mind 30 (101.5%) -Foo Fighters, My Hero 27 (75%) -Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out 22 (101.5%) Haven't really attacked rhythm path yet.
  9. There have been a few songs where I have appreciated dd, but for the most part I would do away with it. I hate relearning parts. How do you feel about it?
  10. Thanks for this Snake3169. I would like to see more of the beat sync process, but this is still very helpful.
  11. This is why Rock smith gives you the option to invert the fretboard. Voila, tab. (Or near enough)
  12. YouTube: And his tab (2-handed tapping): http://advancebass.com/transcription/game-thrones-4-string-bass I love the version for a 5 string, but the 4 version doesn't do it for me really. There are some other good ones on YouTube for a 4, though.yeah, not as melodic, but still looks fun.
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