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  1. One month ago I sold my Yamaha AES620. I will (probably) never have a more comfortable guitar, and I will miss her. Much. http://www.portlandpercussion.com/yamaha/yamAES620.jpg Tell us about those guitars that you sold and then you repent :rolleyes:
  2. where could I find the inlay with the fret notes?
  3. Thank you for answering! I have discovered a couple of songs I have not tried yet ;)
  4. Just curious :D Mine is: The Cure - Boys don't cry (lead) - 14 times - 94%
  5. thank you for your answer but I am talking about guitarists and the history of electric guitar, not about Rocksmith.
  6. Hi! I see that in old songs, all of them user E Standard tuning. And in some point in history the songs started to use different tuning (drod D, etc). Who started this custom tuning practice and when? Or it came out from nowhere? cheers!
  7. Aditionaly, it shows all the CDLCs available in http://rscdlc.com/, and allow you download new songs, update or remove already downloaded, etc.
  8. Start Rocksmith from Steam or UPlay. Launching the .exe directly wont work.
  9. briefer


    Blackstar ht-1r. But now that I have Rocksmith I regret of buying it.
  10. Hi! I have always used ultra light gauge in my guitar strings, but the 6th string usually buzzes when I tune low pitches (i.e. drop d) would it be better if I try higher gauges? Thanks!
  11. Learn a Song 99% 50% I try to improve my play in some knows songs in my favorites, and 50% I try new songs and add them to favorites.
  12. Dunlop .50 I am still learning, m8s!
  13. Hi, evertime I play a song for the first time the dificulty of the song is 0%. I need to open the rift repeater, select the whole song (0,0,0,0.....) and then raise manually the difficulty. This is quite annoying... Is there a way to make this initial DD different from 0%? maybe if I raise my score in the guitarcade? Thank you and kind regards ;)
  14. Mayones Setius GTM6 http://www.guitar-planet.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Setius-GTM6-Ash-900a.jpg
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