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  1. It'll be easier to start from scratch. Erase all the notes. Here's my process: 1. Import song, add 3000 ms leading silence (although I sometimes add this in an audio editor first). 2. Estimate tempo, then set time signature. 3. Display waveform -- Drag first beat marker (which should be labeled 1) to where the waveform begins (assuming this is the first beat of the first measure of the song -- sometimes songs start on an offbeat) 4. Save. This will fill in the blank space before the first measure. You might have to readjust the beat marker to match the beginning of the song again. 5. Now t
  2. I was able to download from Songsterr without registering for a while, then that changed.
  3. Hard to believe that mysongbook is charging money for Guitarpro tabs. Pretty fucking slimy if you ask me. I was using http://www.songsterr.com , but I also have one of those packs of GPro files. Regardless, GuitarPro files are almost never entirely accurate. Nothing like using your own ears!
  4. I'd guess it's because the resolution on the TV is much different from the one on your monitor, which freaks EOF out, since it's already kind of 'challenged' in the display department.
  5. What do you mean, when switching monitors? I use two monitors and drag EOF back and forth between their displays with no issues. Or do you mean, you unplug one monitor and replace it for another? If that's the case, I'd case it's your graphic card getting pissed off at you. On the other hand, EOF doesn't like it when it's not the top program -- if you're playing back and call up a different program, EOF's playback stops. Maybe that has something to do with your crash?
  6. Yep, that's what I'm planning to do. I need to go through the song a few more times though, see if there's other points where this happens -- if there's a pattern to it, it'll be easier.
  7. It's hard to say if it's a time change or a mistake - it happens after a pause in the song. Seems like they just didn't count all the way to four before coming back in.
  8. Yes, I mean I've moved the markers to line up with the beat (fortunately this song has a snare drum through most of it!). So they're all anchored already. I'm not sure what you mean by "count back" -- do you mean reset the time signature from a different beat? Hmm... I'm going to go try that... Edit: Yes, this works. Sort of... I think the band makes a couple of time signature changes (or mistakes?) in the song... probably a bit over my head at this point. Think i'll stick to easier songs for now.
  9. Hmm... that might just work. Because later in the song, the band makes its own shift (which is probably why I made my mistake), which means my mistake gets corrected. I'll give it a try. Though it's not a big deal redoing the beatmap, that's the easy part -- at least for this song.
  10. No, I already made the beatmap for the entire song -- it was only when I was finished that I realized the mistake. So all of the anchors are in place.
  11. The song I'm working on right now is really long -- almost 11 minutes. And I made a mistake while setting the beatmap. The song starts on an offbeat, but I chose the wrong one. It should start at the 2:2 (second measure 2nd) beat, but I started it at the 2:4 (second measure 4th) beat. Is there a way to drag the entire beatmap forward two beats? I've tried adding/padding beats, but this seems to rewrite the waveform, not move the beat markers. I have a feeling I'm going to have to start again from scratch...
  12. I agree, I've often found myself wishing for a way to test out different fretboard positions -- but i wouldn't want to do that in EOF. I'd rather do it in GuitarPro, since it has a better engine for auditioning the result. I don't think GuitarPro has this either. It has a transpose function, but that doesn't work exactly the same. You can use its chord generator to see the different chord shapes, but that doesn't help much. And GuitarPro doesn't have EOF's infinite undo functionality (which I use quite a lot). So once you've made too many changes, you're stuck with them. So I just do it th
  13. You seem really pleased by this. Of course, Keith Richards has made an entire career playing without an E string too. :-P
  14. Make sure you've checked the box for saving Rocksmith 2 files in the File->preferences menu.
  15. I actually enjoy setting the beatmap, so I tend to do this long before I'm ready to start working on the song.
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