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  1. yeah, I have no problem doing it myself... I was just hoping to share my work with others :) I've already done Hanger 18 for myself (SO much easier to play on a 5 string).... I read up a bit on why he didn't just Drop D it, and it turn out Ellefson DID drop D in the studio for the 1st half, then E Standard for the 2nd half (that riff is much easier in standard). But on tour that obviously isn't possible to switch in the middle of the song, so he switched to 5 string arraignment.
  2. You don't have to convince me on Java - I've been a Java dev for 15+ years :) I love doing side projects, but I am trying to figure out if I have time to devote to it right now.
  3. What exactly are you thinking of for the Java development piece?
  4. ice9

    Tone Requests

    Not looking for a specific song... more of a specific style.... it's that Ampeg or Hartke sound that Dave Ellefson gets on bass..... example: esp starting @ 1:21 :) or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa9FtvjRtm8
  5. Hey @@firekorn (or anyone else listening), have you seen, or can you make, that classic Ampeg SVT Bass tone (at least, as close as possible with what Rocksmith gives us)?
  6. Santa was very very good to me (no good pic of my own, had to steal from 'net): http://i.imgur.com/aoP9LQk.jpg
  7. ok - wasn't sure if it was a music thing, or a song choice thing.... I could say it's a cover by John Cage :) (that only makes sense if you are familiar with Cage's song: 4'33") Oh well - I guess I might just do the bass part for myself and not distribute it :( Here's hoping for Ubisoft supporting 5-string basses in the future.
  8. Before anyone goes nuts about official DLC not being in the DB (i'm not talking about repeating DLC), read my thought: My wife was kind enough to get me a 5-string bass for the holidays, and there are several official DLC that I would love to see transposed for 5-string support (tuning it as BEAD, ignoring the G string) - Hanger 18 comes to mind, possible doing a A329 tuning? Not even sure that will work. Thoughts? Would it be useful/acceptable to post ONLY the transposed song.eof or song.xml or even the whole CDLC (with synced beat track to a specific version and offset of the song), just with a silent sound track - no music, and leave it up to the downloader to replace the sound file with one they own? In this incarnation, it wouldn't be any different than a TAB file, no? Esp if I didn't use the offical DLC's song.xml file as a starting point, but a tab/gp5 file? Just thinking out loud.
  9. cool - I hadn't seen that thread... I'll have to chart a few up and see how they go... (I've got a banjo @ home) - need to grab an acoustic pickup. The banjo's range is just above the guitar's, so recognition should be good. Curious to see how it handles the high g string, as the tuning would be gDGbd.
  10. Yeah, yeah, I know, banjos aren't Rock, but technically a banjo tuning could be accomplished, and with an acoustic pickup, it might work. Anyone else think of this, or other possible instruments? Thoughts?
  11. Bass: Allman Bros, Southbound - 54 3way tie for 2nd: Allman Bros, Jessica - 31 Boston, Hitch a Ride - 31 Iron Maiden, 2 Minutes to Midnight -31 and Megadeth, The Conjuring - 26, only because this is a recent chart - it'll be #1 soon :)
  12. hmm... i guess it's easier to manually place the anchors :) esp for more complex tabs
  13. yeah, that's basically what I did - saved the project, renamed the 2 xml's, reimported GP files, saved again I wasn't sure if the _22 parts was a Rocksmith limit, or just a notation - but I see the place where you can update the frets to 24, if needed
  14. I do most of my charting in Guitar Pro/Tux Guitar, and I had a question: Does the EOF import recognize chords markers that have been placed in those files, and could they be used in both guitar and bass parts as fret anchors? For example, even on bass, I might be playing parts of a Em scale/chord @ position 5 - if I place a chord marker in GP/TG for Em@5th fret, could EOF use that as a fret anchor "hint". Maybe only if the chord contains 1 note? If it's a chord, it can/should be imported as a chord/fret anchor anyway. I know I can go back and add all that in EOF after sync, but like I said, I find doing most of the work in GP/TG is easier.
  15. Am I missing something obvious, or am I right in saying that you can only have 1 of each part? i.e. PART_REAL_GUITAR PART_REAL_GUITAR_22 PART_REAL_BASS, etc? I have done a couple of songs where both rhythm and lead need all 24 frets, or I have done 4 separate guitar parts (1 lead, 1 rhythm, 2 combo as bonus lead/rhythm).... This might be due to the original design, but in a future release, how hard would it be to just have "track 1,2,etc", and then assign the instrument part to it?
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