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  1. Happy Birthday Kiscsak98!

  2. Happy Birthday Kiscsak98!

  3. Happy Birthday Kiscsak98!

  4. Happy Birthday Kiscsak98!

  5. From where can I download the latest hotfix? I can't find it anywhere. It isn't in the first post.
  6. @@raynebc Tested it. Everything worked fine without DDC.
  7. The slide in EoF http://i.imgur.com/MA0jkwE.png The slide in game http://i.imgur.com/jj910Nv.png The slide is working perfectly in game however it won't be displayed. The same thing occurs with chord bends. The bend is there but it isn't displayed (nor the sustain). Is there a solution for this?
  8. Happy Birthday Kiscsak98!

  9. @@Alex360 Tested them, they work perfectly :)
  10. Hi! Would EOf and the RS Toolkit work with windows 10?
  11. H! Is there a way to do arpeggios like this in EoF? http://i.imgur.com/QKtSrNZ.jpg?1
  12. How can I download EoF to Mac? When I click on the link it diverts me to a weird site about apps.
  13. Will you upload your cdlc here again? My life isn't complete without you Muse guys and your awesome custom songs

    1. Kiscsak98


      Yes of course. I just hope shiroo is going to move the muse project here. We need a place to collect all the Muse CDLCs :)

    2. Kiscsak98


      Currently working on Futurism by the way. :D

    3. Kent0348


      Cool, I'm glad to hear it! Futurism has a pretty cool bass line

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