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  1. Thanks for your interest! :) Unfortunately, I'm a bit busy lately and quality CDLCs take a lot of time to create. I will consider making Moral Panic (or other NBT customs) when I have the time.
  2. Happy Birthday Kiscsak98!

  3. I'm considering to do some of the songs but I can't promise anything at the moment. I was thinking about Good News, Escape demo and Recess alternate version.
  4. Happy Birthday Kiscsak98!

  5. Dig Down update V.2.0 update change log - minor changes in lead arrangement - lead arrangement tuning is now CGCGBE - changed album art
  6. Only two more songs to go and ST is completely done! Dig Down (fixes only) The Void
  7. Thought Contagion Update 2.0 change log - minor changes in the lead/rhythm arrangements - changed album art
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